Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Game updated again - loading and saving should be a lot faster now. Game updated with FINAL version. Ignore the flash player note! REFRESH the page so that you can see the new version! Capture pokemon...

Rated : 4.71/ 5 Votes: 73413
Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

Pokemon Tower Defense

Added on: Aug 14, 2012

Game: Pokemon Tower Defense Unblocked

Play Count: 16326991

Category: /

Developer: Sam & Dan Games


Rated : 4.71 based on 73413 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated again - loading and saving should be a lot faster now. Game updated with FINAL version. Ignore the flash player note! REFRESH the page so that you can see the new version! Capture pokemon after 1 hit, all purchases add money, level up very fast. All stones cost is now 10000 and purchases add money (don't look at the notes). Mystery code is 5231 (use after completing challenge mode) and 673034 for Jiggly. You capture pokemon using the red orb (box) on the right when they are low on health. TRADING is enabled for hacked version only (i.e. you can't trade with normal accounts)! Note: the game is still being developed - we'll update the hack as the releases come out.

Game Description

Version : 3.1.5 New pokemon hunt and a new achievement
Version : 3.4 new story level, 3 new pokemon to catch, level cap up to 42, new challenge mode, 2 new achievements, 3 new avatars to get.
Version : 3.5.2 contains a new level, new pokemon to catch, targeting system, new shiny quest.
Version : 3.6.1 new level cap, new TMs, new relearn moves, bug fixes, new mystery gift.
Version : 3.7.1 has a new level, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 3.8.1 new level, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 4.0 New Gym Level, New Avatar, Bug Fixes, new pokemon to capture!
Version : 4.1 Level cap up to 47, potions and bug fixes
Version : 4.2 Level cap to 50, new challenge mode, new mystery gift, bug fixes
Version : 4.3, level cap to 52, new story level, new mystery gift pokemon, bug fixes
Version : 4.4.2, level cap to 55, new story level, 3 new pokemon to get, new mystery gift avatar, bug fixes, and FAST FORWARDING!
Version : 4.5.1, level cap to 60, new mystery gift pokemon krabby, bug fixes, x3 and x4 speeds.
Version : 4.6.1, new mystery gift goldeen, abilities added to the game, bug fixes.
Version : 4.7 new mystery gift avatars for halloween, new abilities, new pokemon snorlax to catch, new story level, level cap up to 62!
Version : 4.8 new pokemon to catch, level cap to 64, new story level! Bug fixes!
Version : 4.8.1 some fixes to a bug that won't let you play certain levels.
Version : 4.9.1 new story level, new alakazam avatar and bug fixes.
Version : 4.9.6 level cap to 66, new mystery gift pokemon horsea!, new TMs, tons of bug fixes.
Version : 5.0 it has a special Birthday Victini, level cap to 68 and bug fixes!
Version : 5.1 level cap to 70, bug fixes and Multiplayer!
Version : 5.2.1 new mystery gift, new story level, 2 new pokemon to catch, new achievement!
Version : 5.3.1 new mystery gift, new level cap to 72, new multiplayer map, new shadow pokemon, new abilities
Version : 5.4 new story level, 4 new pokemon to capture, level cap to 74, new achievement, new ability, and bug fixes.
Version : 5.5 new mystery gift pokemon, new gym level, new achievement, new ability, level cap to 80!
Version : 5.6.1 New Mystery Gift Lickitung, Seven new pokemon to catch!,New Story Level,New Achievement,New Ability - Inner Focus,Bug Fixes!
Version : 5.7.1 New Mystery Gift Tangela, Level cap increased to level 90, bug fixes
Version : 5.8.1 New story level, new TMs, new ability, new Achievement, and a new mystery gift pokemon ponyta
Version : 5.9.1 New story level, new tms, new pokemon to catch!
Version : 6.0.1 New mystery gift, 5 new pokemon to catch, a new story level, new TMs and bug fixes.
Version : 6.1.1 new story level, a new mystery gift, new TMs and bug fixes!
Version : 6.2.1 contains a new story level, a new mystery gift, new TMs and bug fixes!
Version : 6.3.1 new mystery gift pokemon, a new story level, new tms, and bug fixes
Version : 6.4.1 new mystery gift pokemon Mew, level cap to 100 and bug fixes!
Version : 0.8 new levels and 5 new pokemon to catch!
Final Version : 3 new levels, 2 new achievements, 2 new pokemon to catch!

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PTDAddictionz (Sep 30, 2014)

guys do you notice that when you lose to Route 15 you go to chapter 7

Sir Cale (Sep 30, 2014)

evepuppy moltres isn't that hard to get nor is a hitmonchan,a shiny hitmonlee,or a shiny omnastar, or a kabutops if any is like me they have them all and i have a shadow moltres and the rest of the Pokemon you said i have regular and a shiny version of t

Evepuppy (Sep 29, 2014)

OMG REALLY NO ONE WANTS A MOLTRES CAUSE I STILL HAVE ONE (1540232a0d03e5) i also have himochan (15429f7aae76e9), hitmonlee shiny (15403423c61bd2), shiny omnimite (15403423c61bd2), kabtops (153d7d4a35f106) and more all for the price of ANNNNNYYYY SHIIIIIN

PTDAddictionz (Sep 29, 2014)

Ashwithpikachu ill trade you my level 100 hitmonlee

PTDAddictionz (Sep 29, 2014)


Dimentio (Sep 28, 2014)

lol it still remembers me from my OLD account (PKMNtrainer)

Dimentio (Sep 28, 2014)

One thing that irritates me is the title menu (listening to music you like) then BOOM it comes out of no where and kills your ears

AshWithPikachu (Sep 28, 2014)

when i play epilogue and go to the unknown dungeon i have of catching a mew or a mew two

AshWithPikachu (Sep 28, 2014)

guys who wants a mewtwo for hitmonlee and hitmonchan?

AlanChristopher (Sep 27, 2014)

celzedrick i accept your trade but everything (including wartortle,charmelon and pikachu) can take a lot time to trade ok

AlanChristopher (Sep 27, 2014)

who wants to trade with me?if you trade i would give you 3 pokemons if you give me an awesome pokemon (only 1 you would give me) i can give you wartortle,charmelon and pikachu

ptdboss (Sep 27, 2014)

lv 100 shadow tauros and lv 100 moltres for mew and mewtwo

ptdboss (Sep 27, 2014)

il maybe give u a lv 100 shadow tauros

ptdboss (Sep 27, 2014)

1 mew and 1 mewtwo for 1 moltres okay?

Sir Cale (Sep 25, 2014)

ptdboos i could give you 3 mews and 3 mewtwos

ptdboss (Sep 25, 2014)

who wants to trade i give u moltres u give me mew or mewtwo

celzedrick (Sep 24, 2014)

Ill give any starter for a riolu! :D

ashwithelectric (Sep 24, 2014)

I'm ashwiththunder but i forgot my password XD

ashwithelectric (Sep 24, 2014)

who wants a level 68 shiny tenatacool for a hitmonchan or hitmonlee the code for shiny tentacool is 15422d8e04c4a7

jolteon144 (Sep 23, 2014)

lugia I help you

jolteon144 (Sep 23, 2014)

lugia I help you

Lugia20174 (Sep 22, 2014)

anybody who help me i will give them a free shiny rattata and a shiny machop

Lugia20174 (Sep 22, 2014)

can someone help me in the celadon gym

nexus (Sep 22, 2014)

viridian gym is so friken easy u asshole

celzedrick (Sep 21, 2014)

i trade any starter ( charmander squirtle bulbasaur ) for a level 10- pikachu :D

nasxto (Sep 20, 2014)

ashwiththunder i request your trade

nasxto (Sep 20, 2014)

i know the code for missingo is sndgames and everybody i wrote this comment this sep 20 2014

kevin35 (Sep 17, 2014)

Sir Cale can you beat it for me

AshWithThunder (Sep 17, 2014)

the trade id for the other mew is 154193bc1b55d0

AshWithThunder (Sep 17, 2014)

i also have another mew for a another gengar

AshWithThunder (Sep 17, 2014)

the trade id for the mew is 154193b810a7a9

AshWithThunder (Sep 17, 2014)

who is willing for a trade a mew for a gengar?

Sir Cale (Sep 16, 2014)

kevin35 sorry but your gonna have to offer something better than that for a legendary i'm picking when it comes to strong pokemon trades and i can gladly help you defeat Viridian City

kevin35 (Sep 16, 2014)

can anyone help me beat viridian city heres is my account [email protected] password kevin

kevin35 (Sep 16, 2014)

hey Sir Cale I just sent you a trade for your artricuno

Sir Cale (Sep 16, 2014)

i could also give people 2-4 shiny magneton and 2 shadow magmar if any one wants them, but you have to trade a shiny or shadow for either of them no regular

Sir Cale (Sep 16, 2014)

kevin35 i have 5 jynx up for trade you could have a couple if you want

Sir Cale (Sep 16, 2014)

michahChu here are the the id's 152fe8a71b79e7 (Articuno), 152fe8a2af108(Zapdos), and 152fe8a6261c08(Moltres)

kevin35 (Sep 15, 2014)

154179e3c4d3be this is the code for a trade for jynx

kevin35 (Sep 15, 2014)

does anyone want to trade a jynx

michahChu (Sep 15, 2014)

ok whats the id for the moltres and zapdos and articuno

Sir Cale (Sep 14, 2014)

if any 1 wants i have a butterfree, pidgeotto, 5 jynx, a zapdos, a moltres, an articuno, 2 mewtwo, a mew , and 4 missingno up for trade

Evepuppy (Sep 14, 2014)

oh oh oh michahChu may I have a shiny poyta for my Moltres or Zapdos PLLLLLLZZZZZZZ

michahChu (Sep 14, 2014)

anyone whant a shiny ponyta or rapidash

ultimateninja12 (Sep 14, 2014)

on ptd 2 dumbasss

nexus (Sep 14, 2014)


ultimateninja12 (Sep 14, 2014)

can anybody give me victini for kyogre darkarai or mewthreeALL LVL 110

quinnlasvegas (Sep 14, 2014)


johnnyadam (Sep 13, 2014)

Can someone give me a victini any level. i will give you a missingno level 100

Evepuppy (Sep 13, 2014)

Still have ZAPDOS (1540e463789aa4) and MOLTRES (1540232a0d03e5) does anybody want it all for the low price of a SHINY POKEMON except tentacruel shiny shiny geodude shiny strayu and any shiny from the game corner I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THOSE ONES BUT ANY OTH

nexus (Sep 13, 2014)

lots. me have a shiny ho oh

quinnlasvegas (Sep 13, 2014)


Evepuppy (Sep 12, 2014)

whats up everyone sry i want on here but Ive been in school so yah

Lugia20174 (Sep 12, 2014)


Lugia20174 (Sep 12, 2014)

y dont u get to save the acheivments

Lugia20174 (Sep 12, 2014)

cant you get mewtwo in this game

Lugia20174 (Sep 12, 2014)

i havnt played this game in a long time ive been playin PTD 2

michahChu (Sep 12, 2014)

ok do you whant a shiny or shadow pokemon

nexus (Sep 12, 2014)

hey guys im new here like i just made my account new but i have beeen playing a LOOOONNNGGG time

michahChu (Sep 11, 2014)

im still offering hipnos shiny

michahChu (Sep 10, 2014)


Evepuppy (Sep 09, 2014)

michahChu do u want to be friends

Evepuppy (Sep 09, 2014)

I do plz

michahChu (Sep 09, 2014)

anyone whant a shiny hipno

michahChu (Sep 08, 2014)


ultimateninja12 (Sep 08, 2014)

hey bry wanna trade a victini

ultimateninja12 (Sep 08, 2014)


ultimateninja12 (Sep 08, 2014)

anybody want any pokemon for a xerneas

michahChu (Sep 08, 2014)

still have a shiny nine tails

Evepuppy (Sep 06, 2014)

OH PLZZZZZZZZ TIMMY can I have at least ONE of the SHINY ZAPDOS OR MOLTRES I GOT A MEWTOO, a moltres, and a shiny omnymite

Timmy3435 (Sep 05, 2014)

Shiny Zapdos - 153eb9f0524462 Shiny Moltres - 153eb9f2ba3649

michahChu (Sep 05, 2014)

bry what shiny do you have

JasonInHell (Sep 05, 2014)

shadow staryu for trading a jynx - 15409f830da452

Bry (Sep 04, 2014)

ill take your ninetales michahChu

Bry (Sep 04, 2014)

anyone got a vicitini up for grabs?? i got a shiny jigglyPuff ha...

michahChu (Sep 04, 2014)

I have a spare shiny nine tails who whants it

Evepuppy (Sep 03, 2014)

Hey everyone still have Moltres and Mewtwo PLZ SEND ME SHINY POKEMON BUT NOT FROM THE GAME CORNER

machdramon (Sep 03, 2014)

FREE ACCOUNT! Email: [email protected] password: connor2006

machdramon (Sep 03, 2014)

Free account! Coming out soon!!!

hunterh100 (Sep 02, 2014)

154062f294f226 for shiny kaputos i need shiny electric type or shiny ice or shiny fire plz help i will send a snd coin to u for every type u request for my guys thanks

jimmy0908 (Sep 01, 2014)

OMG I caught jiggly puff!!!

Evepuppy (Sep 01, 2014)

Ok everyone I got a MOLTRES (1540232a0d03e5), ARTICUNO (15404d4dc5b6d7), AND A MEWTWO (1540342675f767) UP FOR TRADE

Evepuppy (Aug 31, 2014)

Great News Everybody I have a new trade up for a SHINY MR MIME all I want in return is a SHINY EVE OR A SHINY POKEMON

BeanTheDemo (Aug 31, 2014)

i want zapdos

BeanTheDemo (Aug 31, 2014)

evepuppy I have a shiny pokeon

Evepuppy (Aug 31, 2014)

I want shiny pokemon

Evepuppy (Aug 30, 2014)

I have a Zapdos for trade 1540232303dfee, and Moltres for trade 1540232a0d03e5, all I ask for is ANY SHINY POKEMON OR A SHINY EVE

Evepuppy (Aug 30, 2014)

I have lots of pokemon for trade, like a vaporeon at level 96, a kangaskong, a magamar, a elactabuzz, a omymite, a shiny omymite, a shiny tenacruel, a shniy geudue, and a kabpots.

BeanTheDemo (Aug 29, 2014)

anyone have any pokemon to trade?

XenonMan (Aug 27, 2014)

My game doesn't load T.T

JasonInHell (Aug 27, 2014)

I have a lot of trades:-Raichu LVL 100 153fd9f451e3b0 -Wiggilytuff LvL 3100 153fd9fad22d53 and staryu (shadow) 153fda02e04528

michahChu (Aug 26, 2014)

dj did you find the shiny mew

jolteon144 (Aug 26, 2014)

I have shiny shellder for trade

DJcole234 (Aug 26, 2014)

I want the kabotops O_O

DJcole234 (Aug 26, 2014)

I traded meh mew but not my shiny one

Snoppy7c7 (Aug 26, 2014)

I have two shiny's, a level 96 Vaporeon, a eleactabuzz, and a kabotops for trade the id's r (153d7d4a35f106), 153d7d459040a9, 153f7c0fade970), 153f007d7280a4), and 153f7c0d4304f1

OlayaWyatt (Aug 26, 2014)

anyone knows where to find the three legendary dogs?

michahChu (Aug 25, 2014)

ancientRosetta I think you should look up on youtuber called pokemen he does ptd

AncientRosetta (Aug 25, 2014)

how do you get past the rock tunnel?

michahChu (Aug 25, 2014)

I have a thing if you whant a shiny that people whant I might have like a shiny ninetales

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