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  • If you’ve played Freeway Fury and Freeway Fury 2 you will know that the main character in both of these games was a serious dude who went around smashing the hell out of Aliens and people and drove his cars really fast. He was a rebel with out a cause, a free spirit.


    Well in Freeway Fury 3 brought to you by Notdoppler we get behind the man that made the man and find out what makes him click. What was it that made him into the man he is today, a total bad ass. What are his plans for the future or his dreams? As it turns out, he had always aspired to smash the hell out of Aliens and people and drive cars really fast. And in this latest addition its not just cars, now there are fighter jets, speedboats and laser driven space cars. So as you can imagine, he’s a pretty happy guy right now.


    So sit back and enjoy the trills. You’re about to be chased down the motorway being chased by the law as you jump from trailer trucks to the back of bikes and onto car roofs as you keep one step in front of the fuzz.


    The more jumps between cars that you can make the more points you will earn and if you can jump between many cars without taking any damage, (in a combo style) then your score will be even higher. Earn extra bonuses for crashing cars, disabling their engines or speeding head on towards traffic like the ultimate game of chicken! Along with the extra points you’ll earn for these you’ll also pick up some NOS which will give your vehicle the extra boost when needed.


    This series is a whole lot of fun and number 3 has certainly raised the bar on what has been called the “GTA” of the frogger world!