Castaway Hacked


Added on: May 22, 2010

Game: Castaway

Play Count: 240678

Category: /

Developer: Armor Games

This game is part of a series: Castaway


Rated : 4.24 based on 778 votes.

Hack Information

All purchases add money, all stats greatly enhanced - have even more HP etc when you level up, faster level up.

Game Description

You find yourself as a Castaway on a strange island but you cant remember how you have got there. So now you must explore this mysterious island and find clues to how you can get home but be careful as this island might hide some surprises.

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Martra123 (May 30, 2016)

gg, cool hack.

mineroblox (Dec 12, 2014)

@pknmaster you need to have enough money already but itll add the cost to your money

ignazuopolo (Dec 06, 2014)

beutiful hack

celzedrick (May 30, 2014)

im lost in the beach with leather armor an rusty sword

PainterLucie (Mar 06, 2014)

I have a Venom Snake and a Wild Scorpion! They're so cuuute!

Titan lord (Nov 26, 2013)

like it but maybe a hack for the eggs to be hatched in a few seconds or minutes?its the reason I play hacked version

samshark16 (Nov 26, 2013)

i beated the game i got the best sword and a ape! lol

XxMaxamusxX (Jul 07, 2013)

lol i lost my pet and lost the village :D

pkmnmaster66 (Jun 27, 2013)

DO purchases really add money?

zportukalian1 (Jun 20, 2013)

need pet hack

fokz866 (May 31, 2013)

good one. I'm last :P

muizz64 (May 31, 2013)

how to use cheat?/

victini004 (Dec 22, 2012)


WarGreymonX66 (Dec 11, 2012)

my God i played this unhack at armor games then i get soo bored bcuz it has low lvl easily beaten by monsters :( but then i discovered and i search castaway and IT HAS!

itjfg (Nov 22, 2012)

cool game and asome i am a fan

joanjeel (Oct 24, 2012)

It would have been nice if they had hacks for unlimited shards

kilz (Sep 23, 2012)


MAXFIRE (Sep 01, 2012)

i wish i could hack in real

iGotNoodles (Aug 07, 2012)

got bout 2bil in 4 min

llcoolj791 (Jul 03, 2012)


kryptonite294 (Jun 28, 2012)


kryptonite294 (Jun 12, 2012)

yeah wht da guy below sed.i've got every armor every wepon & every shield

SilverWolfnz (Jun 11, 2012)

not a bad lil game

kryptonite294 (May 22, 2012)

u use the money hack by buying somthing then it adds money

saif56603 (Apr 22, 2012)

i have 10000000000000000000000000000 gold

saif56603 (Apr 22, 2012)

i have 10000000000000000000000000000 gold

kilomantor454 (Apr 14, 2012)

should have infinite gold hack

mattcraft (Mar 24, 2012)

i love the game!!!!!!!!!

bigfatsnorlax (Mar 20, 2012)


chickentron (Mar 10, 2012)

awsome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mcreven (Mar 07, 2012)

What a Fucking Bullshit Bobo Gaga Putanginamo

jetli23 (Mar 04, 2012)

i canr freaking get back to the village!!! Im stuck on the veach helpp!!!

will41401 (Feb 24, 2012)

this game is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corps (Feb 21, 2012)

i has a pet scorion

Hands_xD (Jan 29, 2012)

very good

mazo0oo0on (Jan 26, 2012)

finished the game the quests got all the weapons in less than half an hour so need help comment

linkIV (Dec 05, 2011)

u buy sumthin

erick324 (Nov 08, 2011)


Slasherzoom (Oct 27, 2011)

Keep going till this guy tells you to kill so many bugs then when you do it'll let you move in

19DayKiller (Oct 20, 2011)

how u get out of begeining im new to game

cordell2000 (Jul 07, 2011)

Do you think you could hack hatching time at least 1 min?

Guest (May 19, 2011)


Guest (May 09, 2011)

i got to the ice place but no thing

Guest (May 04, 2011)

hey idiot you buy you get the money

Guest (May 04, 2011)

hi guys,how do i activated all money and all purchase..anyone know?

Lizardo (Apr 30, 2011)

the original creator of this game on likwid games did not want it hacked.

Guest (Apr 29, 2011)

i left the town and cant get back plz help me

Guest (Apr 22, 2011)

can u add a egg hatching time hack to the game

Guest (Apr 11, 2011)

You cant buy anything until your high enough level for the specific item, also instant pet hack would be nice although you could just set you clock to the specific time then it hatches everything else is great :D

Guest (Apr 09, 2011)

best!! game!! good hack!!

Guest (Apr 03, 2011)

cam you plz add a instant egg hatch hack???

Guest (Apr 02, 2011)

Great GAMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

bah! im not used to "all purchases add money" i like it nan!!

Guest (Mar 12, 2011)

They should make insta level up with button 1

Guest (Mar 10, 2011)

Is there a health cheats?

Guest (Mar 10, 2011)

where are the glitch? you said there have glitch

Guest (Mar 08, 2011)

fast pet incubation. Add egg. Exit pet shelter. change your computers time forward to required time add pet to availible pets change time back to original time!! voila instant pets without the wait!!

Guest (Mar 06, 2011)

How can i get more hp?

Guest (Mar 06, 2011)

if the normal castaway had these fast level ups I would be playing that one.

Guest (Mar 05, 2011)

too much health and stats.

Guest (Mar 04, 2011)

are you look description?

Guest (Mar 03, 2011)

i dont have unlimited money? your supossed to right? im lvl 7 cant buy anything for shops

Guest (Mar 02, 2011)

i play it from

Guest (Feb 25, 2011)

fast pet incubation. Add egg. Exit pet shelter. change your computers time forward to required time add pet to availible pets change time back to original time!! voila instant pets without the wait!!!

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

Its a good game

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

this game rocks

Guest (Feb 19, 2011)

pretty cool

Guest (Feb 13, 2011)

the gold hack does work and this game is great!

Guest (Feb 03, 2011)

The gold hack....Does it work?

Guest (Jan 20, 2011)

this is the best game ever and i love the cheat

Guest (Jan 18, 2011)

i have ogre lord pet

Guest (Jan 15, 2011)

1 hit 1 kill how i can turn that off

Guest (Jan 07, 2011)

This game gets boreing when you are done so keep on killing dont try to pass it all fast!

deadno (Jan 06, 2011)

how to play this game? what to do in the first part?

black dragon (Dec 11, 2010)

at the ending you will be glitched you are luckky if it dosnt glitch

Guest (Dec 11, 2010)

the poison is weak no need antidote :)

Guest (Nov 21, 2010)

i lost my save but a month or two later it came back wtf?

badad345 (Nov 20, 2010)

love this game! I always die without cheats but this is awesome!!!

Guest (Nov 04, 2010)


Guest (Oct 30, 2010)

coulda had instant hatch

Guest (Sep 24, 2010)

Epic and so much easier

Guest (Sep 19, 2010)

protip: save 1 character on 2 slots, if 1 might glitch, you have a backup.

Guest (Sep 12, 2010)

Thnx Very Much =D

Guest (Aug 24, 2010)


Guest (Aug 24, 2010)

this game is so tiring me, it is fun but slow to get somethings:(

Guest (Aug 19, 2010)


Guest (Aug 07, 2010)

suck game

Guest (Jul 09, 2010)

I played this game at my school i am a master at it without cheats, im so glad its hacked, makes things mush easier! :-)

Guest (Jul 03, 2010)

What do you do at the start????????

Guest (Jul 01, 2010)


Guest (Jun 28, 2010)

Beat game... Fairly easy, and a speed hack for egg incubator processing time, would of been nice. Had the default pet and second beetle the Whole time.

Guest (Jun 27, 2010)

You've got to be a certain level to buy certain things, duh.

Guest (Jun 27, 2010)

you guys are all gay this game kicks ass and i dont have any HUGE props to the hacker and creator of the game

Guest (Jun 23, 2010)

okay this is stupid after a certain level it wont let you move attack or anything it wont even let you pet attack.

Guest (Jun 11, 2010)

i dont know how to play

Guest (Jun 08, 2010)


Guest (Jun 03, 2010)

i cant buy anything except the leather armor?

Guest (May 29, 2010)

i cant find sand snakes where r they

Guest (May 27, 2010)

go through the back

Guest (May 27, 2010)

how do jou get past the first part???????!!!!!!!

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