Thing Thing Arena 3 Hacked

Thing Thing Arena 3

Added on: May 09, 2010

Game: Thing Thing Arena 3

Play Count: 471466

Category: /

Developer: Crazy Monkey Games

This game is part of a series: Thing Thing Arena


Rated : 4.15 based on 1082 votes.

Hack Information

Press key 1 to get all weapons and ammo and key 2 to get invincible.

Game Description

3rd in the excellent Thing Thing Arena series and this is the best version yet. Kill as many opponents as possible using various different killing styles to be the king of Thing Thing Arena.

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NamikazeMinato (Nov 07, 2016)

Kevin is God. FITE ME

celzedrick (Jul 03, 2016)


justincp900 (Nov 09, 2014)


ThMinecraftGod (Oct 31, 2014)

I will shoot all your heads using rival rebels mod in my server.mwahahahaha!

creasz123 (Oct 04, 2014)

why you dont have a bazooka

yahia789 (Aug 01, 2014)


celzedrick (May 24, 2014)

my score is 33985 and i got kill 1002 kills!

darkness300 (May 14, 2014)

my hands are swiching by there self

justinbiber18 (Apr 15, 2014)


deathninja99 (Apr 09, 2014)

i watched thing thing arena 3 and saw artifact looks lame shots are also lame

deathninja99 (Apr 09, 2014)

Guys hit them with your lead pipe and quickly press f then f again

deathninja99 (Apr 09, 2014)

Guys there's a head in my pipe

deathninja99 (Apr 09, 2014)

My lead pipe has a head on it!!

Arcade15 (Nov 09, 2013)

I remember playing this when I was like, 7.

DJCreeper 101 (Oct 20, 2013)

my bezd score was 8470 and i got 346 kills! epic hack, you should of seen how bloody it was!!!! 5 star.

sargeant456 (Jul 29, 2013)


ultragamer111 (Jul 05, 2013)

What about artifact 19!!!!!

redheadedroborex (Apr 10, 2013)

wow! thats great champ!

champ323 (Feb 10, 2013)

i completed the whole game!!!!!!!!!!!

spookydave (Dec 18, 2012)

how do u start?

Gohon2004 (Dec 16, 2012)

this is crap there's only like 3 arenas there (i guss thats why they call it Arena 3

Mastercam (Nov 12, 2012)

artifact 13? I dont see any artifact 13.

proword (Nov 04, 2012)

i get this two achievements ITSATRAP! and this is how to art it awsome game

thypexhredo (Nov 01, 2012)

to get artifact 13 used every weapon (including the pipe) and make up to 100 kills. (make sure all weapons have 100 kill or else you will not get it).

Eize123 (Oct 22, 2012)

Yeah !!! I GOt FIrSt BlooD

milkgamer123 (Oct 21, 2012)


crazydude95 (Oct 21, 2012)

Why are you guys talking about Artifact 13?

Khaoskillah666 (Oct 09, 2012)

how do u get artifact 13

Khaoskillah666 (Oct 09, 2012)

artifact 13 how do u get it

liolalacello (Aug 23, 2012)

yeah!! awesome

zlaita (Jul 23, 2012)


godughyrhsuwsh (Jun 11, 2012)


roblox77230 (Jun 11, 2012)

i am getting laid tonight! EPIC WIN

zimdog (Jun 07, 2012)

the hand glitch is crazy but i know how to do it ask and i tell u

Darkshadow323 (May 30, 2012)

YOU ARE FUCKING BASTARDS THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

JackOfBlades (May 29, 2012)

ITS so slow to load

kirogo (Apr 03, 2012)

this game sucks

TaVo (Mar 25, 2012)

i cant exucute i press f and it does notin

tyler841 (Mar 18, 2012)


blargh (Mar 14, 2012)

Good tip for Dart Gun: *Hit 1 *Choose Arrow Launcher *Tap f ONCE to start an execution on an enemy *Gun will glitch, turns to Baretta, shoots out arrows ;D

tickoh (Mar 14, 2012)

hackedarcadegames make a smile in all faces

Roblox23 (Mar 03, 2012)

I love the game

Roblox23 (Mar 03, 2012)

I love the game

zomblox (Feb 25, 2012)

health hack is for noobs

dyford0 (Jan 15, 2012)

you should add the secret weapons to the weapons you already have

JackOfBlades (Jan 06, 2012)

this game rocks the HOUSE!

blabla24966028 (Jan 05, 2012)

Omg this is awesome.

Nemeroth (Jan 05, 2012)

few are the Chosen of Nemeroth....

hellhoundhunter (Dec 29, 2011)

this is sweet my first time here and this is frecked sweet

Ninja assassin (Dec 21, 2011)

my character is a really epic deputy

jason vorhess (Dec 17, 2011)

my chariter is called deth trooper 823

Th3 H4ck3r (Nov 12, 2011)

I have a glitch on my hands...

karelessink (Oct 22, 2011)

thia game iz koo

Belfazt009 (Oct 03, 2011)

esta muy chafa ese juego hey quien tenga wii con el juego de goldeneye 007 porfavor mande me un correo a [email protected] porfavor para jugar en live

gunman4567 (Sep 23, 2011)

good game but there should be a hack for more levels

GoldGamer (Sep 05, 2011)

Add me!!!

cheater mcheater (Aug 26, 2011)

cool game but maybe next time a built in hack not a hack bar

Crazyman7788 (Aug 26, 2011)

model 1887 from mw2

aryarock (Aug 19, 2011)

This game pwns and now it owns now that its hacked

Ninjadude777 (Jul 07, 2011)

4 all u noobs out there askin about the artifact 19, just get all the weapon achievments and dont use the health hack

mickster112233 (Jul 07, 2011)

sexy car in intro oh yh and fully sick

rizuh (Jun 16, 2011)

i wish there was a thing thing that you can make your own story

thgodfather (Jun 03, 2011)!!!!!

Guest (May 09, 2011)

can you put artifact 9 on it

Guest (May 04, 2011)

katy perrys tits are awsome

Guest (May 02, 2011)

i love this game so much i wanna hump it

Guest (Apr 25, 2011)

pb pug this game $1mil teh wurld = =)

Guest (Apr 21, 2011)

great game

Guest (Apr 20, 2011)


Guest (Apr 19, 2011)

for last comment [you sure its yours fuck

Guest (Apr 16, 2011)

wont load cause u have a laggy computer fool

Guest (Apr 08, 2011)

it will not load

Guest (Apr 06, 2011)

this is the best website

Guest (Mar 30, 2011)

FIR-oh wait..damn

Guest (Mar 29, 2011)

Ha! My character is still the same...

Guest (Mar 23, 2011)

what program did you use

Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

Lol im a proxy mine launcher noob i kept spawning and spawning them :D

Guest (Mar 16, 2011)

lots of bloood

Guest (Mar 16, 2011)


Guest (Mar 13, 2011)

guys to get the artifact 19 dont do the invincible hack,only fight with all weapons hack,if you got all the achievements you will got the artifact 19.

Guest (Mar 13, 2011)

this game is soooooo cool

Guest (Mar 12, 2011)

make i hit lead pipe

Guest (Mar 12, 2011)

:D it is cool

Guest (Mar 03, 2011)

whoah my carhacter looked like a modern day ninja almost though

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

how comes the wall blood is lookes like pixles

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

this game is sick awesome

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

bloody nice game

Guest (Feb 20, 2011)


Guest (Feb 19, 2011)


Guest (Feb 17, 2011)


Guest (Feb 13, 2011)

I hid in one spot for the entire round and god 9999 kills in an hour

Guest (Feb 13, 2011)

awsome game go thing thing

Guest (Feb 10, 2011)

Wee no hands!

Guest (Feb 09, 2011)


Guest (Jan 27, 2011)

this game is really good but the hands got stuck and now I have to have to have skeleton hands!!!! FUCKING HELL

Guest (Jan 25, 2011)

fuck yeah

Guest (Jan 24, 2011)

this game rocks

Guest (Jan 16, 2011)


Guest (Jan 13, 2011)


collinsjordan123 (Jan 09, 2011)

what a cool game

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