Elona Shooter - Extra Version Hacked

Elona Shooter - Extra Version

Added on: Jun 02, 2010

Game: Elona Shooter - Extra Version

Play Count: 138150

Category: /

Developer: Kongregate


Rated : 3.54 based on 213 votes.

Hack Information

Game has been fixed!!! Enemies give you HP, unlimited ammo, unlimited grenades, lots of money, lots of points, all characters unlocked (just select them don't look at the ???s)

Game Description

Defend your castle from the all day long attacks. Survive the days and spend your collected money in the shop to help your defences withstand the relentless attacks.

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CleanBobbyOne (Mar 03, 2013)

it is a weapon of MASSIVE dammage but SLOW load

Seiryuu (Jun 04, 2012)

1) @U4Minotaur465 ...Uhhhh...what?...do you mean what it does? and 2) this game is epic!

U4Minotaur465 (Apr 06, 2012)

for what is the gravity gun??????

ReLogik (Jan 11, 2012)


windarcane (Dec 12, 2011)

If you want to play as militia or have trainer go onto the other elona shooter hacked on this site

windarcane (Dec 12, 2011)

Forget militia, get a sniper with the assault rifle and the enemy's already dead. I ran out of money :/

Guest (Apr 30, 2011)

Sad you can't use militia and trainer.

Guest (Apr 20, 2011)

to do insane damage but the vila 200 times then use it...see what happens in combat

Guest (Apr 18, 2011)

what does fame do?

Guest (Apr 11, 2011)

I think that unlimited ammo is stupid hack because you can't use some perks like the one in wich last shot gives you 300% of damage

Guest (Apr 03, 2011)

...oh...crap...I left autoclick running while I went and ate lunch...it's stuck on Trouble now o.O...let's see how hard it is to kill enemies...

Guest (Mar 06, 2011)

look at the girl on the tower... now press f in combat lol!

Guest (Mar 03, 2011)

on day two i ran outa money

Guest (Jan 14, 2011)

Guys Youve been scolding this guy.. u think HACKING is easy!?

Guest (Jan 02, 2011)

just so u guys know they cant hack stuff like the trainer because if they did that would violate the law and it would screw with them it just like why they dont hack mochi coins

Guest (Dec 07, 2010)

The only reason I want a hacked version is to buy the trainer upgrade a whole bunch... oh look! It's not unlocked! Please, please, please unlock it, it's pretty much the only reason I don't just play the normal version. Please!!!

Seiryuu (Dec 03, 2010)

Damn...3rd Save with this bug/glitch that makes it so if you explore you always get "Trouble" (I even just go "Quick Eyed" that makes it so you have a higher chance of good events)...no all I have left that doesn't have that trouble bug is my longest save

Guest (Dec 01, 2010)

Im with Dark Lover on the MOD's cap.,the "TRAINER" unlock, and unlimited training things...(I like the Rapid Fire also...but...that would mess with me trying to be all DTB S2 with any type of Rifle that's not rapidly shooting like an AKA)

Guest (Nov 27, 2010)

i have been playing this for about 4 hrs

Dark Lover (Oct 16, 2010)

Advice for hacks: - Unlimited money, not a bunch of 9's - Unlimited Training - Rapid fire for ALL weapons - All KONG stuff unlocked like TRAINER that gives extra EXP - Fast mode - Unlimited MOD's capacity for weapons Thanks :D

Guest (Oct 15, 2010)

you needto fixed the trouble glitch

Guest (Sep 25, 2010)

its fine to take kopngregate locks off but you should really raise the NUMBER of training sessions instead of upgradeing, topped below me lol

Guest (Aug 19, 2010)

get rid of the kongregate locks

Guest (Jun 06, 2010)


admin (Jun 03, 2010)

OK the hacker fixed the game - it shouldn't glitch at all now! Enjoy.

Guest (Jun 03, 2010)

Come on!!! SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glitchey!!! I went to the meusem and a page from the end of my recent batlle cam up and their was another page on the side of the screen that kept poping it edges out! FIX IT!

ddieyqex (Jun 03, 2010)

yo!!! finally!someone hacked it!!! >_<! thanks!!

admin (Jun 02, 2010)

Anyone else has glitches? If so we'll do a re-hack.

Arkhangel (Jun 02, 2010)

A lot of glitching once you upgrade...

Arkhangel (Jun 02, 2010)

Ahh, yes. I enjoy this game very much.

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