Armor Mayhem Hacked

Armor Mayhem

Added on: Jan 21, 2011

Game: Armor Mayhem

Play Count: 402031

Category: /

Developer: Armor Games


Rated : 4.60 based on 1044 votes.

Hack Information

All armors and weapons cost 0, Press PageDown for x10 more Health - Press PageUp for x10 Adrenaline & Press Home button for x10 more Shield - NOTE: Hacks are active after use (someone hits you or you use adrenaline). Thanks Ray!

Game Description

In Armor Mayhem you have found an infinite energy supply but your not alone and now you and your rivals will go into battle to control this ultimate energy source and then take control of the universe.

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noobman222 (Aug 22, 2016)

V fuck you i have windows 10

MLGNoscoper (Jan 23, 2016)

Everybody has a shit computer lol its not white screen for me.

agslightstorm (Nov 29, 2015)

1st comment / below didn't call it ha

FOCA900 (Oct 27, 2015)

write something here...

FOCA900 (Oct 27, 2015)

write somethng here...

FOCA900 (Oct 27, 2015)

writhe something here...

DocterHacks (Jun 24, 2015)

White Screen..

lexman1235 (Jun 16, 2015)

awsome game men i love this game!

NamikazeMinato (May 12, 2015)


TheAwesomeDude (Mar 06, 2015)

Omg I Love This Game!

ninjablade7800 (Nov 17, 2014)

and you should do this game too [ armor mayhem chronicles ]

ninjablade7800 (Nov 17, 2014)

guys don't for get to press e hint for team

creasz123 (Oct 25, 2014)

The game is awesome and the music too :)

JessemcCartney (Aug 10, 2014)

cool i beat it even the unhacked one in 1 day

Dragonlord (Jul 04, 2014)

#Dat_Music_tho !

AngelCaido (May 12, 2014)

Okay! I guess!

KyaniteKaiser (Apr 17, 2014)


joeyey (Jan 21, 2014)

this is a good game not a good game a grate game

Dragonlord (Aug 02, 2013)

awesome game

ElviZinhO321 (Jun 30, 2013)

Best game ever!

Ákos87 (Jun 25, 2013)

I like it

elspartan3000 (May 17, 2013)

good game

bobbyjon (Apr 10, 2013)

I'm using a mac. Where is my page down and up buttons?!?!

mccooltorres (Mar 07, 2013)

Game fuc*** rocks like shi*

Commander-224 (Jan 09, 2013)

Wish there was a Elite Commmander Suit

JFK (Oct 30, 2012)

Not as good as hoped .. -

Gagster1212 (Oct 19, 2012)

thanks, herpymcderpy, ( if game doesn't load, press f5.)

Nulgath (Sep 13, 2012)

BEST GAME IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thitha nicky (Sep 12, 2012)


Darnit525 (Aug 29, 2012)

cool game ._.

herpymcderpy (Aug 17, 2012)

if the game does start then press F5

thitha nicky (Jul 02, 2012)

this game is totally asrsome

death1234 (Jun 25, 2012)

best game lads

fifa20444 (Jun 23, 2012)

hi how r u XD

narutouchiha88 (Jun 10, 2012)


drago2991 (May 05, 2012)

it wont start and i aggre with ratso

Guest (Jan 21, 2012)

the game wont start becuase i sezz my keyboard

coolbird5966 (Jan 21, 2012)

me too sidster

Sidster666 (Dec 28, 2011)

I prefer this than the one in arcadeprehacks

Ratso (Dec 28, 2011)

its the best world game...I love this game ♥ its awesome

Justinmeteor (Dec 22, 2011)

this is the greatest game in my world

coolbird5966 (Dec 12, 2011)

gr8 game tho unhacked version is also awesome

coolbird5966 (Dec 12, 2011)

gr8 game tho unhacked version is also awesome

metalmaster (Dec 01, 2011)

it load but loong to load

narukatsuki09 (Oct 31, 2011)

how to add to favorites or my games? :(

Xxastroman619xX (Sep 10, 2011)

this is awsome!!!!!

daMAX (Jun 28, 2011)

the hack doesnt work for me :(

Guest (Apr 28, 2011)

This game is sooo cool!

Guest (Apr 10, 2011)

awesome game¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Guest (Apr 10, 2011)


Guest (Apr 08, 2011)

how do you get a ton of frekin amow?

Guest (Apr 04, 2011)

hey guys its seananners

Guest (Apr 02, 2011)


Guest (Mar 26, 2011)

pig looser

Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

how long does it take to load

Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

how long does this take to load it just shows a white screen nothing else

Guest (Mar 22, 2011)

why the cheats are not working

Guest (Feb 28, 2011)

The warning sign wont go away

Guest (Feb 21, 2011)

dupa dupa

Guest (Feb 08, 2011)


Guest (Feb 06, 2011)


Guest (Feb 06, 2011)

the shield hack and adreinline no work

Guest (Feb 02, 2011)

adrenelin hack dosent work

Guest (Jan 31, 2011)

yeah baby get some! (Gun Fires)

Guest (Jan 29, 2011)

the dart gun is the neddler from halo except in this game its blue

Guest (Jan 27, 2011)


Guest (Jan 23, 2011)

damn it wont load like days 2 die 2 the other side lol lol lol lol ok not that funny

Guest (Jan 23, 2011)


Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

y wont it load

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

pls make it somehow unlimited ammo... it sucks when ammo goes out...and make the bot easier to kill

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)


Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

On the normal game, I got a combo of about 5kills beyond the ''...'' sign, how epicly will that increase now? (big smile)

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

Why when i get hit or use adrenaline the adrenaline goes back to normal???

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

I like it! Wouldn't it be easier to do "enemies give you health/adrenaline goes up when used/shield goes up"?

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)

not loaded

Guest (Jan 22, 2011)


Guest (Jan 21, 2011)

this game is like raze

Guest (Jan 21, 2011)

This game is awesome

mikeyvargas626 (Jan 21, 2011)


Guest (Jan 21, 2011)


Guest (Jan 21, 2011)

nasi paprik

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