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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense

Added on: Aug 14, 2012

Play Count: 15312671

Category: /

Developer: Sam & Dan Games


Rated : 4.71 based on 73111 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated again - loading and saving should be a lot faster now. Game updated with FINAL version. Ignore the flash player note! REFRESH the page so that you can see the new version! Capture pokemon after 1 hit, all purchases add money, level up very fast. All stones cost is now 10000 and purchases add money (don't look at the notes). Mystery code is 5231 (use after completing challenge mode) and 673034 for Jiggly. You capture pokemon using the red orb (box) on the right when they are low on health. TRADING is enabled for hacked version only (i.e. you can't trade with normal accounts)! Note: the game is still being developed - we'll update the hack as the releases come out.

Game Description

Version : 3.1.5 New pokemon hunt and a new achievement
Version : 3.4 new story level, 3 new pokemon to catch, level cap up to 42, new challenge mode, 2 new achievements, 3 new avatars to get.
Version : 3.5.2 contains a new level, new pokemon to catch, targeting system, new shiny quest.
Version : 3.6.1 new level cap, new TMs, new relearn moves, bug fixes, new mystery gift.
Version : 3.7.1 has a new level, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 3.8.1 new level, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 4.0 New Gym Level, New Avatar, Bug Fixes, new pokemon to capture!
Version : 4.1 Level cap up to 47, potions and bug fixes
Version : 4.2 Level cap to 50, new challenge mode, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 4.3, level cap to 52, new story level, new mystery gift pokemon, bug fixes
Version : 4.4.2, level cap to 55, new story level, 3 new pokemon to get, new mystery gift avatar, bug fixes, and FAST FORWARDING!
Version : 4.5.1, level cap to 60, new mystery gift pokemon krabby, bug fixes, x3 and x4 speeds.
Version : 4.6.1, new mystery gift goldeen, abilities added to the game, bug fixes.
Version : 4.7 new mystery gift avatars for halloween, new abilities, new pokemon snorlax to catch, new story level, level cap up to 62!
Version : 4.8 new pokemon to catch, level cap to 64, new story level! Bug fixes!
Version : 4.8.1 some fixes to a bug that won't let you play certain levels.
Version : 4.9.1 new story level, new alakazam avatar and bug fixes.
Version : 4.9.6 level cap to 66, new mystery gift pokemon horsea!, new TMs, tons of bug fixes.
Version : 5.0 it has a special Birthday Victini, level cap to 68 and bug fixes!
Version : 5.1 level cap to 70, bug fixes and Multiplayer!
Version : 5.2.1 new mystery gift, new story level, 2 new pokemon to catch, new achievement!
Version : 5.3.1 new mystery gift, new level cap to 72, new multiplayer map, new shadow pokemon, new abilities
Version : 5.4 new story level, 4 new pokemon to capture, level cap to 74, new achievement, new ability, and bug fixes.
Version : 5.5 new mystery gift pokemon, new gym level, new achievement, new ability, level cap to 80!
Version : 5.6.1 New Mystery Gift Lickitung, Seven new pokemon to catch!,New Story Level,New Achievement,New Ability - Inner Focus,Bug Fixes!
Version : 5.7.1 New Mystery Gift Tangela, Level cap increased to level 90, bug fixes
Version : 5.8.1 New story level, new TMs, new ability, new Achievement, and a new mystery gift pokemon ponyta
Version : 5.9.1 New story level, new tms, new pokemon to catch!
Version : 6.0.1 New mystery gift, 5 new pokemon to catch, a new story level, new TMs and bug fixes.
Version : 6.1.1 new story level, a new mystery gift, new TMs and bug fixes!
Version : 6.2.1 contains a new story level, a new mystery gift, new TMs and bug fixes!
Version : 6.3.1 new mystery gift pokemon, a new story level, new tms, and bug fixes
Version : 6.4.1 new mystery gift pokemon Mew, level cap to 100 and bug fixes!
Version : 0.8 new levels and 5 new pokemon to catch!
Final Version : 3 new levels, 2 new achievements, 2 new pokemon to catch!

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carlenny (Apr 18, 2014)

Mystery gifts, please :)

maddog (Apr 17, 2014)

what is the new mystery gift

Temprest (Apr 17, 2014)

when i lefted the downfall of this site has happened

hankfan21 (Apr 17, 2014)

shadow34 me want a snorlax give me snorlax shiny shadow regular ect... any level please

shinseki (Apr 17, 2014)

wow level cap 100

VintageBeef (Apr 16, 2014)

My Blastoise Is Cool Now

hi30912 (Apr 15, 2014)

Guess what? I found a site that's giving Minecraft gift codes away for free! http://freeminecraftgiftcode.net

Surreal909 (Apr 15, 2014)

if any 1 needs help on any achievements, challenge, or level please do message me I've beaten every thing

W T F ? (Apr 15, 2014)

hankfan u beat vermillion and lagged and didnt save?.....do it again and dont instantly save play 1 or 2 maps again then save ;)

W T F ? (Apr 15, 2014)

hankfan wtf dude xD

hankfan21 (Apr 14, 2014)

152ad0f227843c shadow onyx id

hankfan21 (Apr 14, 2014)

ok sulay me acept i give you the shadow onyx id for trade

Khisame (Apr 14, 2014)

Who wants a level 100 Arcanine (Shiny) for a Victini?

Sulay123 (Apr 14, 2014)

hankfan21 i can trade with the shadow onix for a level84 growlithe(normal) level79 hypno (normal) level52 geodude(shiny) all together for the shadow onix

Sulay123 (Apr 14, 2014)

how an legendary pokemon ??? I want any dark pokemon in exchange for it . The trade id will be posted in a few days i will see what you have to offer

Sulay123 (Apr 14, 2014)

how about a level 84 growlithe if you wait it can be level 95

Sulay123 (Apr 14, 2014)

well i lost my password and so i am commenting with this account

hankfan21 (Apr 13, 2014)


hankfan21 (Apr 13, 2014)

wtf? i win the vermilion chalenge and me want to save my game and me got error you by suspected by hacked the game and oups my achievement is not saved me not try to save my game me go to celadon gym chalenge and me got you have hacked the game but you ne

hankfan21 (Apr 13, 2014)

sulay i have shadow onyx what your offer?

hankfan21 (Apr 13, 2014)

i give a shiny dratiny level 1 me want a snorlax any level for hit

shadow304 (Apr 13, 2014)

who wants to trade with me I have a shiny

BajanCanadian (Apr 13, 2014)


zues2001 (Apr 12, 2014)

and 6 max potions

zues2001 (Apr 12, 2014)

i beat champ with one pokemon

sakura110 (Apr 11, 2014)

give me diorina

hankfan21 (Apr 11, 2014)

me give a vitrebell level 68 for a snorlax any level ?

polando (Apr 11, 2014)

I want a Snorlax!Please!

polando (Apr 11, 2014)

I want to be a Pokemon Master!

polando (Apr 11, 2014)

I have lv100 Venusaur and i will trade it if you want!

Immortalhd (Apr 10, 2014)


BajanCanadian (Apr 09, 2014)

Lone my code is 153169683adcb5

zekromrocks33 (Apr 09, 2014)

beedrill for meowth(regular),eevee(shiny) or pikachu(any)

Sulay (Apr 09, 2014)

Hi I want a shadow pokemon any pokemon of any level will do post the trade id and i will offer ready for battle pokemon (between level 90-100)

Surreal909 (Apr 08, 2014)

micheal0147 i still need my four water types back or at least just the vapereons it's either you give me them back or i get rid of all six of your Pokemon for good

Surreal909 (Apr 08, 2014)

if any 1 needs help on a level or help getting shadow or shiny Pokemon I'd be glad to help you out

BajanCanadian (Apr 08, 2014)

Lone im still wating on the gyrodose

hankfan21 (Apr 08, 2014)

ouf me can now retrouve my data

sakura110 (Apr 08, 2014)

to long to wait

sakura110 (Apr 07, 2014)

how to get jynx i have MR. Mime who want to trade me

Nikilis (Apr 07, 2014)

Does it take long for your profile to retrieve?

hankfan21 (Apr 06, 2014)

loading profil data please wait... 10 minute later loading profil data please wait WTF? FUCK YOU LOADING DATA

RoarOre88 (Apr 03, 2014)

I don`t get why it says error -the server sent a faulty response. IT`S NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game.

zekromrocks33 (Apr 02, 2014)

what the heck? it says: error-the server sent a faulty response. WHAT DO I DO!?! someone help please!

zekromrocks33 (Apr 02, 2014)

i have a level.100 venusaur that i might set up for trade

Temprest (Apr 02, 2014)

wow its been i while since i left

Nikilis (Apr 01, 2014)

Love it :)

BmoRoxReal (Mar 31, 2014)

Is the game down for anyone else?

Surreal909 (Mar 30, 2014)

ok micheal you do that

micheal0147 (Mar 30, 2014)

surreal i only have 4 of your pokemon and you have 6 of my pokemon so it would be much easier to let me put your pokemon up for trade

Surreal909 (Mar 29, 2014)

ok here are the codes micheal TradeID (1533798958211b)=Butterfree TradeID (1533798119bafd)-Pidgeotto TradeID (1533798538bb44)=Missing No. TradeID (15337985f17e94)=Missing No. TradeID (15337986d19f22)=Missing No. TradeID (1533798324197a)=Missi

Surreal909 (Mar 29, 2014)

micheal the easiest way to beat viridian city would be to get 2 water types(one in with knows rain dance), and electric type, a dark or ghost type, a fire type, a pokemon that knows helping hand, and any other pokemon you want

Surreal909 (Mar 29, 2014)

ok micheal ill put them up for trade so get ready

micheal0147 (Mar 29, 2014)

how do you beat viridian city

micheal0147 (Mar 29, 2014)

surreal i can give you your pokemon back if u give me my pokemon back

micheal0147 (Mar 29, 2014)

i still cant beat cinnabar gym its way harder to beat than cinnabar island

micheal0147 (Mar 29, 2014)

thx surreal

xongamer10 (Mar 29, 2014)

15336ef94be5d0 for a squrtle i want a psyduck or tentacool

xongamer10 (Mar 29, 2014)

i have a squrtle if any one wants it

volt953 (Mar 29, 2014)

shiny abra 15336e9de545fe shiny tentacool 15336ebb382548

ruan12345 (Mar 28, 2014)

merda nao consiquo jogar na nova versao

Surreal909 (Mar 28, 2014)

ok micheal i accepted them just message me back when your done with those two levels

Surreal909 (Mar 28, 2014)

micheal i said you could use them for cinnabar island and gym

micheal0147 (Mar 28, 2014)

surreal if u dont mind can i use ur pokemon for cinnabar gym too but i still need the other pokemon i requested

micheal0147 (Mar 28, 2014)

done can you accept them now

micheal0147 (Mar 28, 2014)

which vaporeon

Surreal909 (Mar 27, 2014)

micheal you have to send another request for my seeking and my other vapereon there is no request on them

PokemonLegend (Mar 27, 2014)

I have a mewtwo level 87 and an electabuzz level 100 up for trade Search up Blake in id to see them

micheal0147 (Mar 27, 2014)


micheal0147 (Mar 27, 2014)

surreal get ready to accept my requests

micheal0147 (Mar 27, 2014)

surreal can you wait a while my laptop is slow

Surreal909 (Mar 27, 2014)

ok micheal here are four 153344f1d28e39= dewgong 153344f37db7dd=seeking 153344f5911fb2=vapereon 153344f751a288=vapereron

micheal0147 (Mar 27, 2014)

ready surreal lets begin! So what are the trade codes?

arterix (Mar 27, 2014)

sell lapras vaporen shiny mewthree

Surreal909 (Mar 26, 2014)

micheal im ready when ever you are

micheal0147 (Mar 26, 2014)

1 1=2

micheal0147 (Mar 26, 2014)

surreal i promise i will give you the pokemon back once i beat that level so lets begin the trade when you are ready

Surreal909 (Mar 25, 2014)

micheal0147 I'll lend you some but you have to promise to give them back if you don't promise then your on your on to beat that level

BL38036 (Mar 25, 2014)

trade me a snorelax lapras or magmar

BL38036 (Mar 25, 2014)

WHO NEED DRAGONITES!!!! I have about 6 dragonites so tell me if you want it my Trainer Id is:15331ff4b6bc80

micheal0147 (Mar 25, 2014)

surreal909 i need those pokemon can we switch

Surreal909 (Mar 25, 2014)

micheal0147 get pokemon that know aqua ring and surf that is the easiest way to beat cinnabar island and cinnabar gym and if you cannot teach your pokemon surf I shall lend you some just for that level

Surreal909 (Mar 25, 2014)

sakura110 use poison and steel types they aren't affected by muk's gas but if your trying to do the fushcia gym achievement then I'll message you back becuz I've beaten all achievement though it takes a while

sakura110 (Mar 24, 2014)

arghhh i stuck at fushia gym

sakura110 (Mar 24, 2014)

whow i have MR.mime

micheal0147 (Mar 24, 2014)

does anyone have a mewtwo they want to trade because i need one and can someone please tell me how to beat cinnabar island i have been stuck on it for months

shadow4063 (Mar 23, 2014)

im giving a shiny tentacool id [1532efa2910c99] give me a shiny poliwag or machop

Surreal909 (Mar 22, 2014)

dragon master 21 i highly doubt you could ever beat my 153 pokemon 37 being shiny and 36 being shadow the rest are regular but all of them are level 100

Surreal909 (Mar 22, 2014)

i know that lonelazer but when i asked you for it you never respond to me

LoneLazer (Mar 22, 2014)

surreal if u read my previous comments u would have seen i have a shiny gyrados

micheal0147 (Mar 22, 2014)

dragon master 21 why are you mean to surreal

micheal0147 (Mar 22, 2014)

dragon master 21 shut up i can beat you easily and stop trying to look so tough

Dragon Master 21 (Mar 22, 2014)

shut up surreal i wanna face u but this game wont let me or u face if i beat ash ketchum easy i can kill ur pokemon

sakura110 (Mar 22, 2014)

umm i dont have it

Surreal909 (Mar 22, 2014)

does any 1 have a shiny gyrados or a victini or a shiny poliwhirl ill take either three of them

sakura110 (Mar 22, 2014)

hello can anyone trade me a polywhril

antman2501 (Mar 21, 2014)

i got shiny kaputops shiny kadabra shadow rhyhorn shadow paras shiny rapidash shiny persian shiny shelder and shiny cloyster shadow omanyte and two shiny hitmoncahns if anyone has a shiny electeric type ill trade with them

LoneLazer (Mar 21, 2014)


BajanCanadian (Mar 21, 2014)

6 Level 100 pokemon giveaway

antman2501 (Mar 20, 2014)

go pick it up t pokecenter if u didnt get it

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