Hemp Tycoon Hacked

Money, everything unlocked, wilt time (wither) is very high, all seeds grow in 55 seconds or less. Click here to play the game in a new window

Rated : 3.36/ 5 Votes: 357

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Hemp Tycoon Hacked

Hemp Tycoon

Added on: Oct 11, 2010

Game: Hemp Tycoon Unblocked

Play Count: 262008

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Developer: Adult Swim Games


Rated : 3.36 based on 357 votes.

Hack Information

Money, everything unlocked, wilt time (wither) is very high, all seeds grow in 55 seconds or less. Click here to play the game in a new window

Game Description

Use your attic space and growing skills to become a Hemp Tycoon and take over as the islands biggest supplier. Use our hacks to have everything unlocked from the start and have loads of money to use on hemp growing operation.

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goodstuff7000 (Mar 11, 2012)

hey when i added 4 statues it reverted back to its origanal time what the heck :?

Nocturnal (Feb 29, 2012)

why dont it work???

Wazaap (Feb 14, 2012)


zachattack89 (Jan 17, 2012)

fun as heck on scale 1-10 9000.0000000000000000001.............................................................. its over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thecportillo (Dec 06, 2011)

super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greeksuperplayer (Nov 25, 2011)

you must refresh the new page a couple of times to work

Mikeyman (Nov 23, 2011)

i hate this game

Guest (Apr 26, 2011)

hmm i've played the game on adultswim, and this game does not have all seedsunlocked. my question is how do you get new updated seeds? like snowtip, holiday, silver haze? all those plants have been just added on and i don't know how to get them, i'm curre

games1 (Apr 24, 2011)

the game and hack are super cool

Guest (Apr 15, 2011)

FIRST!(this games awsome)

Guest (Mar 24, 2011)

I love getting baked off my ass and playing this:)

Guest (Mar 21, 2011)

awesome game

Guest (Mar 20, 2011)

not working!

Guest (Feb 14, 2011)

dont use stuff it makes it so all times are normal...also.............................................................................................first

Guest (Feb 14, 2011)

good hack but why did u take out the last plant

Guest (Feb 11, 2011)

Hey im ms.martin and im a fat ass and i have a chode

Guest (Feb 11, 2011)

I like this game because it makes my pee pee go up

Guest (Dec 21, 2010)

not as much fun now

Guest (Dec 06, 2010)

Quit being douches.

Guest (Oct 24, 2010)

u suck dont b talking to me cuz i bet i can beet u

Guest (Oct 24, 2010)

no we dont

Guest (Oct 11, 2010)

ha ha yall suck not gon say it