Corporation Inc. Hacked

Corporation Inc.

Added on: Jan 11, 2011

Game: Corporation Inc.

Play Count: 303116

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Developer: Armor Games


Rated : 4.36 based on 526 votes.

Hack Information

All purchases add money. In addition you can use the following cheats from the menu once you start the game:
venture capital - Add $100k to your funds
cashing in my options - $100m to your funds
crash - Set your money back to zero dollars
send in the clowns - Everyone is a clown
reaping the benefits - Everyone is a grim reaper
stop the silly - Turn off clowns or grim reaper features
research frenzy - All research completed.
catzilla - All cats are 3x larger.
moar catz - 50 Cats added to game.

Game Description

Have you got the skills to create the biggest and best Push Button Company? Build your tower block and then see if you can make your company turn a profit or just plod along loosing money in this funny strategy game.

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celzedrick (Jun 11, 2017)

first comment 2017

tanishq (Nov 20, 2016)

It is not loading!!! why???

crazy111 (Jun 25, 2016)

if you read this your having 10 years bad luck until you post this into 10 games not the same game

crazy111 (Jun 25, 2016)

\____________' (@___________) (((((() |''|'') /___** |_____|

ar9003 (Mar 30, 2015)

i tried to click the bar at the top to add an office but nothing is happening. i am clicking it just won't do anything. no website will work.

max10902 (Nov 15, 2014)

i made them reapers and the cats are crushing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adg175 (Jul 05, 2014)


Wikontraz (May 17, 2014)

it's a shame there isnt more similar games

joaquincamarista (Jan 31, 2014)

Lol, me too killer_klown_guy

killer_klown_guy (Apr 28, 2013)

i own more cats than workers...

alexandernem (Dec 02, 2012)

haha lol cats crushin me workers!!!

Jordnan (Sep 21, 2012)

I like this game a lot! Even if it bores my bros!

mccooltorres (Sep 13, 2012)


Mr. BoB (Jun 15, 2012)

i just earned 1,276,499.74 in one day :D

blueappleice (May 01, 2012)

ok i found out to use cheeat start thegame press menus look att thebottem i made the freeken cats so big

hackerbob17121 (Mar 18, 2012)

cool game

Sidster666 (Dec 19, 2011)

WOW, I never knew this fantastic game was hacked!

chejetfighter (Dec 17, 2011)

yes i won i put five cats on the same floor and they looked like they where having a baby lol

RHCP490 (Sep 12, 2011)

Why it no work

nyancatgirl (Aug 11, 2011)

lol i think one of my catz is haveing a baby

nyancatgirl (Aug 11, 2011)

woah the game glicthed and i could still hear the mechanics

BenWolf749085 (Jul 26, 2011)

should have faster loading!

epicfail23 (Jun 30, 2011)


Guest (May 02, 2011)

if my company was real,id solve job probs :3

Guest (May 02, 2011)

how do you build 157 floors? the build limit is at 120 floors.

Guest (May 01, 2011)

where do u enter the cheats

Guest (Apr 30, 2011)

go "moar catz" 3 times then "catzilla" and you get...EPICNEZZ!!!

Guest (Apr 21, 2011)

XD all my offices r full of cats! theres 50 cats in 1 office..u can barely see the floor so the workers are swimming in a river of cats...but it can be glitchy

Guest (Apr 20, 2011)


Guest (Apr 16, 2011)

first! >:D dude idk if its the game itself or how it waz hacked but some of my workers say that "theres no elevator" and there either at their desk or in the 1st floor or both

Guest (Apr 09, 2011)

Argh my game has broke

Guest (Apr 08, 2011)

thank you :)

Guest (Apr 08, 2011)

I built 157 floors! ^.^

Guest (Apr 06, 2011)

HAHA! what happends for me. is that ill play the game and. i built to the most offices you can. ALL maxed out with All the best decorations. and it didn't freeze IT CRASHED! all my workers just sit there. and do nothing. But the day before it started cras

Guest (Mar 23, 2011)

how do u place workers!!!!

Guest (Mar 16, 2011)

this game is epic moar catz!!!!!!!!!

Guest (Feb 24, 2011)

i hacked it lol. Corporation inc is awesome and i made it so when i buy something the game will make it so it will add to my monney

Guest (Feb 23, 2011)

catzilla moar catz= windows crash...

Guest (Feb 20, 2011)

perfect hack ( 100/10) <-- a exageration

Guest (Feb 16, 2011)

this game is awesome

Guest (Feb 08, 2011)


Guest (Feb 08, 2011)

buenisisimo juego :D

Guest (Feb 08, 2011)

cool game, did anyone get to 131 floors?

Gemster (Feb 08, 2011)

nice Game :D

justin-p1011 (Feb 07, 2011)

moar means silly of more... FUNNIER SILLY!

Guest (Feb 04, 2011)

Keepz freezing D:

Guest (Feb 02, 2011)

Moar Catz !!! xD

Guest (Feb 02, 2011)

YEAH BUT kewl'/zx

Guest (Jan 29, 2011)

great game but a bit glitchy

Guest (Jan 28, 2011)

has anyone else goton the glitch where all of the offices are gone and the only thing thats there is the elevators and thought bubbles? its game wrecking, and i just buit the max everything!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......................

Guest (Jan 23, 2011)


Guest (Jan 18, 2011)

some of the cheat wont work T.T

Guest (Jan 16, 2011)

YES!!! no more "First" comments are allowed!

Guest (Jan 13, 2011)

YEAH!! I've been wanting this for ages.

Guest (Jan 12, 2011)

there are several issues with this game. first, the game lags a lot and the fun drops. second, you have to wait until midnight each game day just to save your game. third, when you demolish a room you can't build anything in the clear space.

Captain Murphy (Jan 12, 2011)

this is fun.

Guest (Jan 12, 2011)


Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

what is tower infastructure?

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

Good game!...though upgrading the lifts seems to be a problem :S

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

BOO!!!!!! LOCKED!1

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

only cash cheats work

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

Um I think there is no point in hackng this game... mainly becuase it already has cheats dip****

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

i like it but isuspect other people wont

Guest (Jan 11, 2011)

The game is locked...idiots

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