Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Added on: May 28, 2014

Game: Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Unblocked

Play Count: 6129697

Category: /

Developer: Sam & Dan Games


Rated : 4.79 based on 8586 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated to version v1.68.2. More experience from kills, one hit then you can capture the enemy, more money per kill. More updates each week and hacks on the way.

Game Description

Pokemon Tower Defense Generations Hacked. Version 1.25
Version 1.26: New level and new mystery gift Shiny Swablu
Version 1.27: Jirachi Mystery Gift! Softcap up to 14! 1v1 Mode changes finally!
Version 1.28 is now out! Chimchar mystery gift!
Version 1.31 is now out! New Story Level and soft level cap up to 16! You can relearn the moves you couldn't learn.
Hacked Version 1.33 is now out! New version has the soft level cap up to 20! 27 new moves!
Hacked Version 1.38 is now out! New Pokemon! New Moves! Dawn Stone! Baby Pokemon to breed!
Hacked Version 1.41.1 is now out! Shadow Buizel Mystery Gift! Also another Feebas giveaway! Code is prtyugly
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.43 is now out! It features a new story level (go south of route 32 to find it) and you can now transfer legendaries from PTD1! Enjoy
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.46.3 is now out Zangoose Mystery Gift. Slakoth giveaway! Code is..... slackers
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.47 - Azalea Town and new gym! Slowpoke well and king's rock!
PTD2 v1.47.1 Mystery Gift Nincada! and Giveaway Combee the code is... busybees

PTD2 v1.48 is now out! It has the Torchic Mystery Gift!
PTD2 v1.50 is now out! Cubchoo Mystery Gift, Ilex Forest, Game Rebalance, New Moves! and.... Cryogonal Giveaway... the code is... snoflake

PTD2 v1.68 new items scattered around the map that let you evolve your pokemon!

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ExtremeAndre777 (Aug 02, 2015)

idk where to get prison bottle

EPICRPG (Aug 02, 2015)

pokemon is the epicest thing in the world

EPICRPG (Aug 02, 2015)

anyone known where prison bottle

ExtremeAndre777 (Aug 02, 2015)

why did they fix xerneas in geomancy because way op?

ExtremeAndre777 (Aug 02, 2015)

nvm i got him (wow still weak Hmm)

ExtremeAndre777 (Aug 02, 2015)

how do i catch hoopa (ik where he is okay?)

EPICRPG (Aug 02, 2015)

I gust got hoopa :)

olaaaaaaaa (Jul 31, 2015)

pleaseeeee mewtwo per lugia ,ho oh, celebi

BEN4 (Jul 31, 2015)

my id 6803910

BEN4 (Jul 31, 2015)

my id is 698010

aivery1 (Jul 31, 2015)


ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 31, 2015)

kyogre and groundon is 110 lvl and it is shiny

aron27 (Jul 30, 2015)

My Trainer ID: 4620683

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 30, 2015)

my id in pokemon center are 7256135

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 30, 2015)

HEY GUYS im back :D for my arrival i will trade a FREE jirachi or meleottea or a shiny kyogre or groundon? (no primal orbs srry)

Vaibhav (Jul 29, 2015)

my trainer id is 7177308

Vaibhav (Jul 29, 2015)

i want a reshiram for a shiny groudon lvl 100

EPICRPG (Jul 28, 2015)

it is so awesome :)

BEN4 (Jul 28, 2015)


EPICRPG (Jul 28, 2015)

I gust breed a shiney gible

TacticalTurtle (Jul 28, 2015)

looking for a shiny reshiram any level

aron27 (Jul 27, 2015)


EPICRPG (Jul 27, 2015)

trainer id 715730

EPICRPG (Jul 27, 2015)

or give gold incense

EPICRPG (Jul 27, 2015)

pls trade with me I need daily coins

EPICRPG (Jul 27, 2015)

victini up for trade trainer id 7157380

EPICRPG (Jul 27, 2015)


RileyFlare (Jul 26, 2015)

Anyone on?

jjsdragon (Jul 26, 2015)

how are you a hacker

ers (Jul 24, 2015)


ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 24, 2015)

who want shiny growlithe or shiny krokodile?

pokemonmastertab (Jul 24, 2015)

nikkilis i am tabeer and i only accept shiny pokemon i dont have

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 24, 2015)

u can catch sinnoh and unova and hoenn if u defeated the world tournament and im just going to 550 to 600 so i can get arceus (ehh weak but trade :D) so yea other regions really help me alot because i only have 200 pokemon in johto and kanto so yea

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 24, 2015)


ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 24, 2015)

maybe trade something? like mega garchomp or mega something?

meo (Jul 23, 2015)

My Trainer ID: 7427090I have some Pokemon that I can mega evolve

BEN4 (Jul 23, 2015)

agree why mewtwo?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 23, 2015)

really a mewtwo -_- is better to trade something maybe

Rjsoccer (Jul 23, 2015)

can i have your palkia for mewtwo

Rjsoccer (Jul 23, 2015)

can catch unova pokemon in the wild?

HarshitAggarwal (Jul 22, 2015)

i hav a shadow palkia anyone want it my id is 863894

BEN4 (Jul 19, 2015)

i meant who wants not howshiny heatmor

BEN4 (Jul 19, 2015)

i already have one but how wants shiny heatmor?

plztrade343 (Jul 19, 2015)

anyone want a shiny celebi 155ab364467d3b

abel1411 (Jul 18, 2015)

My Trainer ID: 5980339

HarshitAggarwal (Jul 18, 2015)

it is indian no. so pls add 91 at the starting

HarshitAggarwal (Jul 18, 2015)

i hav some ho-oh , dark rai , lugia,celebi,ares if som1 want them just call me at 9865788999

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 18, 2015)


ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 17, 2015)

no but who wants rotom?

star79673 (Jul 17, 2015)

does anyone want to trade entei... i have like 3 of them T_T and i saw them appear 8 times..

TacticalTurtle (Jul 16, 2015)

in need strong pokemon so i can beat the test when you meet the Ho-oh i will trade lvl 100 riaku entei and suicune.

star79673 (Jul 16, 2015)

It be so much easier to catch a pokemon if they were just catchable since start of game (without having to attack)... when i use my pokemon on them, they just instakill...

BEN4 (Jul 16, 2015)

who wants shiny charzaird?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 16, 2015)

yea i thought is POWERFUL but it not i rather stick with xerneas he is op

AwesomeSauce (Jul 15, 2015)

I finally got my arceus, honestly i thought it would be more powerful..

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 15, 2015)

wow i mention it that i defeated someone has xerneas and arceus and yvtelai but i defeated them with 3 xerneas so it means because of geomancy?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 15, 2015)

tnx for ur arceus Nikilis (even is hof)

danda (Jul 15, 2015)

oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! tell me who will join next

MEGASLAYER (Jul 15, 2015)

does anybody has a metang metabro metagross?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 15, 2015)


Nikilikis (Jul 14, 2015)

Mine Is Nikilikis

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 14, 2015)

rayquaza for arceus 155a51006ac653 and Nikilikis Wats ur name is PTD Mine Is ExtremeAndre777 Of Course

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 14, 2015)


Nikilikis (Jul 14, 2015)

I Want To Trade Rayquaza For It Plz Accept Then I Might Give Arceus

Nikilikis (Jul 14, 2015)

I Need Shiny Diancie And I Have A Question: Does Anyone Here Have A Person Named Tabeer Cuz If You Do Look At Your Shiny Diancie's Trade Request.

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 13, 2015)

HoF is Hall Of Fame If U Sent Different Pokemon Like 50 Other Pokemon like bulbasaur and ivysaur and venusaur costs 3 different pokemon thats how i get celebi and rayquaza and xerneas and kyurem but 600 different pokemon is ARCEUS so yea

Maveriner (Jul 13, 2015)

whats hof star?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 13, 2015)

ehh i just need arceus i already have xerneas and yvtelai and victini and rayquaza so almost to the hof ;D and i have 3 kyurem so i can trade one wait nvm i have 4 kyurem

Nikilikis (Jul 12, 2015)

nvm Traded for Rayquaza

Nikilikis (Jul 12, 2015)

I Have Xerneas c;

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 12, 2015)

Nvm i dont need victini i just gonna reach into 600 dif. poke so i can get arceus

Nikilikis (Jul 11, 2015)

Anyone Want A Level 110 MissingNo?

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 11, 2015)


higuys (Jul 11, 2015)

o also can you add a legendary mystery code

higuys (Jul 11, 2015)

plz can you add a mega evolving place plz

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 11, 2015)

Need victini pls for riolu and torchic BUT if u want i can give u meloetta or jirachi or keldeo? but i can still give riolu or torchic

Nikilikis (Jul 10, 2015)


Nikilikis (Jul 10, 2015)

Send Any Trade Requests

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 10, 2015)

i have riolu and torchic but can i give u riolu and torchic and kalos pokes?

Nikilikis (Jul 10, 2015)

Nvm Don't I Trade Them For Arceus

Nikilikis (Jul 10, 2015)

Look At My Mons For Trade 7374768

Nikilikis (Jul 09, 2015)

I Have Rayquaza

danda (Jul 09, 2015)

i wil i will indeeded i wil give a victini

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 09, 2015)

If you could give me some cool pokemon for Victini I would be happy to trade you but please include the Riolu or Torchic.

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 09, 2015)

I am willing to trade a Victini for a Riolu or Torchic. Victini is unhacked and level 1.

HarshitAggarwal (Jul 09, 2015)

i hav a 3 mega beedrill, 3 mega charizard x , 3 mega venasaur , 3 mega mewtwo x , 3 mega blastoise , 3 mega the max evolution of gibble , and 2 more pokemon 3 of them each

ashhab (Jul 09, 2015)

Ben4 i have trade hacked gold duck,hacked venasaure and hacked evvee or tommoro just tell me what do you want i will give you

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 09, 2015)

need a victini or arceus for riolu and maybe...... something?

BEN4 (Jul 08, 2015)

ashhab it ok what will you trade for the Blazkin

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 08, 2015)

And A Larvesta, Goomy, Clauncher, Sableye, Froakie,

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 08, 2015)

Also trading a Poochyena.

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 08, 2015)

Trading a Zigzagoon, Lotad, Shadow Surskit, Shroomish, Spinda, Barboach, Bagon, Snivy, Corphish, Pansage, Kyurem, Pancham, Helioptile, Binacle, Hawluncha and Fletching. I need a Riolu or a Torchic.

Cve0003 (Jul 08, 2015)

1559b7fee4236d 155925a0e52f5a 155858363312ea 1557c112290cf1

Cve0003 (Jul 08, 2015)

If anyone wants some specific shiny or shadow legendary pokemon I'm selling them for just 3 SnD coins each. 1558583bb1a3cc 1559b5e9cb4c76 1559b7fab4ddd3 1559b7fa49aa62

ExtremeAndre777 (Jul 08, 2015)

i need a bunch of poke so i can stop doing in hof pls? i just got to 456 dif. pokemon but i need 600 so i can get arceus pls someone help me ;(

DarkWarrior657 (Jul 07, 2015)

Anyone got a Torchic or Riolu, I'm willing to trade a hacked Electrike or Unhacked Bagons?

EPICRPG (Jul 07, 2015)

anyone have any tips for round 3

%speed% (Jul 07, 2015)

7524732 the above id is trading a lot of pokemons including legendary dogs

ashhab (Jul 07, 2015)

Sorry Ben4 in that time I havent requast any pokemon for trade requast but now I have submitted pokemon piz accsept it and giveme your blaziken agai sorry

EPICRPG (Jul 07, 2015)

please help :)

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