Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hacked

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Added on: Apr 18, 2012

Game: Minecraft Tower Defense 2

Play Count: 482097

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Developer: Play Tower Defence Games

This game is part of a series: Minecraft Tower Defense


Rated : 4.18 based on 896 votes.

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Hack Information

Hack fixed! Resources & Lives. Note: scroll with WASD, place towers (traps) on the path, not the sides.

Minecraft Tower Defense 2 Game Description

Pixel Heroes Steve has left Happyville and returned to Minecraft Tower Defense 2 where he will have to do battle with many creepers before they can destroy your castle. Use the money you've earned to buy defensive upgrades in this battle for survival.

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mescardenas (Aug 26, 2018)


Xtreme (May 22, 2018)

write something here... woah

mu (Mar 15, 2017)

Me: *reads out comments in facebook while i lose life* Slimes: Come on! Kill Mu Wwa! (me)! Me: NO! *puts on too much dispensers and lava* Slimes: Oh no! D: *slimes dies* *Slime pit gets completed* Me: Wow! This game is awesome! :)

mu (Mar 15, 2017)

Well done. I got bonus.

ibo315252 (Feb 22, 2017)

Well im done survival map complete on 50 Wave lol

jmgamer63 (May 02, 2016)


Bence6 (May 01, 2016)

I Defeated The Dragon Egg With TNT!

gonzales (Apr 27, 2016)

ur right its fantastic

gonzales (Apr 27, 2016)

r u a girl

CAttt (Apr 06, 2016)

AWSOME I <3 it soo much Like a kitten eating tuna I LOVE IT

DiscordTheWolf (Nov 24, 2015)


DiscordTheWolf (Nov 24, 2015)

wow fanstaic baby dance dance

jampaulcelestra (Nov 02, 2015)

this is mega wow fantastical

jampaulcelestra (Nov 02, 2015)

like minecraft herobrine mod

jampaulcelestra (Nov 02, 2015)

wow fantastic baby

mustafagamer (Oct 26, 2015)

hey guys :D welcome to hacked arcedgames best word for hackedgames

jampaulenrique (Oct 22, 2015)

this is cool

Ljrex (Aug 08, 2015)

Ljrex (Aug 08, 2015)


jampaul56 (Aug 04, 2015)

oolalala ganda

NickRocks6463 (Jul 11, 2015)

I'm too scared to play real minecraft cause I saw Herobrine one day and then again the day after that and again the day after that and, well u get the idea!

NickRocks6463 (Jul 11, 2015)

U know what? I'm not playing this anyways. DAMN DIS GAME!

NickRocks6463 (Jul 10, 2015)

If the people here dont fix this glitch I am not playing this anymore!

NickRocks6463 (Jul 10, 2015)


NickRocks6463 (Jul 10, 2015)

WTF guys I did the Nuke 'em achievment and I didnt get the TNT dispenser! WTF's up with dat?!

mzzz (Jul 05, 2015)


PTDAddictionz (Jan 03, 2015)

Whoever plays pixel gun here are my weapons: Ak48 up2,Fast death up2,knight sword up2,crossbow up2 And bass cannon

sonic10gamer (Sep 29, 2014)


quinnlasvegas (Sep 15, 2014)


RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

Also Here's A Glitch, If You Skip Wave 49 With At least 1 Slime/Magma Cube Left, Herobrine Will Be Unkillable

RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

Also, If You Have A Straight Line, No Endermen Kills For You!

RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

And Wolfs Are In Minecraft, Same With Angry Wolfs.

RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

I Know Stuff... I Beat The End Level On Adventure Mode And Got The Ender Pearl Dispenser, It Teleports Foes Back To The Start And Deals Damage.

RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

On Level 50 On Any Survival Map, HEROBRINE Will Be There To Fight.

RilJCool (Sep 13, 2014)

Wolfs, Not Dogs, Angry Wolfs.

Ultragamer564 (Aug 03, 2014)

To place down towers you need to put it on fresh ground for traps or near the track for dispensers. You guys know nothing, don't you?

creasz123 (Jun 05, 2014)

minecraft is cool

lol8 (May 26, 2014)


eyses (May 15, 2014)

how do you put towers down?

coolkidalo (Apr 15, 2014)

nvm i hate it

coolkidalo (Apr 15, 2014)

i love this game soooo much

abbasabbas (Jan 13, 2014)

fast load

husariuCOOL (Dec 22, 2013)

the the end level is not hacked,final level of adventure mod

Crazedkillerbf4 (Nov 27, 2013)

not nice to kill dogs their not mobs on minecraft

joel.estrada (Nov 21, 2013)


Chronotech5478 (Oct 15, 2013)

how to buy?

ererbe (Sep 14, 2013)

the game not loading . withe screen

power-king (Aug 30, 2013)

how to game

nobuagan (Aug 17, 2013)


gamerno2 (Jun 07, 2013)

awesome HEROBRINE you spoiler

garthfirebeard (Jun 04, 2013)

OMG WAVE 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

quinnlasvegas (May 18, 2013)

HEROBRINE DIDNOT ]KILL ME I BEATED HIM!! en las sco twi wan!!!!!! i win :D

crzymatt (Apr 17, 2013)


chicken444 (Apr 13, 2013)

no item hack?

GregRoblox (Apr 13, 2013)

OMG HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!!

GregRoblox (Apr 13, 2013)

OMG HEROBRINE!!!!!!!!!!!

GregRoblox (Apr 13, 2013)

in the end you start with like no money

GregRoblox (Apr 13, 2013)

in the end you start with like no money

crazycreeper43 (Apr 07, 2013)

This is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOFZY (Mar 23, 2013)

I got all of the achievements for the last where you win cake it said that its a lie damn minecraft

sonic150 (Mar 18, 2013)

This game is epic

buddyboxb3 (Mar 13, 2013)


0Widyantoko0 (Mar 12, 2013)

The hacks dosen't work at The End :( I hope they fix it.

the sugerghost (Dec 29, 2012)

loads so slow it loads like a gramdma in a slow electirc wheel chair thats battery is dead and she is lifting 50 pound whaights and is stuck in soulsand that has ice under it and is having a heart attac and is white

gabriel10be7 (Dec 03, 2012)

herobrine!!!!!!!!!!! lol

chicks (Dec 02, 2012)


captinpigzy (Nov 24, 2012)


AgentEpicFace (Nov 09, 2012)

Speed Loading range: Really Old Ultra Slow Grandma Turtle Walking on Super Ultra Sticky Molasses and Super Ultra Sticky Mud on A Really Windy Day *Troll Face*

Troncreeper666 (Nov 07, 2012)


Brunojr13 (Oct 21, 2012)

i lostt my saveeee O_O hooowwww???????

minecraft123 (Oct 15, 2012)

i died from enderman even though it says infinite health ):<

LOLZU (Sep 21, 2012)

Speed Loading Range: Ultra Slow Turtle Walking On Super Sticky Mud. LOLOLOLOLOLOL *Trollface

LOLZU (Sep 21, 2012)

Speed Loading Range: Ultra Slow Turtle Walking On Super Sticky Mud. LOLOLOLOLOLOL *Trollface

killer48x (Sep 18, 2012)


AgentEpicFace (Sep 11, 2012)

Yup, Herobrine is finally defeated :D Now, how are we gonna get the Enderdragon back to the end?

killerx1992 (Aug 11, 2012)

lol Herobrine! I wonder why it was strange in the end :P Anyway i thought we were gonna attack the dragon with traps if it was flying down and turrets lol

ryu24242424 (Jul 20, 2012)


Thalo6 (Jul 11, 2012)

Does anyone think this is like real minecraft? comment "mine" if you think it is

wetdarkdennis (Jul 05, 2012)

the traps are perfect upgrade tham for 100% place some after each other and its very easy and just whan full sel and buy

AgentEpicFace (Jun 28, 2012)

I meant to many DISPENSERS at once sound like a train, not just egg dispensers.

AgentEpicFace (Jun 26, 2012)

Lol to many egg dispensers at once sounds like a train!

killer48x (Jun 11, 2012)

I SEE DIAMONDS ON LV 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow

PokemonTDKing (Jun 03, 2012)

wow just wow the enderdraon EPIC

rick4life (May 31, 2012)

MINECRAFT ROCK'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

shadic111 (May 23, 2012)

i have minecraft i have minecraft i have minecraft i have minecraft !!!!!!!!!

DanielBH 141 (May 21, 2012)

hacks dont work in end

bluemonster101 (May 17, 2012)


POKEmOn mister35 (May 06, 2012)

i cant beat the ravine or the village so hard

ghostnappa (May 03, 2012)


hugo9u76 (May 01, 2012)

In the End sometimes the hacks doesnt work

meowcat146 (Apr 25, 2012)


ewereszt (Apr 19, 2012)

dissis wery great

ellofrenchdude (Apr 18, 2012)

ok i guess

Erling01 (Apr 18, 2012)

How to play?

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