Strike Force Heroes Hack #2 Hacked

Key hacks : [1] Toggle invincibility [2] Toggle unlimited ammo (No reloads) [3] Add $1000 [4] Add Exp [5] Level up [6] Beat level. Big thanks to the developer for providing the latest version and hack...

Rated : 4.68/ 5 Votes: 1409
Strike Force Heroes Hack #2 Hacked

Strike Force Heroes Hack #2

Added on: Jul 05, 2012

Game: Strike Force Heroes Hack #2 Unblocked

Play Count: 533381

Category: /

Developer: Armor Games


Rated : 4.68 based on 1409 votes.

Hack Information

Key hacks : [1] Toggle invincibility [2] Toggle unlimited ammo (No reloads) [3] Add $1000 [4] Add Exp [5] Level up [6] Beat level. Big thanks to the developer for providing the latest version and hack.

Game Description

you represent a private group of fighters. Gear up your signature outfit and your weaponry and set out to catch all your targets. Choose from either a story mode or an ordinary battle mode if you are just in the mood to shoot!

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3bin (Jul 06, 2014)

Takes ages to load!

JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (May 05, 2014)

i am exepert on campaign

JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (Apr 28, 2014)

i just hack the games

JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (Apr 28, 2014)


JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (Apr 28, 2014)


wannahackgames (Apr 04, 2014)

I used the skip hacked for 14th lvl and it froze

wannahackgames (Apr 04, 2014)

in my opinion strike force heroes 2 is a little confusing and chances of getting a good weapon is slim.

darkstorm0809 (Feb 24, 2014)

i al ways play this game but not here on this hacked even if its not hack is cool but now its hack its mo cooler and awesomeness thnkyou for this game 5votes :) :) :) :) |^|

FaTal_ShootR (Feb 21, 2014)


FaTal_ShootR (Feb 21, 2014)


sharkylava12 (Oct 28, 2013)

easy a pie

XM-8 (Oct 12, 2013)

--MEDALS-- Embarassing! (Unlocks Party Time Mod, this lets everyone get debalanced, gives random weapon every life) Prepare a long-term killstreak and go to the foundry, activate the killstreak and die by the lava down pour.

XM-8 (Oct 11, 2013)

--MEDALS-- Waterwings (Unlocks Bottomless Clip Mod, this is completely useless because it is as the same as the hack key #2) Go to the village and crouch in the dirty water and drown in it, you`ll get the medal.

XM-8 (Oct 11, 2013)

--MEDALS--Human Plug (Unlocks Sky 9 Mod, this gves exaggerated physics to your game) Play the caverns map, go to the fountain at the middle of the map and stand on it for few secs, then you`ll get the medal

XM-8 (Oct 10, 2013)

--HOW TO GET THE MEDALS-- --Detective (Unlocks Tin Man Mod, when you use this mod, the soldiers` bodies splatter into pieces when they die) Play the mission #5 (Where you meet the scientist as the soldier) , go right after you fall off the chopp

blast08 (Oct 05, 2013)

Awesome game. Without hack, I was stuck in Campaign stage 14. I was able to beat to beat the Globex Leader without invincibility, but had to skip stage 14. Without hack, I was also stuck in Challenge stage, "Norris Chuck". Also, Justin, the creator,

THEWYZDM (Oct 04, 2013)

guys play strike force heroes2 then u will see wath is the sicencetist

lol cat (Sep 05, 2013)

how do you get all the medals

SkyDoesMincraft (Sep 05, 2013)

love this game

rex1312 (Jul 10, 2013)


Shad0x (Jul 05, 2013)

OOO Flawless Shredding katana lvl 50, Impressive :3

Shad0x (Jul 04, 2013)


ultragamer111 (Jul 03, 2013)

The other update, just saw, has a god mode, but doesn't have the infinite ammo like this one. Please add to the next one!

ultragamer111 (Jul 02, 2013)

I'm so glad they updated this! The first one had some bugs... This one seems to have fixed them!

realhacker49 (Jun 01, 2013)

troooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool face

-Fool (May 26, 2013)


Manly guy (May 18, 2013)

Best game ever! pls get better hacks for 2nd

Lucario626 (Apr 30, 2013)


doomblaze (Apr 27, 2013)

it is the 2nd hack

suprman70933 (Apr 24, 2013)

dose anybody now that it says hack 2

tjaries123 (Apr 07, 2013)

pls. hack SFH2!

xXA5SA5SINXx (Apr 06, 2013)

best game ever !!! LOL

dEHsHotgun (Apr 05, 2013)

love it but i want SFH2!

zellhazard (Mar 09, 2013)

oh,i get it.

zellhazard (Mar 07, 2013)

its not strike forceheroes 2 its strike force heroes 1.

mccooltorres (Feb 24, 2013)

game is totally rad like a son of a bit**

Sn1p3rSk1 (Jan 02, 2013)

Me gusto mucho el Juego!! // I like so much this game!!

Shandow_Diablo (Dec 25, 2012)

hy Richard is my name -_-

BuraiRogue (Dec 23, 2012)

epicexplode don't you mean JuiceTin?He's in the staff that created this game so ya....

elmaster5 (Dec 23, 2012)

alguien mas habla español ?

goyosoto12 (Dec 22, 2012)

esta bien chilo

epicexplode (Dec 10, 2012)

same music from raze 1 & 2.....made by same people i bet......but still really good.....more liek in this age of war and not the future!

DontBe a Richard (Dec 07, 2012)

Dont Be A Richard

NemesisMind (Nov 23, 2012)

Oh ya thats good

ren2003 (Nov 17, 2012)

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mans awesome game

ville03 (Nov 15, 2012)

Awesome this is my favorite game did you know the tryed to make something like Battlefield 3

NemesisMind (Nov 03, 2012)


NemesisMind (Nov 03, 2012)


XM-8 (Oct 30, 2012)

HELL YEAH!!! This rocks,this is VER 1.2.1 and it 's AWESOME!!!

Eize123 (Oct 27, 2012)

░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█ ░░░░░░░░░░█░░░█ ░░░░░░░░░█░░░░█ ███████▄▄█░

killa32 (Oct 10, 2012)

cool game

killa32 (Oct 10, 2012)

cool game

killer91 (Sep 24, 2012)

to people who say this is like raze and dont know this raze is created by the same guy who made this game

thitha nicky (Sep 12, 2012)

you can use 1 to toggle invincibility.

ncpearce (Aug 28, 2012)

this is what i think of this game ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█ ░░░░░░░░░░░█░░█ ░░░░░░░░░░█░░░█ ░░░░░░░░░█░░░░█ ███████▄▄█░

killa32 (Aug 21, 2012)

this game is much like raze 1 and 2 and armor mayhem

halodiablo (Aug 14, 2012)

All medals waterwings die in dirty water on lvl 2 dective in seige undre you need to go left go right and duck you will enter a vent and walk up to the dead body and on lvl 4 duck on the watter comming out of ground for about 30 sec and last one die by fa

halodiablo (Aug 12, 2012)

and i liked raze not as much as this and never to complete lvl in the parachute

leonidasmessias (Jul 29, 2012)


leonidasmessias (Jul 29, 2012)

uhuu consegui todas as medalhas u zerei o jogo sem hack mas só no lvl 50 no assasin sem invençibilidade

leonidasmessias (Jul 28, 2012)

tem outras coisas escondidas ae mmnn11

mmnn11 (Jul 22, 2012)

to unlock tin man mode: in the level you are the solider that rescue the scientist on your right there is a tunnel (it's isn't visible) you must crouch and go in the tunnel then there a man that is lying dead when walk near him then on the upper right c

hawkeye246 (Jul 22, 2012)

i beat this game in like 60 minutes it also gets harder in challenges so your realy ganna need to use the hack

Bronze (Jul 21, 2012)

@thitha nicky Me too

thitha nicky (Jul 16, 2012)

i can go to level 14 without hacks

thitha nicky (Jul 16, 2012)

i can go to level 14 without hacks

swagmaya (Jul 13, 2012)

lol this game is beast

DEMONHACKER (Jul 07, 2012)

I like the game without hack though v_v it seems better without the hacks

DEMONHACKER (Jul 06, 2012)


XxkakapaxX (Jul 06, 2012)

Finally no-reload hack!

rayhan (Jul 06, 2012)

I LOVE THIS GAME :)!!!!!!!

HenryBostaph (Jul 06, 2012)

it needs multiplayer *waves hands like sceintist*

577 Rex (Jul 06, 2012)

well they finally have the toggle

princehazim (Jul 06, 2012)

how to unlock all mod?

HenryBostaph (Jul 06, 2012)

now the TANK can live up to its name thanks to INVINCIBILITY

goddeath12345 (Jul 05, 2012)

this hack is better than the last one

alexesunkapo (Jul 05, 2012)

this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEMONHACKER (Jul 05, 2012)


lilkiller212 (Jul 05, 2012)


goodstuff7000 (Jul 05, 2012)

thx u u fix it

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