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Sinjid - Updated Hacked

Sinjid - Updated Hacked


50694 Plays Added on Jan 21, 2010
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skill points, stat points, level, gold, life pots., mana pots., max mana, mana, speed, strength, life max, life, energy, exp, magic damage/defense, physical damage/defense, shield damage/mag./phy. defense, shield points.

Sinjid - Updated Hacked

Description :

After Fujin had battled his way out of his home town that Lord Baka how ordered to be burned to the ground he meets the guardian Hattori who hands him his son Sinjid and then runs back to the town and is never seen again. Now that Sinjid is grown up and you have trained him in the ways of the Shadow he is out to get revenge against Lord Baka.



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Uncharted 4 Playstation 4 Gameplay 1080P ps4Share + 6


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