Apokalyx Hacked


Added on: Oct 19, 2010

Game: Apokalyx

Play Count: 78905

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Developer: Crazy Monkey Games


Rated : 3.46 based on 196 votes.

Hack Information

Hack updated with version 1.0.3. Lots of money, choose "custom" to have ability and attribute points matching your character maxed (enough to max most skills). The game is 22MB let it load.

Game Description

Apokalyx is one of flash games best turn by turn RPG. The Apokalyx happened roughly 600 year before and wiped out most of Worlds population but those that survived after a few generations started to mutate and new Gladiators were created. You are one of those new Gladiators and its up to you to survive battle after battle in the arena.

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jimjim8282 (Sep 23, 2016)

Why there is no unlimited health for Apokalyx? As getting to level 20 , it is impossible to play and we got too low in health. Please fix the game and add unlimited health for us!!!

celzedrick (Oct 29, 2015)


3bin (Oct 06, 2014)

love this game

RambinoCristells (Sep 14, 2014)

The hacked version, my character was rape but I didn't make it to Garotxa. Someone needs to fix this please. :)

RambinoCristells (Sep 14, 2014)

You should survive without hiring any allies, and it also depends on what weapons you use and what strategies you use with your powers. I managed to ace the game without hiring any allies, I died a couple of times, but still done it. This was the unhacked

RambinoCristells (Sep 14, 2014)

It is true the game freezes, when you complete Trunkmount. And for those who are low on stat points, increase your intelligence and you earn more points than usual. (Max is 20 for a stark one). Then evenly distribute the rest of the points to the other ab

bubba1000010 (May 13, 2012)


joshster74dov (Dec 04, 2011)


Guest (Apr 08, 2011)


Guest (Mar 31, 2011)

After a while you cant enter the tavern cuz of a bug,firefox freezes and when u finish off the Champion of Trunkmount,game freezes

Guest (Mar 12, 2011)

if you get a battle glitch press esc to exit the battle

Guest (Feb 25, 2011)

fucking b c t

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

Takes a while to load like...

Guest (Jan 15, 2011)

it cant startr this game needs to be fixed!!!!! >:(

Stevenyeung (Jan 10, 2011)

Yes i agree. Lots of bugs and some mobs are overpowered. I don't like the way you have to choose custom because your skill max aren't as high as normal.

Guest (Dec 29, 2010)

Bugs , hacker needs to reconfigure the INI , and change priorities for the game , and hotfix some of the fatal bugs , like fighting bugs , buying bugs and many others. I do hope he reads this. The 'Non-hacked' version is flawless . So why does this have s

Guest (Dec 21, 2010)

Too much bugs!

Guest (Dec 08, 2010)

awesome game 30/30

Guest (Nov 28, 2010)

there should be a point streangth hack and a hp hack becuz i lost easily and i don't even know how to use potions

Guest (Nov 21, 2010)

its not loading

Guest (Nov 13, 2010)


Guest (Nov 12, 2010)


Guest (Nov 03, 2010)

Yep, I'm lvl 34 too and everytime I go into the tavern it freezes. I went to Adobe and got latest version, still does it. Not to mention the next fight is with 2 really OP guys for some reason. They are hitting me for like 68-90 and killing me in 2 blows.

Guest (Oct 30, 2010)

download the latest version of adobe flash player to solve it

Guest (Oct 27, 2010)

wont stop freezing, admin what am i doing wrong?

Guest (Oct 24, 2010)

Sooooohhhh cooollll!!!!!!!!!!!(hacked and normal version)^^

Guest (Oct 23, 2010)

doesnt show the entire thing...

admin (Oct 23, 2010)

The cheats do work - we've given you lots of points - you can max out most skills like the description says - we can't give you the exact number to max out all the skills because the game will give you a few extra points and you won't be able to continue.

Guest (Oct 23, 2010)

it freezes when i want to go to the tavern when i am in the upper levels like 30

zotose (Oct 23, 2010)

After level 35 the game freeze everytime i try to go to tavern for about 1 minutes. Then afer this minutes is unfreeze but outside the tavern. If I try to go to other shops or the arena works fine. But I cannot win with out allies. Pleace try to fix this

Guest (Oct 23, 2010)


nobo_sabot (Oct 23, 2010)

please fix the stat point hack, it doesnt give you enough to max out.

nobo_sabot (Oct 23, 2010)

the cheats wont work, they dont give you enough points to max out

zotose (Oct 23, 2010)

After level 35 the game freeze everytime i try to go to tavern for about 1 minutes. Then afer this minutes is unfreeze but outside the tavern. If I try to go to other shops or the arena works fine. But I cannot win with out allies. Pleace try to fix this

admin (Oct 22, 2010)

How/when does it freeze?

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

pls guys somebody fix this game or is there another game like this on this site. really enjoy it until it freezes

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

After a while the powers become unusable, and it continually freezes.

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

spezial power dont work it freez every time

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

there is a new version of apokalyx the version 1.0.3... pls.. re hack

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

I cant even hit anything after level 3...

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

more points plz a lot more

Guest (Oct 21, 2010)

freezes alooooot!

Atilio102 (Oct 21, 2010)

Can you make health hack plz??

jimjim8282 (Oct 21, 2010)

too many bugs...when i played up to level 37 as Stalk One...the game freezes, pls fix it. i like this game :)

Guest (Oct 20, 2010)


jimjim8282 (Oct 20, 2010)

can you somehow make the enemies cannot dodge our attacks? or at least give us more points to upgrade our precision (b/c it seems our weapon missed shot hella lot!)

admin (Oct 20, 2010)

One more or one less? What seems to be the problem once you reach level 2? Do you need more points added after you complete a level?

Guest (Oct 20, 2010)

need one more atribute point in weapon so mutan can be used

jimjim8282 (Oct 20, 2010)

too few abilities point, should've made it to unlimited. the 2nd round of being mutant is way too hard...the enemy keep dodging attacks which makes him undefeatale. few bugs occurred when equipping weapons...

Guest (Oct 20, 2010)

game is full of bugs.. yet its still a good game..

Guest (Oct 20, 2010)

this sucks i cant even beat the second level in the arena FIX IT

Guest (Oct 19, 2010)

it dont work stupid game

admin (Oct 19, 2010)

OK can you give that a try now please - we've modified the points a bit lower again.

Guest (Oct 19, 2010)

Mutant, im a diffrent person then the person who requested that to be fix, im assuming he played mutant to.

admin (Oct 19, 2010)

We've tested it and that was a safe number - what character did you choose to play with?

Guest (Oct 19, 2010)

4 to many weapon points, it wont let me continue till i use them and all of weapon stats are maxed

Guest (Oct 19, 2010)


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