Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Added on: May 28, 2014

Game: Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Play Count: 7459046

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Developer: Sam & Dan Games

This game is part of a series: Pokemon Tower Defense


Rated : 4.79 based on 8738 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated to version v1.68.2. More experience from kills, one hit then you can capture the enemy, more money per kill. More updates each week and hacks on the way.

Game Description

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is the follow up to very popular pokermon tower defense games. You may want to check out the original Pokemon Tower Defense, game before playing the second version. Below you can also see the updates to the current pokemon tower defense 2 game.
PTD2 v1.68 new items scattered around the map that let you evolve your pokemon!

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QuilavaJohto (Jul 24, 2016)

my HOF Regular pokemon collection is 503

QuilavaJohto (Jul 24, 2016)

anyone want goodra , for a rare pokemon , id 8224963

QuilavaJohto (Jul 24, 2016)

i have several dragonite and dragon pokemon

QuilavaJohto (Jul 24, 2016)

xmanglex , what will you trade , i need a rare pokemon

jaov (Jul 24, 2016)

any one want a lvl100 dragonite for a tyranitar

xmanglex (Jul 23, 2016)

can someone trade me a hoopa place!!!!!! any kind!!!or level

xmanglex (Jul 23, 2016)

plz trade me Trainer ID: 8460836

QuilavaJohto (Jul 23, 2016)

but i used that team for Elite four in HGSS and for champion , not for red

QuilavaJohto (Jul 23, 2016)

i saw your trade list , BUT IT ISN'T THERE ! HOOPA!

QuilavaJohto (Jul 23, 2016)

let's trade your machoke for my goodra , i'll lvl it up and trade or ask for my jirachi

QuilavaJohto (Jul 23, 2016)

mine typhlosion lvl 75 , hooh lvl 75 , dragonite lvl 76 , lugia lvl 78 , gyarados lvl 74 and lvl 74 ampharos

hoopa (Jul 23, 2016)

i have a machocke that knows this ability so that every attack hits, and it knows sheer cold and fissure. it's for trade at my id 6431802

hoopa (Jul 22, 2016)

i used, for red lugia lv 55, ho-oh lv 78, typloshion lv 96, mew two lv 84 groudon lv 76, latios lv 78

Dead_Gamer (Jul 22, 2016)

quias pokemons e ataques soa nessesario para vençer no torneio?

QuilavaJohto (Jul 22, 2016)

Takeddown24 , you'll get celebi if you submit 50 pokemon in hall of fame

QuilavaJohto (Jul 22, 2016)

who wanna trade with me Id - 8224963

QuilavaJohto (Jul 22, 2016)

how to defeat red in hgss?

QuilavaJohto (Jul 22, 2016)

both are champs! bro

hoopa (Jul 22, 2016)

no, i am the champion of pokemon HGSS

QuilavaJohto (Jul 21, 2016)

I just used my own team for beating Shadows , not 5 xatus and a celebi

QuilavaJohto (Jul 21, 2016)

I am the champion of johto in pokemon HGSS

hoopa (Jul 21, 2016)

none is none, that's how i won. i fight like fun, fight like fun, that's how it's done. adventure time, come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant land, with jake the dog, and finn the human. the fun will never end with adventure time.

Noobsy (Jul 20, 2016)

uhh wut

hoopa (Jul 19, 2016)

none is none, that's how i won. i fight like fun, fight like fun, that's how it's done. adventure time, come on grab your friends, we'll go to very distant land, with jake the dog, and finn the human.

slims234 (Jul 19, 2016)

is it good?

Zalew (Jul 19, 2016)


Xychus (Jul 18, 2016)


TakeDown24 (Jul 18, 2016)

And also should I use my Lapras with Sheer Cold? For Mega Manetric

TakeDown24 (Jul 18, 2016)

Kek while training my Xatu's I accidentally murdered 2 Raikous

TakeDown24 (Jul 18, 2016)

And also what moveset on Xatu's?

TakeDown24 (Jul 18, 2016)

I can't even beat the first level of World Tour and I don't have a Celebi D:

Noobsy (Jul 18, 2016)

I used 5 Xatu and a Celebi :) Just use alot of revives and super potions

KamPer (Jul 18, 2016)

Noobsy How did you beat the shadows

Noobsy (Jul 18, 2016)

You beat Cilan at the Worlds Tournament, its the 2nd last battle of the game

TakeDown24 (Jul 17, 2016)

How do you get Pokemon to level 110?

celzedrick (Jul 17, 2016)

btw i said dat to safeerkk

celzedrick (Jul 17, 2016)

hey hey no need to be rude here

celzedrick (Jul 17, 2016)

i completed the game :D

KamPer (Jul 17, 2016)


KamPer (Jul 17, 2016)

Never mind i got it

KamPer (Jul 17, 2016)

celzedrick,do you have a lvl 110 kingler????? pls i really need it

KamPer (Jul 17, 2016)

Noobsy,zou have a lvl 110 kingler?

Noobsy (Jul 17, 2016)

Then buy some revives from the PokeMart

Noobsy (Jul 17, 2016)

You use the Xatu with Ominous Wind and Use revives if they die and use Super Potions to keep em alive and if they die...

celzedrick (Jul 17, 2016)

how u beat round 4 i tried with xatu

celzedrick (Jul 16, 2016)

yay i can get pokemon to lvl 110

celzedrick (Jul 16, 2016)

thx now on round 4 :) u guys da best

hoopa (Jul 16, 2016)

does anybody play unlimited ninja

Rexipliergaming (Jul 16, 2016)

i found a raikou doing the ruins

Noobsy (Jul 16, 2016)

lmao hoopa, those are easy to obtain arent they??? :P KamPer I have 6 of them, tell me ur trainer ID :)

ivan17 (Jul 16, 2016)


hoopa (Jul 15, 2016)

use mega aerodactle, groudon, kyorgyre, rayquaza, mewtwo, and zygarde

KamPer (Jul 15, 2016)

celzedrick use all xatus and a celebi

celzedrick (Jul 15, 2016)

someone plz help me first tournament plz i beg u

KamPer (Jul 15, 2016)

lvl 110 i meant

KamPer (Jul 15, 2016)

I am willing to give a darkrai or a regirock or a ho-oh or anything you need for a kingler lvl 100

Noobsy (Jul 15, 2016)

VIP400, you can tell me ur trainer ID and I'll offer you a Shiny lvl 110 Alakazam ;B

safeerkk (Jul 15, 2016)

yeah its so obvious YOUR SUCH A DUMB HEAD AMY (or whatever your name is) TROLOLOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

hoopa (Jul 15, 2016)

amy, if your going to keep fussing about a question, don't post it because you are really anoying

vip400 (Jul 14, 2016)

i mean kadabra

vip400 (Jul 14, 2016)

can anyone help me get the evole fron of kadaba

amy9900 (Jul 14, 2016)

it means i dont care!!!!

KamPer (Jul 14, 2016)

can somebody pls give me a kingler lvl 110.

MSilver (Jul 14, 2016)

Sorry @Noobsy flyers aren't my type i'm more Fire,dark, ghost, electric or fighting

hoopa (Jul 14, 2016)

what does idc mean? if it means idiot, then that makes me look at you as toby from gravity falls. And she`s a girl!!!!! or maybe that was you, i'll never know.

Noobsy (Jul 14, 2016)

Wow the spam :| and I wonder how you ended up with that Mega Aerodactyl @MSilver????? :P Got more if anyone wants :)

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)

ohh ohh ohh

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)


amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)

and you know it!!!!!

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)

and you know it

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)


hoopa (Jul 13, 2016)

well, Amy i would say that a lot of people like this game, because poke=Mon=pocket=monsters=9 10=21. i can tell you why no one is answering you. it is because you spelled answering wrong.

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)

why is no one ancering me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????

amy9900 (Jul 13, 2016)

how much people do you think like pokemon tower defence 2???

MSilver (Jul 13, 2016)

lv 110 Aerodactyl with Aerodactylite up for trade for anything of equal value. Trainer ID 8481992

hoopa (Jul 12, 2016)

i have a hoopa out for trade for a shadow lugia, a shiny lugia, or a shiny ho-oh. trainer id 6431802. Hoopa nickname is Hoopla

celzedrick (Jul 12, 2016)

@Noobsy what moves should I put on it cuz i dont have any lvl110 pokemon :(

amy9900 (Jul 12, 2016)

do you guys like pokemon???

amy9900 (Jul 12, 2016)

i did that for accident -_- look down

undertalepro (Jul 12, 2016)


undertalepro (Jul 12, 2016)

gold or silver

undertalepro (Jul 12, 2016)

wut vertion should i play?

undertalepro (Jul 12, 2016)

da username did relly work

undertalepro (Jul 12, 2016)


MSilver (Jul 12, 2016)

@Noobsy....who now?

safeerkk (Jul 12, 2016)


Noobsy (Jul 12, 2016)

Unlucky lmao @MSilver After you beat the World Tournament, go to the last gym leader and get Salamance x2 and a Porygon 3 from ptd1, OP team

MSilver (Jul 12, 2016)

um ok i was feeling cocky and did a pvp with my new mega pokemon....didn't think the opponent would have a rayquaza, reshiram and zekrom

MSilver (Jul 12, 2016)

@Noobsy thanks

Noobsy (Jul 12, 2016)

@celzedrick what do u mean by first tournament, if u mean Wattson in World Tournament then just use 5 Xatu and a Celebi, its very easy

hoopa (Jul 12, 2016)

the best stater is... hoopa. i'll give you a hoopa if you give me your starter. trainer id 6431802. who wants a manaphy or phione. it's not out for trade, but if somebody will give me something good then it will be

vip400 (Jul 11, 2016)

whos the best starter to pick :D

celzedrick (Jul 11, 2016)

somebody plz send me a good ground type for first tournament cuz im stuck if so my trainer ID is :6033824 thank you ( btw lvl100 on trade :D )

Noobsy (Jul 11, 2016)

@MSilver, check your Trade Request for Gengar you're shiny Golem, I gave u 7 lvl 110's. I'll level up some other pokemans to give ya ;)

safeerkk (Jul 11, 2016)


xmanglex (Jul 11, 2016)

plz trade me trainer ID 8460836

MSilver (Jul 11, 2016)

@Noobsy Trainer ID: 8481992 and i'm in Olivine City with a talking Ho-oh

hoopa (Jul 10, 2016)

well, you only get one, and you had it from the beginning. it was your first poke ball. it is only accessible if youfngjhgghmggj.

plz (Jul 10, 2016)

will somone give me buneary for lvl 110 shadow rayquaza if so then ty id is:15781c1912e7ce

Noobsy (Jul 10, 2016)

Sorry for the late reply @MSilver, but if u need help, tell me ur trainer ID and which part of the game youre having trouble with :) I'll also bump in the odd Legendary :) My trainer ID:4823207

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