Kingdom Rush Hacked

Kingdom Rush

Added on: Jan 14, 2013

Game: Kingdom Rush

Play Count: 2723252

Category: /

Developer: Armor Games

This game is part of a series: Kingdom Rush


Rated : 4.69 based on 8013 votes.

Hack Information

Game updated to v.1.12. All purchases add cash, no specials cooldown and 1 second hero cooldown. No other hacks as they are premium items but feel free to purchase them. The game is 22MB it will load slow.

Game Description

Your precious kingdom is under attack yet again by an enemy force that is more powerful than ever. Numerous types of beasts are approaching you with one purpose alone and that is to destroy is. Summon all the power you have in your force to counterattack them.

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drakeo (Aug 15, 2017)

to free saquatch you have to us eyour meteor abiltity

yosel123 (Jul 24, 2017)


MartinArmor08 (Jun 27, 2017)

How do you free the Sasquatch?

celzedrick (May 30, 2017)


celzedrick (May 30, 2017)


joel1401 (Apr 20, 2017)


pokemon370 (Apr 02, 2017)


JoJoGAMERX (Dec 29, 2016)

THIZ SUX without the premium content...ITZ TOOO EAZYYYYYYY!!!!!!(/Troll)

harveyvelasco14 (Dec 26, 2016)


celzedrick (Nov 26, 2016)

so........ fucking awsomeEEEEE IM NAKED EVRYB DAY

YFNLucci (Oct 04, 2016)

its ight...But add it so you can get the stars like you'd with the gold.

DJBrother1 (Sep 30, 2016)


jmgamer63 (May 07, 2016)

very good

s5a5n5d5e5r5 (Apr 23, 2016)

Good game

bomisso (Apr 13, 2016)

white screen of death..

bomisso (Apr 13, 2016)

omg... don't know if this game is good or not

celzedrick (Apr 06, 2016)

this game is soo easy

megatanki (Feb 14, 2016)

lol i compleated the game

megatanki (Feb 14, 2016)

lol im on wave 8-15 on last level

megatanki (Feb 14, 2016)

this games good

coolkid4 (Feb 07, 2016)


coolkid4 (Feb 07, 2016)

mr lolz

agslightstorm2 (Dec 05, 2015)

Add a stars hack like omg siriously

comando (Nov 12, 2015)

How do i play im new to this game

mustafagamer123 (Nov 01, 2015)

hi Xenos999 :D

mustafagamer123 (Nov 01, 2015)

hello to november :D

Xenos999 (Oct 31, 2015)


celzedrick (Oct 31, 2015)

i want infinite upgrade points!i want!i want!iwant!

rk495 (Aug 31, 2015)

there's no premium pack

celzedrick (Aug 23, 2015)

not cole

chanman1415 (Jul 03, 2015)

:) great hacks

Manqua (Jul 01, 2015)


Manqua (Jul 01, 2015)


Manqua (Jul 01, 2015)

devil_nero (Jun 22, 2015) :trollface: mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015) FIX IT NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015) wont load mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015) Matthew Osborne · Western Brown High School hacks are my life Like · Reply · Jun 1

josekauan1234 (Jun 26, 2015)

hiya...... yes yes play games is beutiful good luck i thanks you

devil_nero (Jun 22, 2015)


mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015)


mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015)

wont load

mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015)

Matthew Osborne · Western Brown High School hacks are my life Like · Reply · Jun 17, 2015 8:28am Joshua Daniel Hablan · Good sheperd christian school how do you get more stars Like · Reply · Jun 16, 2015 7:19pm Joshua Daniel Hablan · Good sheper

mamayo232 (Jun 18, 2015)


challengerzxc (Apr 12, 2015)

for the king

challengerzxc (Apr 12, 2015)

>_< more hacks

challengerzxc (Apr 12, 2015)

more hack

challengerzxc (Apr 08, 2015)


challengerzxc (Apr 08, 2015)


pokelop (Mar 26, 2015)

archers rule!

pcrickard (Mar 18, 2015)

kingdom rush frontiers is better

celzedrick (Jan 24, 2015)


CJD (Dec 29, 2014)

for the GLORY!!!!!!

david56 (Dec 19, 2014)


DEATHBOZ34 (Dec 14, 2014)

ok today we are men not pussys we used to be kid now were men NOW CHARGGGGGGGGGGGGG

W T F ? (Dec 08, 2014)

We all fags :/

DTCOUNCIL (Nov 30, 2014)

i have the freedom of speech, and so do you, and because of that, there is rudeness in the world

DTCOUNCIL (Nov 30, 2014)

Think what you want to think. Great game, but its a little slow

warzonekiller (Nov 30, 2014)

only my commets are cool everyone else that commets is quir that make me the only non gay person

warzonekiller (Nov 30, 2014)

any commet above my commet or below my commet were made by quirs

micheal0147 (Nov 30, 2014)


micheal0147 (Nov 29, 2014)

Everyone below are fags except the ones who were sayin they were fags

Subnormal (Nov 25, 2014)

shitty game

W T F ? (Nov 15, 2014)

Now you are a fag :)

warzonekiller (Nov 09, 2014)

all the commets below were made by fags

rheareaport (Oct 28, 2014)

i like this game

rheareaport (Oct 27, 2014)


MajoraClaire (Oct 15, 2014)

Loading is slow for anything anymore........

TheFungi12 (Oct 14, 2014)

Hey anyone wanna go out with me

Happybacca (Sep 28, 2014)


Happybacca (Sep 09, 2014)

huger games yeah

Happybacca (Sep 09, 2014)


JerichoWar (Aug 17, 2014)

Damn this is so awesome!!!! :))

ThMinecraftGod (Aug 17, 2014)

I will shit your ass Vez'nan

mineroblox (Aug 16, 2014)

i faved it finaly

celzedrick (Aug 09, 2014)

ok guys i have partisapated in all your games lately and i am not getting what i want

mineroblox (Aug 02, 2014)

how do i fav this?

mineroblox (Aug 02, 2014)

master what the $$%@^* are u saying?

mineroblox (Aug 02, 2014)

love dis game

RubsoonPL (Jul 12, 2014)

This Game Is Epic ;D

Louie (Jul 12, 2014)

sooo celibi

Louie (Jul 12, 2014)


Iamapro1 (Jul 10, 2014)


ghost115 (Jun 16, 2014)

qqqqqq qqqqqq qqqqqq qqqqq qqqqq qqqqq qqqq qqq qq q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q

Ytrium (Jun 08, 2014)

is it me or has the site crashed ?

GuyBuy321 (May 12, 2014)


MasterKrisda (May 05, 2014)

kingdowns hack lsi ogkf kick im

JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (Apr 18, 2014)

and i did not use hackedarcadegames because i use cheat engine so thats how beaten it

JCBOYJEEPBEN10 (Apr 18, 2014)

i beaten it with cheat engine and i hack da stars n da money n da hero points!

Joos4499 (Mar 30, 2014)

beaten it FINALLY

Joos4499 (Mar 29, 2014)

can the hacker make a star hack

ruvic21 (Mar 25, 2014)

CCC0078 (Mar 16, 2014)


celibi (Mar 08, 2014)

peaceman50 (Mar 03, 2014)

this game is fantastic you can also get it on ipod

ryanallbase (Feb 19, 2014)

Not works :(

nickrebel (Jan 30, 2014)


nickrebel (Jan 30, 2014)


nickrebel (Jan 30, 2014)

dude it still works for me

yechua (Dec 31, 2013)

why this people have give up this game

macray (Dec 23, 2013)

they REQUESTED this hack to be removed. I find this interesting.

thecritic (Dec 20, 2013)

if you have an armor games acount and used the online saves then just go to another website that hacks games

Uberwolf0221 (Nov 28, 2013)

Speedyboy actually Armor Games owns rights to this game and for everybody saying they want money, it's this site who doesn't want to lose money buy being sued.

StickWarFan (Nov 23, 2013)

Armor Games Wants Money. F#!% You Armor Games. F#!% You.

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