Raft Wars Hacked

Raft Wars

Added on: Jan 21, 2010

Game: Raft Wars

Play Count: 699621

Category: /

Developer: Bubblebox


Rated : 4.32 based on 1760 votes.

Hack Information

Key hacks [1] Lots of health for player 1 and 2 from your team, [2] money, [3] grenades and [4] rockets. Note: the hacks are visible after you shoot once.

Game Description

Simon was just having a quiet fun day at the beach when he finds a gold and diamond stash. News spreads fast and the pirate who buried the treasure comes back to claim it. Now Simon and his brother must take to the seas and defend there find in Raft Wars. Use your cannon to fight off the pirates and save your treasure.

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hayden1289 (Aug 14, 2015)


Deadlydog3 (Oct 24, 2014)

Achemnt Blow up a guy over a guy in to the water. ACHEVED!

adg175 (Mar 18, 2014)

Sorry in the supreme Nearest In enemies raft AND I HAVE 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 credits!

adg175 (Mar 18, 2014)


andrejlekic (Feb 09, 2014)

cool game

evman0303 (Sep 15, 2013)

hacks work perfectly!

lobot224 (Jun 06, 2013)

My god the parents are a good shot!!!

jay134 (Apr 13, 2013)

ive completed it like 100 times unhacked really easy

trident 2 (Mar 08, 2013)

I borded

FrodosSting (Feb 15, 2013)

Ive beaten this game unhacked the last level was friggin hard that way though

jedikiller1356 (Nov 20, 2012)


dj4eva (Sep 29, 2012)

fun fun fun

hendrix121 (Sep 05, 2012)

how to upgrade a raft max

Julien2478 (Aug 31, 2012)

I won

vban 3000 (Aug 22, 2012)

the hax don't work

DoomXed (Aug 09, 2012)

this is a good game

Benn23221 (Jul 31, 2012)

not bad!

dumbnoob123 (Jul 01, 2012)

when i got hit there was no water and the people did not go back

dinocrush (Jun 09, 2012)

i played this unhacked and for weeks and weeks me and my dad tried to beat the last level he almost exploded i got bored now im taking the easy way out

badgamer1401 (May 29, 2012)

how do babies get grenades and rockets???? i want some to, where do they get them creators?

kubawww1511ify (May 05, 2012)


ILOVEBOOBIES12 (Apr 29, 2012)

So Fucking AWESOME

addpar (Apr 15, 2012)

it does not work

danny123n (Apr 11, 2012)

a secret is right click and then click next to go to the next levels

danny123n (Apr 11, 2012)

a secret is right click and then click next to go to the next levels

sambob123 (Apr 07, 2012)

First baby is ugly.

jackie chan (Apr 06, 2012)

geting loadin loadin

tunafunhun (Mar 18, 2012)

i wonder why simon's parents go against him

Robtheungreat (Mar 15, 2012)

stop bitching about it, they only hack the game, not make it, if they did make it, how the hell would raze 2 be here?

irynausa77 (Mar 11, 2012)

Wish we have infinity live -_-

barth (Feb 25, 2012)

i wish there was a upgrade after last game upgrade your raft becomes warship

mitchwarp82 (Feb 13, 2012)

me likey. very muchy

Sonic728 (Feb 09, 2012)

I agree with you rockhopper

thexrayer1234 (Feb 06, 2012)

my score 21342

Mrleohackedboy (Jan 02, 2012)


Cameron REBORN (Dec 22, 2011)

U shud make it so the raft upgrades 10 times the 10th time it shud be a spaceship

tyerock35 (Dec 22, 2011)

let us upgrade the raft more

rockhopper (Dec 13, 2011)

make it so i could upgrade raft all after lvl 1 please

ManBoySoCool (Dec 11, 2011)

my score was 19816

johnwred2 (Dec 02, 2011)

my score was 20000

lordKratos (Nov 22, 2011)


SA147WTF (Nov 19, 2011)

very good game rated 5

mr.kid (Nov 06, 2011)

i can not buy any thing when i have all money

k6ka (Nov 01, 2011)

you can't fully upgrade the raft in the beginning. play a few more rounds and you'll be able to upgrade.

eloisapees (Oct 14, 2011)

super rockets

XDwoodsyXD (Oct 07, 2011)

YAY i got my score was 3007 :D

Jangodarkwave86 (Oct 07, 2011)

good game except it needs more levels and rafts

holy_chainz13 (Oct 02, 2011)

cause hes black.! lol jk idk it only workss 4 player one and 2

Towelman427 (Aug 25, 2011)

So why doesn't the black kid get a bunch of health, like Simon and his brother?

gamelover021 (Jul 21, 2011)

best game eva

smalldrakon11 (Jun 27, 2011)

1 there is a hack you just READ the descrip 2 it loads white for the first few minutes so

1013052 (Jun 09, 2011)

21250 suckahs! hax work.

Guest (May 13, 2011)

it's not loading

Guest (May 10, 2011)

fuck slow internet

Guest (May 02, 2011)

why isnt raft wars haked working no mor. WE WANT IT BACK.

Guest (Apr 29, 2011)

level 10 is crazy how could anyone win blad?aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Guest (Apr 25, 2011)

Can't fully upgrade raft :(

Guest (Apr 20, 2011)

dude make this hacked

Guest (Apr 18, 2011)

how the hell is this hacked

Guest (Apr 06, 2011)

it is so so cool

Guest (Apr 04, 2011)

I actually done better Unhacked, than Hacked Shittest hack ever

Guest (Mar 28, 2011)

why no invulnerability :(

Guest (Mar 26, 2011)

nice game hahahaahaha

Guest (Mar 26, 2011)


Guest (Mar 24, 2011)

That kid up in the corner on the last 2nd to last lv. is a sharpshooter!

Guest (Mar 19, 2011)

you guys are asses, its a hack, if you want to, hack it yourself!

Guest (Mar 19, 2011)

add life

Guest (Mar 17, 2011)


Guest (Mar 13, 2011)

This hack is shit, there should be unlimted health, why make a hack with out unlimted health !!!!

Guest (Mar 10, 2011)

This game is all right but the cheats dont do what they say!! biscut3and mil4

Spud x 98 (Mar 06, 2011)

Is it ment to be unlimeted money?

Guest (Feb 28, 2011)

whoever hacked this should put unlimited life in your bar

Guest (Feb 28, 2011)

it wont show

Guest (Feb 26, 2011)

Quite easy to finish game but totally SMASHING!!!

Guest (Feb 15, 2011)

this game blows

Guest (Feb 15, 2011)

fucking neibors

Guest (Feb 06, 2011)

brillent with out hacks

Guest (Feb 04, 2011)


Guest (Jan 31, 2011)

really no infinate health?

Guest (Jan 30, 2011)

why doesent it have rafe wars 2! my frend sayd you can get a moter bote.

k6ka (Jan 16, 2011)

@rh765 u can. u just can't do it all at once. you have to wait a while in order to reach the final stage of your boat.

rh765 (Jan 16, 2011)

doesnt let me upgrade raft much only like 3 times

Guest (Jan 15, 2011)

it dis not work

Guest (Jan 08, 2011)

u can upgrade your boat allot

Guest (Jan 06, 2011)

i keep dying on the thugs with turtlebombs

Guest (Dec 31, 2010)

woohoo i killed my parents ANARCHY RULES i hit the ><^> 19 times

Guest (Dec 29, 2010)

awesome game

Guest (Dec 29, 2010)

This is damn Easy :P

Guest (Dec 28, 2010)

i dont like the comment box either way great game!

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

The savages have aimbot

Guest (Dec 24, 2010)

game is 2 easy

Guest (Dec 24, 2010)

i cant finish it hacked but i can not hacked

Guest (Dec 23, 2010)

raft wars on arcade pre hack sures doumb white screen

Guest (Dec 23, 2010)

hey this game is awsome

Guest (Dec 21, 2010)

shit absolutely shit

Guest (Dec 17, 2010)

forever to load !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Dec 12, 2010)


Guest (Dec 12, 2010)

We need a health tool!

Guest (Dec 08, 2010)

awsome,but add a health hack and make a new raft like with top cover.

Guest (Oct 29, 2010)

hated hack

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