Rocket Toilet Hacked

Rocket Toilet

Added on: Dec 27, 2010

Game: Rocket Toilet

Play Count: 50459

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Rated : 3.45 based on 107 votes.

Hack Information

Game loading fixed. All purchases give you money. You'll need a few shots but after that you'll be able to afford everything.

Game Description

See how far you can fire your Rocket Toilet before it stops. Use the money that you earn to buy upgrades in your quest to make the greatest Rocket Toilet ever made.

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shadow6970 (Mar 18, 2012)

this sux ball bags

red545 (Jan 21, 2012)

this isnt fun

the killsr (Nov 20, 2011)

lame game

Guest (May 18, 2011)

seriously? golden toilet is cheaper then toilet paper?

Guest (Apr 13, 2011)

XD THIS DUDE IS NAKED!!!! wuwt if girl O.0???!?!?!?

Guest (Apr 13, 2011)

i love this game its fun but when u buy all the stuff its not that mutch fun anymore

Guest (Apr 10, 2011)

awsoomness wierdness nudeness noobish=fun

Guest (Apr 08, 2011)

I got upgrade on first shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Mar 31, 2011)


Guest (Mar 30, 2011)

love it

Guest (Mar 23, 2011)

I got money for a upgrade on the second shot =D

Guest (Mar 19, 2011)

it fine(quality,no freezin,ect.)

Guest (Mar 06, 2011)

i got 78255 lenght in the second launch o.O

Guest (Feb 13, 2011)

This games fun but after you brought everything, its lame, Plus theres something weird, in the unhacked game i bought every thing in the shop and i can earn 100,000 Money in one shot, but in this game i already bought everything but i keep getting stuck o

Guest (Feb 04, 2011)

Nice game!!!

Guest (Feb 04, 2011)

hmmm...toilet paper is expensive...

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)


Guest (Jan 02, 2011)

i got 48689 lenght in the second launch!! xD

Guest (Jan 01, 2011)

this dont work

Guest (Dec 30, 2010)

this dosent let me get lots of money i treid a few shots

Guest (Dec 30, 2010)

when you upgrade it freezes

Guest (Dec 29, 2010)

this game is pointless !!!

Guest (Dec 28, 2010)

this game is suck but its godd

Guest (Dec 28, 2010)


justin-p1011 (Dec 28, 2010)

the secret is..........................TITTSUE PAPER!

Guest (Dec 28, 2010)

the game would be fun... if you didnt hit dogs and cats!

Captain Murphy (Dec 27, 2010)

lol this is hilarious.

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

its great, untill you have bought everything , then it gets lame, useless,dull, boring, and most of all, you finished the game and you have nothing more to do. also it is just a lame copy of toss the turtle. but I like it if you donĀ“t ''see'' all the poi

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

good but once you get all the upgrades its boring

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

nice game i think

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

i bought ..... toilet paper )) ___ boo i bought toilet paper for 10000000 what a waste it has to be the rares softest paper ever

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

hi ppl

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

it want load??

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)


Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

first the game take a long time to load but is very cool

Guest (Dec 27, 2010)

it wont load

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