Raze 2 Hacked

Raze 2

Added on: Nov 21, 2011

Game: Raze 2 Unblocked

Play Count: 3338414

Category: /

Developer: Armor Games


Rated : 4.75 based on 9842 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated with 50x health + the latest version : Start with 999,999 credits, All stages unlocked, Infinite ammo, 50x health, 10x faster ability recharge

Game Description

This is the 2nd Raze game and it's better than ever. Fight your way through various Aliens and Robots in this excellent futuristic shoot em up. You have crash landed. Get the final artifact to the testing dome as you should be able to amplify its power just move fast as the meteor shower is approaching fast.

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MrSurvival (Mar 31, 2015)


ninjaxd (Mar 31, 2015)


adam7 (Mar 22, 2015)

this is the best game ever !!!!!!

pcrickard (Mar 18, 2015)

this game has SSSSSWWWWWAAAAAGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pcrickard (Mar 18, 2015)

my favorite game

Skullface1110 (Mar 17, 2015)

Hello everyone!!!

dewasemuagame2 (Mar 17, 2015)

IS A Good Game Realy LIKE Berry Much I Over 20 playing this game evry day

brotbot17 (Mar 10, 2015)

laser minigun has to reload fix it if u can.

boobs33 (Mar 05, 2015)

best game ever

betoven (Mar 04, 2015)

buenooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo de la gran puta esta

DEMPSEY (Feb 26, 2015)

i want the story to it that the guy at the end mutated into a fully zombie but was a good guy

Xx_B1tch3z_xX (Feb 26, 2015)

Thanks for this game I've so much fun playing it! I HAVE RATED 5 STARS!!! LIKED!

Leonid (Feb 20, 2015)

it says hacked on the loading screen

Leonid (Feb 20, 2015)

HOLY S******************************************************************************************8

NamikazeMinato (Feb 20, 2015)


Sucker9 (Feb 09, 2015)

Rate up if you got hacker compliment

EpicSonic13 (Feb 02, 2015)

Epicsonic13, The Railgun Headshot Expert.

alex2 (Feb 01, 2015)

i ♥ this game so much

Blufromrio (Jan 30, 2015)

If the hacker ever updates the health hack to infinite, I'll give it 1/10 and never play it again on this site.

mantas (Jan 21, 2015)


ninjadjaj (Jan 18, 2015)

it will be better if its unlimited heath

theblackshadow (Jan 10, 2015)

best game evah

JessemcCartney (Jan 07, 2015)

if u a girl u cant play it and u a loser hahaha

xHACKx993 (Dec 29, 2014)

Once my computer crashes on THAT game but it's still my favourite :)

kartersword (Dec 29, 2014)

fvbbb jackson hff

celzedrick (Dec 28, 2014)

heya love this game

XxheroxX221 (Dec 25, 2014)

the original!

wario35 (Dec 23, 2014)

This game is so legit and cheap, I win EVERY time!!!

evansn12 (Dec 16, 2014)

I AM AMRY COMMANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connor125 (Dec 06, 2014)

Yeh this is like the most crash game ever :)

Impulse (Dec 06, 2014)

This is like the MOST CRASH game evah! SO AWESOME Im Impulse(Reece McGregor)

justincp900 (Dec 03, 2014)

hi i am doing a video subsribe to *%^$

altair11 (Nov 28, 2014)

I love the game

LoneWolfCS6 (Nov 25, 2014)

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

EpicSonic13 (Nov 22, 2014)

The Infinite Ammo Is Fake! THIS IS NOT INFINITE AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um, yes it is. Just minigun is nor infinite ammo.

EpicSonic13 (Nov 18, 2014)

rexesnova, u are WRONG about game not cool

rexesnova22313 (Nov 11, 2014)


rexesnova22313 (Nov 11, 2014)

me do not like!!!!!

rexesnova22313 (Nov 11, 2014)


Hackerofhackers (Oct 30, 2014)

jUST give up Epic Creators dont even look at there hacked games they dont look at comments its hopless

EpicSonic13 (Oct 29, 2014)

For roleplay too.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 29, 2014)

Fixed chat:What would be cool as 2nd live chat or something: Like in the storyline, aliens and the bots can talk from that chat in the top middle. Well, that should be a good chat for us to use too. Please make it. It would be very good... Please...... :(

Hackerofhackers (Oct 27, 2014)


venusangelic (Oct 26, 2014)

i love this game its awesome

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

And make it added this: Choose the bot's profile avatar.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

By the way, the idea up there can be used for this too: pick an avator for the chat up top, username or name of who said it, and then text of the chat.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

And the idea up there is good for roleplay too.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)


EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

What would be cool as 2nd live chat or something: Like in the storyline, aliens and the bots can talk from that bot in the top middle. Well, that should be a good chat for us to use too. Please make it. It would be very good... Please...... :(!

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)


EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

^^^^ Also, If they are options, You know to make them a toggle.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

REALLY REALLY GOOD HACK: Make this in the options: Rapid fire bonus, Armour bonus. IF U GONNA DO THESE HACKS DO IT AND ADD IT IN OPTIONS OR ELSE!

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

Oh and make it an option in Options. so u can turn that on or off.

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

Hack the chats of the bots in the story and make them have a scared chat, CAUSE WE ARE INVINCIBLE!

EpicSonic13 (Oct 26, 2014)

To hackerofhackers: TRUE!

Hackerofhackers (Oct 25, 2014)

Add freaking live chat this GAME WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER

Hamed2004 (Oct 25, 2014)

rate 5 and do it to you favorites

99killerzone (Oct 20, 2014)


GeneralSage (Oct 18, 2014)

Love this game!!

celzedrick (Oct 15, 2014)

xXTurner Tron_Z

vinh504 (Oct 12, 2014)

Why is Logo Raze 2 to Raze 2 Hacked

Sasuke818 (Oct 11, 2014)

this is the awesome-nest game ever {its a word, learn it}

3bin (Oct 05, 2014)


xXxBlackDevilxXx (Oct 04, 2014)

amazing game

juliok (Oct 03, 2014)


ReonR2 (Sep 28, 2014)

Nice !!!!

Skyguybo (Sep 27, 2014)

sup bra

ThMinecraftGod (Sep 07, 2014)

I am Herobrine and Notch's father

sdark0 (Sep 05, 2014)

this game is fun

jackson135126 (Aug 26, 2014)


hikloq (Aug 26, 2014)


hikloq (Aug 26, 2014)

kanker joden noob gay not lol i kil u

pokelop (Aug 24, 2014)

raze razes(raises) above all

CavTheChosenOne (Aug 22, 2014)


Wickecookies (Aug 21, 2014)

This is awesome

jackson135126 (Aug 19, 2014)

i'm on raze 2

jackson135126 (Aug 19, 2014)


airfinder (Aug 16, 2014)

guys,raze 3 is out ,but soon it will have hacks if you want a try then search in other webs

vua1326 (Aug 16, 2014)


LOLCATZEATS (Aug 13, 2014)


blader07 (Aug 10, 2014)

message to yahia789: i found raze 3.scarch on google

3bin (Aug 09, 2014)

listenin to till I collapse by Eminem while playing this

jackson135126 (Aug 05, 2014)

i don't see you

jackson135126 (Aug 05, 2014)

blue team

celzedrick (Aug 05, 2014)

my name is garreth jr on the game you will see me

celzedrick (Aug 05, 2014)


jackson135126 (Aug 04, 2014)


yahia789 (Aug 02, 2014)

i know raze 3 hack iss coming soon ;) ^_^

jackson135126 (Jul 29, 2014)

hey are you guy online i'm playing raze 2 right now

jackson135126 (Jul 29, 2014)


blader07 (Jul 26, 2014)

i played raze 3 last week and i found at hackedonlinegames or hackedfreegames

hadif (Jul 25, 2014)


Iamapro1 (Jul 14, 2014)


Dragonlord (Jul 12, 2014)

Hack Raze 3 plz it just came out and its a-w-e-s-o-m-e

Iamapro1 (Jul 10, 2014)


Iamapro1 (Jul 10, 2014)

BTW u cant play with peoiple they just made it up :3

Iamapro1 (Jul 10, 2014)


Dragonlord (Jul 04, 2014)

Multiplayer and best game ever made hacks or not I dont care

jackson135126 (Jul 03, 2014)

i killed 2 of my teamates

jackson135126 (Jul 03, 2014)

eney one online

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