Skies of War Hacked

Skies of War

Added on: Apr 24, 2010

Game: Skies of War

Play Count: 226823

Category: /

Developer: Youda Games


Rated : 4.01 based on 595 votes.

Hack Information

Game has been fixed. Unlimited fuel + lots of money - you can still be hurt so be careful while playing.

Game Description

Use your skills to become the most important pilot in this latest Skies of War game that is set 28 years after the Iron War finished. Use your skills to dogfight your way to victory in this great flying battle.

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chickenx99 (Aug 31, 2014)

will someone hack burnin' rubber 1

chickenx99 (Aug 31, 2014)

I want someone to hack splash and dash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chickenx99 (Aug 31, 2014)

hack splash and dash plz

Sift Heads Pro (Nov 13, 2013)

This is shit play extended version people!

nhoang3b (Jun 23, 2013)

still hurt???

NinjaKiro (Mar 15, 2012)


superhack159 (Jan 28, 2012)

huuuuuuuuuuu hu

dark falcon (Jan 26, 2012)

its hacked unlimited fuel and lots of money

zachattack89 (Jan 17, 2012)

i havnt played befor but its kinda fun in hacked i dont understand airplanes being hacked however isnt hacking and taking over an airplane terrorism im calling the police!!!!!!! lol jk

johnwred2 (Dec 03, 2011)

i like Skies of War extended hacked more

Vinz (Dec 02, 2011)

this game sucks i need to buy the full version

Darkvegeta101 (Nov 13, 2011)

what no hack oh damn

Todes (Jul 26, 2011)

it's not hacked...AT ALL!

Guest (Jun 02, 2011)

its more better with unlimited health

Guest (May 19, 2011)


Guest (May 18, 2011)

not good sorry butt its only cach i need cach all levels all wapons end all airplanes

Guest (May 18, 2011)


Guest (May 06, 2011)

Add all planes hack

Guest (May 03, 2011)


Guest (Apr 25, 2011)

and i like also hostile skies because you have to destroy 265 air units your enemies are apache,messerschmidt,bell huey, and focke wolf.

Guest (Apr 25, 2011)

i like single mission creepin jeepin destroy all jeeps,and like a needle destroy all rocketeers

Guest (Apr 25, 2011)

i like nuclear bomb,carpetbomb, and extreme bomb.

Guest (Apr 24, 2011)

i want the b52,b2,apache,and A10 thunderbolt or in other words it is called warthog

Guest (Apr 23, 2011)

i love this game

Guest (Apr 23, 2011)

I hated this game beacause i always got shot down but when i played it haked i love it now

Guest (Apr 21, 2011)

On mission 3 enemy aircraft stop spawning before you can complete the requirement for killing them.

Guest (Apr 19, 2011)

in the extended version of Skie of war, r u allowed to use the nuclear bomb????

Guest (Apr 19, 2011)

do dupy

Guest (Apr 19, 2011)

i want full version

Guest (Apr 04, 2011)

After 3 missions , it say us to buy the full version !!!!!

Guest (Apr 04, 2011)

After 3 missions , it say us to buy the full version !!!!!

Guest (Mar 20, 2011)


Guest (Mar 12, 2011)


Guest (Mar 03, 2011)

skies of war extended is way better! please hack the full virsion on bothe.

Guest (Feb 23, 2011)


Guest (Feb 23, 2011)

need all PLANES!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Feb 20, 2011)

pleeeeeaaaase full version

Guest (Feb 12, 2011)

No Unlimted Heath?

Guest (Feb 11, 2011)

I think you should unlock the whole game(planes also).

Guest (Jan 31, 2011)

vechlie hack

Guest (Jan 16, 2011)


Guest (Jan 14, 2011)

WHAT THE HECK?!? IT WASN'T FULL VERSION! ppppplllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee make a full vesion:(

Xalex55 (Jan 03, 2011)

plzzzzzzzzzzz upload the complet full version!im begging you!!!all i REALY get is the fockewolf the huey, c47 and messerschemidit plz seriously dont you see all the fuckin* comments! bitc*ps i now dis is tha wrong one anyways you suck.

Guest (Jan 01, 2011)

All it needs the b52 and b2 bombers!!!!

Guest (Dec 29, 2010)

good game , but full version is craved by everyone and me!!

Guest (Dec 23, 2010)

unlock every plane

Guest (Dec 23, 2010)

full version!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xalex55 (Dec 20, 2010)

damit i fu***** want full version!!! godamit upload a full version idiot!btw post i if you agree!yeah!!!

Guest (Dec 19, 2010)

its not full version

Guest (Dec 19, 2010)

its not full version

Guest (Dec 18, 2010)

cool game

Guest (Dec 04, 2010)

poop XD :P

Guest (Nov 30, 2010)

Ikr i beat this game

Guest (Nov 30, 2010)

this game is so cool

Guest (Nov 25, 2010)

i want the full version

Guest (Nov 24, 2010)

i want the other planes

Guest (Nov 23, 2010)

now i can

Guest (Nov 23, 2010)

i cant land

Guest (Oct 17, 2010)

full version??? planes???

Guest (Oct 08, 2010)


Guest (Sep 26, 2010)


Guest (Sep 23, 2010)

after you play some its easyer to finish the game but what i need is that someone will upload the full , hacked version so i can move on beyond the 3rd level cuase i finishd it like 50 times(the demo).

justin-p1011 (Sep 23, 2010)


Guest (Sep 19, 2010)

love it its way better than but should have came with all veicles

Guest (Sep 13, 2010)

i bought the fucken full verson now

Guest (Sep 07, 2010)

fuck it. this game should'nt have fulll verson any ways. it should just have all planes unlocked. admin is stupid bro

Guest (Aug 28, 2010)

hi i bate level 7 now i'm on level8.

fleia262 (Aug 26, 2010)

This is the best hacked skies of war I've found but it could use the plane hack if you know what I mean.

justin-p1011 (Aug 20, 2010)

its this DEMO?!

Guest (Aug 07, 2010)

Why Cant You Unlock All Planes >:O

Guest (Jul 06, 2010)

i tryed to beat game unhacked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard

Guest (Jul 06, 2010)

when the music first starts its freaky

Guest (Jun 16, 2010)

i love this game

Guest (May 30, 2010)

skies of war full

Guest (May 01, 2010)


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