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  • The task that been set in front of you is one of the most evil death courses know to man. It is full of all kinds of tortuous deaths that have been designed to chop you in to pieces or blow you to smithereens. You feel like you’ve completed the level before and you’re not sure how many times. This time though it has changed a little, is there more spikes? Was that canon pointed at you last time? The course is ever evolving and in some way it feel like it’s mocking you. Inside there is a voice telling you to Give Up, and that would be easy, if it wasn’t so hard, because this game is so addictive that it’s almost impossible to put down.


    Give Up 2 is an extremely hard platformer created by blah blah and the many different ways you can die in this game make it extremely entertaining. Just one wrong slip on the controls and that’s the end for you my friend. The levels are made up of many platforms that you manage to conquer incrementally. AS soon as you think you’ve mastered one section you get kicked in the ass by the next bit and its time to start over.


    The goal is to get from one side to the other by using either the arrow keys or the WSAD. They allow you to run, jump or double jump. Each time you pass through to the next level it’s the same as the last but an extra obstacle has been added. They can be falling platforms, cannons, saw blades or smashing pneumatic fists of death.


    In total there are 40 levels for you to complete and each one there is a giant “Give Up” button that calls out to you like a light of hope that one day you might get out of this. It’s up to you to resist the temptation. Never press the button, never Give Up!