Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Added on: May 28, 2014

Game: Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Unblocked

Play Count: 5581124

Category: /

Developer: Sam & Dan Games


Rated : 4.78 based on 8528 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated to version v1.68.2. More experience from kills, one hit then you can capture the enemy, more money per kill. More updates each week and hacks on the way.

Game Description

Pokemon Tower Defense Generations Hacked. Version 1.25
Version 1.26: New level and new mystery gift Shiny Swablu
Version 1.27: Jirachi Mystery Gift! Softcap up to 14! 1v1 Mode changes finally!
Version 1.28 is now out! Chimchar mystery gift!
Version 1.31 is now out! New Story Level and soft level cap up to 16! You can relearn the moves you couldn't learn.
Hacked Version 1.33 is now out! New version has the soft level cap up to 20! 27 new moves!
Hacked Version 1.38 is now out! New Pokemon! New Moves! Dawn Stone! Baby Pokemon to breed!
Hacked Version 1.41.1 is now out! Shadow Buizel Mystery Gift! Also another Feebas giveaway! Code is prtyugly
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.43 is now out! It features a new story level (go south of route 32 to find it) and you can now transfer legendaries from PTD1! Enjoy
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.46.3 is now out Zangoose Mystery Gift. Slakoth giveaway! Code is..... slackers
Hacked Version PTD2 v1.47 - Azalea Town and new gym! Slowpoke well and king's rock!
PTD2 v1.47.1 Mystery Gift Nincada! and Giveaway Combee the code is... busybees

PTD2 v1.48 is now out! It has the Torchic Mystery Gift!
PTD2 v1.50 is now out! Cubchoo Mystery Gift, Ilex Forest, Game Rebalance, New Moves! and.... Cryogonal Giveaway... the code is... snoflake

PTD2 v1.68 new items scattered around the map that let you evolve your pokemon!

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Divinagon (Mar 01, 2015)

georjanvelas14 I have both.

Dimentio (Mar 01, 2015)

how do I beat darkness? I'm stuck on wave 7 or 8

georjanvelas14 (Mar 01, 2015)

does anybody have a (normal) Latios and Latias i have 4 shiny to giveaway

Dimentio (Mar 01, 2015)

it took me almost an hour to beat roark

Chirag2014 (Mar 01, 2015)

yeh i beat this game

Dimentio (Mar 01, 2015)

okay Zeta120 so what do I need to give you for it?

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)


darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)


darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)


darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)


darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

yay I bit your dick

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

the hardest gym on that was the posin gym and volcano gym

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

I beat the first PD and got mew and mewtwo ligit

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

im on PD2

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

their VERY good im training a litleo right now to lvl 100

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

some are lvl 50 and some others 100

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)


darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

any 1 want 1

darkraishadows (Mar 01, 2015)

Im on hack but I have lots of the legendery dogs

Chirag2014 (Mar 01, 2015)

helppp me to defeat darkness

zeta120 (Mar 01, 2015)

Dimentio i have mew

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Mar 01, 2015)

And I accept

pokemonmastertab (Mar 01, 2015)

And I offers on shiny feralligatr

pokemonmastertab (Mar 01, 2015)

Mc_or_ ptd_2_both they are in silver version

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Mar 01, 2015)

Shiny Ferraligtr trade id 154f2b22aa68df

Dimentio (Feb 28, 2015)

anyone have a mew I can borrow?

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 28, 2015)

Dudes i just catch a shadow totodile I have a shiny and regular to

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 28, 2015)

pokemonmastertab where to find rufflet and petilil

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 28, 2015)

yay i beat the game

georjanvelas14 (Feb 28, 2015)

@Chirag2014 there is google and there is youtube search it up

Chirag2014 (Feb 28, 2015)

how 2 defeat darkness???

Chirag2014 (Feb 27, 2015)

ok but how 2 beat roark

Divinagon (Feb 27, 2015)

Chirag2014 I have one. If you want one you don't even have to return it. I just want something I don't have. Also, dire hit increases the chance to do a critical hit.

Chirag2014 (Feb 27, 2015)

how 2 beat roark

Chirag2014 (Feb 26, 2015)

i want 2 beat wattson

Chirag2014 (Feb 26, 2015)

what do dire hit do?? and someone have 3 mewtwo,with mewotinite x,i will return them later,plzzzzzzzzz

pokemonmastertab (Feb 26, 2015)


mahir (Feb 26, 2015)

pokemonmaster can you give me your trainer ID

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 26, 2015)

i will give you the shiny ferraligator code after i finnised vreeding

AshRed (Feb 26, 2015)

i an in the Goldenrod City...i didn't talked to the girl to beat team Rocket...now what???of course i beat team Rocket

AshRed (Feb 26, 2015)

I have stacked in the past in Violet City...Where should I go now?

LanzDiones (Feb 26, 2015)

Im using 5 Xatu with Stored Power and 1 Mew with Ancient Power

pokemonmastertab (Feb 26, 2015)

xatu uses stored power and celebi uses ancient power and baton pass

pokemonmastertab (Feb 26, 2015)

aforapple for round 1 i used 5 xatu and 1 celebi

aforapple (Feb 26, 2015)


aforapple (Feb 26, 2015)

can you please tell me a team to beat world tournament round 1. (ONLY COMMON POKEMON)(WITH MOVESET AND ABILITIES). IT IS VERY DIFFICULT:0

frofru (Feb 25, 2015)

Me want flareon,vaporeon,jolteon,leafmon,spyon,umbreon,evee

pokemonmastertab (Feb 25, 2015)

I want shiny ferraligator and mahir ill accept any shiny pokemon I dont have

Chirag2014 (Feb 25, 2015)

iii want shiny feligator,normal will also work

mahir (Feb 25, 2015)

pokemonmaster what do you want for shiny jirachi

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 25, 2015)

who wants a shiny ferraligatr

Chirag2014 (Feb 25, 2015)

i have many ursaring

CmMlgPunk (Feb 25, 2015)

anyone willing to trade giving out a free entei

ihyafr (Feb 24, 2015)

Suicune For a Electabuzz :154ecf80aeee70

ihyafr (Feb 24, 2015)

Anyone have any ursaring? I need help trying to beat roark

pokemonmastertab (Feb 24, 2015)

Regular and shiny jirachi trainer id is 41272

WeOnU (Feb 23, 2015)

Hall of Fame Pokemon (HoF) prize for trade starting from 410 (Zekrom And some below 410!) Either good offer (No shitty map pokemon) or 2 snd coins some my id: 12831

Chirag2014 (Feb 23, 2015)

yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,i completed all challenges

Chirag2014 (Feb 23, 2015)

how to beat koga

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 23, 2015)

I just breed a shiny totodile

pokeluke (Feb 23, 2015)

nvm my first comment but ill still trade that entei!

pokeluke (Feb 23, 2015)

If you want my raikou for a suicune or any of the others I requested, use this trade code: 154eac06f9ed0c

pokeluke (Feb 23, 2015)

Hey i got both Raikou and Entei, and Im willing to trade both for one Suicune. Anyone want to trade?

mahir (Feb 22, 2015)

I own 8 sylveon my favorite Pokémon

Chirag2014 (Feb 22, 2015)

i want that alakazam nd piplup

swagking25bruh (Feb 21, 2015)


DerpFayzTheGamer (Feb 21, 2015)

i got 3 missingnos anyone wanna trade?

sofiacp60 (Feb 21, 2015)

ppl keep offering on my pokemon :D i got a shadow vanillite

dev2003 (Feb 21, 2015)

who wants alakazam

Petre (Feb 21, 2015)

who wants a piplup ?

pokemonmastertab (Feb 21, 2015)

i have 2 shadow klinks on trade if any 1 is intrested

StarGlitcher (Feb 21, 2015)

What I Will Do After I Get The PokePad ?

AwesomeSauce (Feb 20, 2015)

btw those legendaries arent entei raikou ans suicune

AwesomeSauce (Feb 20, 2015)

Giving away account; this game is boring as hell, account has a few legendaries just private chat meh

DerpFayzTheGamer (Feb 20, 2015)

Looking for a shiny mew.. ill trade: shiny celebi/shiny dragonite/ shiny jirachi/ mewtwo

pokemonmastertab (Feb 20, 2015)

Lt surge make rattata and pikachu use tail whip and rattata focus energy on the electronic poles then make all ur Pokemon attak before voltorb appear then defeat the voltorb and do the same to the other poles u need to be quick

pokemonmastertab (Feb 20, 2015)

Thers still one shadow vannilite left whoever replies with their trainer id gets it

Divinagon (Feb 20, 2015)

Chirag2014 see if you can't still just jump ahead to the next challenge still. I couldn't beat him so I did the next challenge instead.

Chirag2014 (Feb 20, 2015)

tell me how 2 beat surge

StarGlitcher (Feb 20, 2015)

What I Will Do After Our Silver's Battle ?

Chirag2014 (Feb 20, 2015)

but it is hard for me

georjanvelas14 (Feb 20, 2015)

in hacked version all challenges are easy to beat

Chirag2014 (Feb 20, 2015)

and what reward i will get

Chirag2014 (Feb 20, 2015)

how 2 beat surge in challenge mode

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 20, 2015)

It's so easy to beat sabrina

pokemonmastertab (Feb 20, 2015)


frankfort332 (Feb 20, 2015)

trading a mega manectric tell me what your going to give

Divinagon (Feb 19, 2015)

pokemonmastertab I want one. Trainer ID is 1043042

MC_or_PTD_2_BOTH (Feb 19, 2015)


sofiacp60 (Feb 19, 2015)


pokemonmastertab (Feb 19, 2015)

shadow vannilite giveaway first four to reply with their trainer id win

PTD2Trades (Feb 19, 2015)

Trading 4 Shadow Sylveons ... Here are the codes 154e58adab1fb9 , 154e58b5279df0 , 154e58b88cbfc9 , 154e58baf8641e ... I need Pokemon in Gen 4 thnx :)

iefhuh (Feb 19, 2015)

gg gg gg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

iefhuh (Feb 19, 2015)

I need Pikachu

zeta120 (Feb 18, 2015)

and in glaceon

zeta120 (Feb 18, 2015)

guys i just evlove eevee into leafeon

zeta120 (Feb 18, 2015)

who need pokemons from hall of fame write me what need and what pokemon offer but i dont have last 4 pokemons

zeta120 (Feb 18, 2015)


negasonic01552 (Feb 18, 2015)

does anyone know how to use cut on trees?

Chirag2014 (Feb 18, 2015)

i want any 3 starters plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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