Endless War 4 Hacked

Endless War 4

Added on: Jan 22, 2010

Game: Endless War 4

Play Count: 171842

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Developer: Addicting Games

This game is part of a series: Endless War


Rated : 3.90 based on 276 votes.

Hack Information

Infinite Health

Game Description

Choose from 3 periods of war in Endless War 4. You can choose from the:- Winter War of 1939-1940 when the Soviet Union invaded Finland. Invasion of Italy in 1943. Future Wars of 2125 where the worlds richest corporations group together to take over the rest of the world. Play through all the scenarios and complete all the missions given you in this great shooting game.

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aplepiealive (Mar 05, 2016)

bllll game is cool but it gets to bee boring

crazydude95 (Jan 16, 2015)

dat haking d*ck should've put the stupid ammo #outofammo

ninjablade7800 (Nov 25, 2014)


celzedrick (May 03, 2014)


steviehammond1 (Sep 03, 2013)

try endless war 3 if you havent already

W4ri0 (Jul 12, 2013)

Ammo should be hacked >_>

BrosfisterDude (Sep 24, 2012)

@boredombuster LoL true Dat :D

boredombuster (Apr 21, 2012)

@SumRandumbGi u arent the only one anymore

SumRandumbGi (Feb 12, 2012)

am the only one that noticed the tommy gun has 420 damage

danxkiller (Jun 29, 2011)

awsome game!

Guest (Apr 09, 2011)

gites ssssssss

Guest (Apr 05, 2011)


Guest (Mar 24, 2011)

endles war 1 = good endles war 2 =awesome endles war 3 = godlike endles war = speechles

Guest (Mar 23, 2011)


Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

Could you add a ammo hack?

Guest (Mar 12, 2011)

woho fucking asome

Guest (Mar 11, 2011)

no secondary ammo hack but i need only primary ammo

Guest (Mar 04, 2011)

I think you must hack the ammo to

Guest (Feb 22, 2011)

I think the flare gun is awesome

Guest (Feb 11, 2011)

sucks i cant move and when i can it moves where it wants

Guest (Feb 11, 2011)

great game its fun to beat the crap out of your enemies

Guest (Feb 09, 2011)

wow im odsesd with call of duty and dragon ballz kai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Feb 03, 2011)

this gaame is coll

Guest (Jan 31, 2011)


Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

for the guys who complain about ammo well hey at least all the rifles are one hits and you get tons of ammo

Guest (Jan 07, 2011)

i think gauss rifle is the best rifle gun

Guest (Jan 02, 2011)

You need to put ammo hack on

Guest (Dec 19, 2010)

why ammo isn't hacked ?

Guest (Dec 10, 2010)

Im kinding as Iron Man!

Guest (Dec 08, 2010)


Guest (Dec 07, 2010)


Guest (Dec 04, 2010)

oh yeah it's funny game it's addicting

Guest (Oct 26, 2010)

ammo hack pleeeeaaaaasssse

Guest (Sep 24, 2010)

ammo hack pls

Guest (Sep 23, 2010)

Why does it take so long to loaaddd????

Guest (Aug 13, 2010)

please hack ammo and reload rate

Guest (Jul 30, 2010)

XD!!it was awsum!!XP

Guest (Jul 17, 2010)

does it normally take a long time to load?

Guest (Jul 11, 2010)

try infinite ammo,grenades,and it's the bee's knees

Guest (Jul 11, 2010)

try infinite ammo,grenades,and it's the bee's knees

Guest (Jun 17, 2010)


Guest (Jun 05, 2010)

Awesome game and excellent hack. Thumbs up iff you agree with me!

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