Thing Thing 4 Hacked

Thing Thing 4

Added on: Jan 22, 2010

Game: Thing Thing 4

Play Count: 2095248

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Developer: Crazy Monkey Games

This game is part of a series: Thing Thing


Rated : 4.38 based on 3287 votes.

Thing Thing 4 Hack Information

Health, Ammo, And all weapons owned ! Pipe and Sword 1 hit kill ! All guns auto ! All outfits unlocked after completing the 8 achievments ! See info below for weapon & health tip ! Also you can Play naked lol outfit "0"

Thing Thing 4 Game Description

4th in this absolutely amazing platform series. Take out your enemies to get to your creature and finally answer your questions. Take out all your enemies and show no mercy to them. Upgrade yourself in many ways to become the ultimate killing machine.

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rigaul (Dec 07, 2017)

por favor no lea esto el 13 de octubre de 1991 un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares si ya leiste esto debes copiar y pegar en otros 3 juegos mas o si no nick vendra por tu familia ...haslo por favor hasme caso y mi nomb

UnrulyJ (Jul 31, 2017)

hi guys

hambo (Jul 27, 2016)

this game is fucking awesome!!!!

kyshawnh (Jun 09, 2016)

the game is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

SailsmanGAAMESXD (May 18, 2016)

Holy Fuck Use the nuke Weapon and Keep Spamming it And your Screen will turn Grey

iliketrains3 (Feb 25, 2016)

Say cocconut 5 times cross your legs Don't un-cross until you post this on another game You will yawn (Or your voice will change.If you do it wrong you will yawn. if you do it right your voice will change)

seansamy (Dec 30, 2015)

i know dantdm and jacksepticeye

kingofpenguins (Nov 03, 2015)

some thing about blowing some ones brains out with a shot gone is so easing

zapperain (Sep 30, 2015)

Them have zombie!? O_O CCCOOOOOOLLL!!!!!!!!

satryo (Sep 17, 2015)

i glicthed to the ground

TeamTDM (Sep 11, 2015)

Please Join TheDiamondMinecart if u know DanTDM from youtube, the that plays minecraft çøτ

celzedrick (Sep 09, 2015)


nikem (Aug 05, 2015)

glitch weapons

nikem (Aug 05, 2015)

cool 2 me

nikem (Aug 05, 2015)

yo 1st

nikem (Aug 05, 2015)

naked -.-

DocterHacks (Jul 05, 2015)

Dave Petty hacked this?!!??!!??!?? R.I.P

ToXiNTehGawd (Jun 06, 2015)

ok guys ima find his office and kill him with a pipe -.-

userarmin05 (May 16, 2015)


userarmin05 (Apr 08, 2015)

dave petty hacked this...... R.I.P

userarmin05 (Apr 08, 2015)

nukes are hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ThMinecraftGod (Apr 07, 2015)

nuke hohooooooooooooooooooooooo

celzedrick (Mar 24, 2015)


mineroblox (Aug 02, 2014)

on that note my roblox username is yourblocked :)

hawkeyeredtail (Aug 01, 2014)

Any one kow Thelegendofdark from roblox? if so message or Pm him cauz :P im him :D

yahia789 (Jul 31, 2014)

N.U.K.E no killing try it ;)

Iamapro1 (Jul 17, 2014)

turn the quatiy to 1 :3

yahia789 (Jul 16, 2014)

no i will use the N>U>K>E XD

yahia789 (Jul 13, 2014)

the final weapon is so a-w-e-s-o-m-e

wtfwtfwtf1122 (Jul 01, 2014)

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i kept shooting with 2nd weapon lost all my ammo and invisible so what the heck

wtfwtfwtf1122 (Jul 01, 2014)

who knows a way to stop lag for roblox so it will let me play again?

jpertubal4 (May 31, 2014)

Stupid invisible glitch this is need to be fix! How glitch work? press Q and change your gun to the N.U.K.E and shoot it at close at you and you are now invisible.

celzedrick (May 30, 2014)

remember dont use N.U.K.E. gun you will be die

darkness300 (May 13, 2014)


darkness300 (May 13, 2014)


grandiosa (May 12, 2014)

no! i died!

hankfan21 (May 06, 2014)

is cool have glitch but i love this game

Ethan2004 (Apr 10, 2014)

What the ****

wannahackgames (Apr 04, 2014)

glitch glitch glitch.................................

adg175 (Mar 15, 2014)

What the invisible glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111WERWETVWHTKTE NETWNEEECVNCIOH2XD3241BH2CVNQOAA124256

wwwww (Feb 18, 2014)


602 (Feb 16, 2014)

when i was on floor B i just glitched to floor A

602 (Feb 16, 2014)

i was firing 10 times and i glitched by some gun called: GLOCK

asam7 (Feb 01, 2014)


kicha (Jan 22, 2014)

mokai game

Meganazo23 (Jan 18, 2014)


megator (Dec 17, 2013)


sniper1665 (Nov 10, 2013)

nuke fix

moneymaker2.0 (Oct 26, 2013)

i fuck bitches up

awesomeatrix2234 (Oct 24, 2013)

i found a glitch; keep firing then scroll down

Grim Reaper (Oct 19, 2013)

Every time i got in a mission i always turn invisible D:

jeremiah2555 (Oct 13, 2013)

dude its automatic have sword

CaptWtf (Oct 07, 2013)


CaptWtf (Oct 07, 2013)

Nvm anyway please tell me how I get the sword.

CaptWtf (Oct 07, 2013)

Awww take instant kill off I want to have everything and also a challenge

icby (Sep 11, 2013)

how do I get the sword guys?? plz awnser me :(

Sgt Rohn (Aug 22, 2013)

What I called to nuke is ''Gun of the great Gods''.

ultragamer111 (Aug 03, 2013)

If you fling off screen, use internet explorer... It is like that for the original too... No one knows why it dosnt like google crome and firefox... it just does

dafuq dude (Jul 25, 2013)

i got a question and a comment question: how can i get the sword ? comment:i cant believe you fi

Shad0x (Jul 18, 2013)


HolyfatkidsatKFC (Jul 12, 2013)

good game i'm a god with the NUKE =)

ultragamer111 (Jul 05, 2013)

It is a little glitchey but nice job anyways!

ultragamer111 (Jul 05, 2013)

It is a little glitchey but nice job anyways!

riserio (Jun 30, 2013)

okosan fiaim

MysticalCamel (Jun 25, 2013)

im invisible in the game -_-

Paolo0517 (Jun 03, 2013)

i just g ot the sword by completing the game

agent yukon (May 24, 2013)

how do you get the sword?

redheadedroborex (Apr 10, 2013)

me too redkiller76

redkiller76 (Apr 06, 2013)

im invisible -_-

M3RKMUS1C (Mar 31, 2013)

change the swap guns thing to p and if you do press space before you changed the control

Titanicborn (Mar 25, 2013)

how do you move???????????!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Plus game is soooooooooooooooooooo slow

deppty (Mar 08, 2013)

heres a glitch: it only works wit the laser cannon.all you have to do is switch to the laser cannon.then shoot rapidly. and then your laser cannon is in the air helping you

kianplaz (Mar 02, 2013)

i fall if i shoot fuck!

Kladdeus101 (Feb 24, 2013)

My Favorite weapons are the Gauss Shotgun and the Laser cannon

spookydave (Feb 22, 2013)

u die in end!

FLiqpy12345 (Jan 26, 2013)

i played this game thrice and im playing it agian:)

Epic Hack 234 (Jan 22, 2013)

Really ? I don`t think anyone`s going to agree with you

moldytylor1234 (Jan 07, 2013)


memmottkj (Dec 29, 2012)

taco574 is gay! I know him... he tried to make out and have sex with my brother...... f*** you taco!

Drakath365 (Dec 21, 2012)

the game has freeze now

vesperruler (Dec 19, 2012)

grrrrrr there is a conspiracy against me the game destroys me in hacked and unhacked

vesperruler (Dec 19, 2012)

wtf my game keeps freezing

nhazul36 (Dec 16, 2012)

so log thing thing log!

taco574 (Dec 11, 2012)

thisw game is tight yo

blueappleice (Dec 08, 2012)

waht the name of sword is lend pipe then i got 500 kill arty right go to next room name is sword

blueappleice (Dec 08, 2012)

how to get sword

RawChicken10 (Dec 01, 2012)

when i play for a bit my character looks like he falls and then i get a gray screen

skacat (Nov 27, 2012)

por lo que dicen que ven la pared no se preocupen son fallas de Internet ami también me pasa

83russians (Nov 22, 2012)

NAWT GOOD! jk its awsome play or i will hunt you down O.e

AJEDWA (Nov 22, 2012)

i am having the same problem

jamesboac13 (Nov 12, 2012)

[[490550790968952]] [[490550800968951]] [[490550807635617]] [[490550820968949]] [[490550837635614]] [[490550847635613]] [[490550857635612]] [[490550867635611]] [[490550877635610]] [[490550884302276]] [[490550894302275]] [[490550900968941]] [[49055

learo101 (Nov 11, 2012)

over 20 pages of comments nobody even said FIRST

proword (Nov 06, 2012)

when a new arena open like arena 2 i cant play longer i just see the wall thats bad and i dont like this fix the problem so i can play

proword (Nov 06, 2012)

when a new arena open like arena 2 i cant play longer i just see the wall thats bad and i dont like this fix the problem so i can play

proword (Nov 06, 2012)

when a new arena open like arena 2 i cant play longer i just see the wall thats bad and i dont like this fix the problem so i can play

Ledzepplinfan (Nov 06, 2012)

suz bot nanu nanu - bon scott

pokemaster8027 (Oct 28, 2012)


pokemonlover2001 (Oct 27, 2012)

this game is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nerothedemon (Oct 24, 2012)

hey how do u guys even play this

Khaoskillah666 (Oct 17, 2012)

use safari as the browser

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