MADNESS - Project Nexus [UPDATED] Hacked

White screen while the game loads (15MB). Hack updated to version 1.8 Keyhacks: Press [Z] - Toggle Health [X] - Toggle Ammo [C] - Toggle Slow Motion [V] - Money [B] - Experience

Rated : 4.60/ 5 Votes: 987
MADNESS - Project Nexus [UPDATED] Hacked

MADNESS - Project Nexus [UPDATED]

Added on: Feb 05, 2014

Game: MADNESS - Project Nexus [UPDATED] Unblocked

Play Count: 609472

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Developer: Newgrounds


Rated : 4.60 based on 987 votes.

Hack Information

White screen while the game loads (15MB). Hack updated to version 1.8 Keyhacks: Press [Z] - Toggle Health [X] - Toggle Ammo [C] - Toggle Slow Motion [V] - Money [B] - Experience

Game Description

Hack updated to version 1.8. White screen while the game loads! The Madness gaming series is one of the most played flash games every and in this latest episode Hank the badass cold blooded killer is on another mission where there will be another stack of dead bodies piled high. So shoot your way through the new missions and enjoy the bloodfest.

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sammy096 (Nov 22, 2014)

i only like arena combat

sammy096 (Nov 20, 2014)


alejomadness (Nov 13, 2014)

☺Mother of god☺

ScoutIsBonk (Nov 08, 2014)

Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom! Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom! Badger, badger, badger,

masterkills (Oct 26, 2014)


masterkills (Oct 12, 2014)

if they give us press wave 100

moltenlavasuit70 (Sep 29, 2014)


vinh504 (Sep 12, 2014)

Well.... i Played Raze Now.

vinh504 (Sep 12, 2014)

at 7:00:Playing Raze 2

alejogamer (Sep 05, 2014)

|:) esta pero que mato a todos de lo bueno

hankfan21 (Sep 04, 2014)


creasz123 (Sep 03, 2014)


creasz123 (Aug 31, 2014)


Istvan002 (Aug 30, 2014)

I just want to say that Madness Project nexus 2 is on Kickstarter! If you liked the previous game, then you should definetly check out their site, and support them. LINK:

sniperxkiler (Aug 27, 2014)

play this game

sniperxkiler (Aug 25, 2014)

that would be easyer

sniperxkiler (Aug 25, 2014)

they could even so add a hack with to add nubers and then the nuber did you add in so it auto goes in your money bar and the other stuff so

sniperxkiler (Aug 25, 2014)

ok sory vinh sory ok sory fine ar you good with it good

vinh504 (Aug 25, 2014)


vinh504 (Aug 24, 2014)


sniperxkiler (Aug 24, 2014)

plz add grenades

sniperxkiler (Aug 24, 2014)

i love the old update so much bugs its epic bugs becaus oen is one if for money and exp bugs coool

sniperxkiler (Aug 23, 2014)

this game is soo colllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll vinh sucks

vinh504 (Aug 21, 2014)


sniperxkiler (Aug 17, 2014)


blader07 (Aug 10, 2014)

I AM LEVEL OVER 9000!!!!!

windowasher (Aug 07, 2014)

loads long... at least on my computer, that old piece of junk

vinh504 (Aug 05, 2014)


vinh504 (Aug 05, 2014)

OK Dude Thats it

cryptor1232 (Aug 02, 2014)

hama geil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nuke99 (Aug 02, 2014)

what was up with a guy still trying to kill me when i shot his head off are zombies coming in the game

yahia789 (Jul 31, 2014)

i didn't play this game about 2 years

yahia789 (Jul 31, 2014)

GOD! i made it on arena and now lvl 411 0_0

gg_cap_gg (Jul 18, 2014)


88s (Jul 10, 2014)

ohhhhh yes i killed the boss oh the end sorry for my bad commends i love hacks and the game :)

88s (Jul 08, 2014)


88s (Jul 08, 2014)


88s (Jul 07, 2014)

WHY why every time every one is not death ????!!!

masterkills (Jul 06, 2014)


luke7414 (Jun 24, 2014)

he is pissed!

luke7414 (Jun 24, 2014)

celzedrick is not mad

Feltrick1 (Jun 02, 2014)

And celzedrick Is Mad D:

Feltrick1 (Jun 02, 2014)

In My Squad I Got Hank,Jesus,Sanford,Deimos

RayGunMadness (May 31, 2014)


Howardyepez (May 23, 2014)

much blood

Howardyepez (May 23, 2014)

Cool game

blader07 (May 14, 2014)

also pistols

blader07 (May 14, 2014)

@adventuretime2 just i will punch enemies but it will not knockdown also i use sword but he not killed

adventuretime2 (May 04, 2014)

Guys if any of your enemies don't die it means you have Toggle health ON! toggle health doesn't give u infinite health only, it also does with the enemies!

blader07 (May 01, 2014)

i reach level 500

nochoice (Apr 29, 2014)

so awseome but lag small ^-^

celzedrick (Apr 24, 2014)


naruto09 (Apr 23, 2014)

this game is awesome wow everything

naruto09 (Apr 23, 2014)


RayGunMadness (Apr 17, 2014)

Drives me nuts with the GOL3M

nochoice (Apr 13, 2014)

kill him with grenade launcher at zombie gol3m

matias771 (Apr 08, 2014)

el jueves es mi cumple años

matias771 (Apr 08, 2014)


matias771 (Apr 07, 2014)

estoy escuchando rap epicoooooooooo

hankfan21 (Apr 04, 2014)

hi guy me have a very big probleme in zombie arena mode how to kill zombie gol3m?

hankfan21 (Mar 29, 2014)

how dwo you get minigun?

BigBearDog (Mar 27, 2014)

Trololo i got a minigun :D is awesome :D

k3lv1n15 (Mar 25, 2014)

how to kill the armored man

hankfan21 (Mar 23, 2014)

how to get minigun?

MrZombie979 (Mar 23, 2014)

I mean hit anywhere of the body

MrZombie979 (Mar 21, 2014)

To kill the GOL3M follow these: Hit the head with a sword and shoot him in the face thats so easy...

hankfan21 (Mar 15, 2014)

can play multiplayer?

hankfan21 (Mar 15, 2014)

hello me are new

oklahoma (Mar 14, 2014)

to kill the big guys in armor should follow these steps: 1 - Turn off the invincibility mode, because if not he also uses; 2 - To start the helmet, must fight with melee weapon (infighting) 3 - Then fill bullet only the head, it is very easy ... Thank

OddQuest12 (Mar 13, 2014)

fot kill gol3m you need to punch him with your fist after his helmet will remove and NOW you get your gun and shoot him in the head

nightkiller332 (Mar 12, 2014)

fuck wtf man i cant fucking kill the go3lam

VnnieBH (Mar 09, 2014)

Hank: hey kid what you favorite asdfmovie? Kid: DESMOND THE MOON BEAR. Vinnie of sift heads: wow this is impossible jesus kill you Hank Hank: STFU

kingporkchop (Feb 21, 2014)

omg i shot a suit guys head of and he still walking around

Lol1233 (Feb 20, 2014)

You can use your fists as a melee weapon at the G03LM Mk1 units

thegaming101 (Feb 14, 2014)

To Killing Bosses At LV 6,Use Sword

VladA64 (Feb 08, 2014)


beemsheep12 (Feb 08, 2014)

Activate toggle health, toggle ammo, and toggle slow motion get a auto9 go to zombie mode activate bullet time and shoot a zombie in the chest during that time. There you go you got a god now :P

Commandir Alien (Jan 19, 2014)


Holy Emperor (Dec 27, 2013)


blast08 (Oct 25, 2013)

To kill those giant armored guys (G03LM Mk1 units), take a melee weapon and hit those guys 20-30 times. Then their helmets fall off. Then take a ranged weapon and shoot at the face. But watch out, when you come close to them, they knock you out. So be car

[ss]tiger (Sep 14, 2013)

play family force 5 album reanimation its so epic

Omegax (Aug 11, 2013)

Good game :D

Omegax (Aug 11, 2013)

Good game :D

Special Man (Jul 15, 2013)


fireflykill233 (Jul 14, 2013)

omg awesome game

HackerHot (Jul 04, 2013)


anthony807 (Jun 24, 2013)

it laggs when you walk on area mode wave 3 to 99999999999

milan682 (Jun 09, 2013)


demayos (Jun 01, 2013)


demayos (Apr 12, 2013)

i play it everyday

xMuDzZy (Apr 05, 2013)

THIS IS BEST GAME ON HACKED ARCADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lobot224 (Mar 20, 2013)

if you get tricky look at his head.

lobot224 (Mar 09, 2013)


Slayer5643 (Mar 07, 2013)

I love it

lobot224 (Feb 21, 2013)


Yudha_Kharisma7 (Feb 03, 2013)

i like it

demayos (Dec 22, 2012)

f*** every other shooting game,this is the s***.

stupidgolf (Nov 10, 2012)

got lvl 12988675 till my comp crashed

xXDarkBoyXx (Oct 22, 2012)


richtoffen412 (Oct 06, 2012)

love the games smooch smooch