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The Expendables 3: TD Hacked

The Expendables 3: TD Hacked


40236 Plays Added on Jul 31, 2014
Hack Information:

Hackbar : [1] - Toggle Head Quarter Health [2] - Toggle Heroes Health [3] - Toggle Towers Health [4] - Toggle Specials [5] - Cash (0-10000) [6] - Kill Enemies [7] - Win Level

The Expendables 3: TD Hacked

Description :

Control the awesome Expendables in this slick-looking, action-packed game. Your goal is to protect HQ at all costs and kill all of the attacking soldiers, whether they come on foot or in vehicles! Set up gun turrets, call in airstrikes and send your guys around each of the levels to stop the enemies from reaching HQ.

If this game got you going then it'll be worth your time sliding over to play Offensive Defense, Just Defense and the multi dimensional 3D TD. If you just want to be able to select from a big list of cool and popular similar games then head over to the HAG section for Tower Defence games.

Tags :

Uncharted 4 Playstation 4 Gameplay 1080P ps4Share + 6


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