Intrusion Hacked


Added on: Jan 21, 2010

Game: Intrusion

Play Count: 446298

Category: /

Developer: Kongregate

This game is part of a series: Intrusion


Rated : 4.03 based on 462 votes.

Hack Information

health, ammo, money, lives, score, unlock weapons, unlock levels

Game Description

Battle your way through 5 different game areas killing the enemies soldier units, robot killing machines and other killers. Play the game with everything unlocked for your gaming pleasure.

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coolkid4 (Jan 15, 2015)

it wont let me pick up guns

creasz123 (Jan 02, 2015)

PLAY intrusion 2

xXPrototypeGodXx (Jul 17, 2014)

Monkeyrare is my monkey pet in minecraft :D but he bacamed a bot! :"(

xXPrototypeGodXx (Jul 17, 2014)

No!! Monkeyrare! why you became a bot!!! :'(

adg175 (Apr 23, 2014)

BUT THE HACK IS BEEN WORKING but i want a 1 hit 1 KIll Hack, Skip level and Spawn a Item.

adg175 (Apr 23, 2014)

What Bad and Good Bad And Good?

adg175 (Apr 23, 2014)

The Hack Is Bad And This game is Good.

bloodywar28 (Jul 06, 2013)

its good just takes forever to load

SASsoldier12 (Nov 22, 2012)

how i request a hack?

qandilking123 (Nov 01, 2012)

need loding takes 13 mins to load

Nulgath (Sep 15, 2012)


lightner067 (Jun 06, 2012)


buckethead (Jan 15, 2012)

badly hacked, good game

vicdarkness (Dec 18, 2011)

look, this game looks like to be badly done, it's cool

vicdarkness (Dec 17, 2011)

style metal slug

Hack1232 (Dec 06, 2011)

it's cool

Guest (Apr 19, 2011)

this game is crap

Guest (Apr 16, 2011)

your game is %$!#%$ glitched so fix

Guest (Mar 25, 2011)

Lmao =P

Guest (Mar 17, 2011)

If you Fall from a hight that kills you E.g the misile/rocket with all hacks activated you glitch and fall forever

rex3131 (Feb 22, 2011)

hacks dont work omg how do you get them to work

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

wow the last boss is kinda hard to bad you cant have any melee weapons

Guest (Feb 05, 2011)

its weird. when you enter that machine with the big canon and with the gatling gun you cant exit it when you have the health cheat activated

Stevenyeung (Jan 09, 2011)

hmm lots of glitches i even got an entire army to shoot me then i suddenly got pushed into a door then, i went under it O.o

Guest (Jan 09, 2011)

Shoot down the Heli while being shot at and if you shoot down Heli a guy might jump out.

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

enter inkagame

Guest (Dec 26, 2010)


Guest (Dec 19, 2010)


Guest (Dec 11, 2010)

this is what im looking for

Guest (Nov 24, 2010)

is this by the same guy as plazma burst?

Guest (Nov 19, 2010)

wheres the hack?

Guest (Nov 03, 2010)

i cannot get past level four because there is ice i cant jump onto

Guest (Oct 22, 2010)

this is the best hack ive played on so far! :)

Guest (Aug 21, 2010)

for all you idiots who say it dosnt work the cheats are at the bottom of the screen and you have to click on them to activate them

Guest (Aug 06, 2010)

it dont work

Guest (Jun 28, 2010)

it does not work

Guest (Jun 25, 2010)


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