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  • If you could have a robot for your home what would you have it do? Wash the car? Or clean your room? Some robots are a bit more amazing than just doing the chores for you and this is just the kind of robot I’m talking about. Give Up Robot 2 is a mega robot who has been programmed to jump over platforms, grapple with the enemy and take death like a man when it needed.


    Give up robot is designed by Adult-Swim-Games who are the guys behind the awesome Rick and Morty cartoons. This platform game is rock solid and you will guide your machine through a massive 60 levels, which span over 3 different worlds. They are all filled with all manors of deadly booby traps. Your robot has had an ingenious grappling hook installed to hopefully give you a chance, so learn to get to grips with it quickly.


    Your robot was made using cheap parts from China so even the smallest knock with a hazardous material will make you die. And there are plenty of hazards all around you. Watch out for electrified walls, death fans and moving platforms. The good part of the poor build quality is that they could make many of them so you have infinite lives.


    At the beginning of the game you star of in a weird multi colored psychedelic area and when you progress through the game you will encounter different cities and forests. You will gain points for your grappling abilities and you can also pick up coins along the way. You must use all of your skill to use the grappling hook which will reverse all of your controls when using it, (a bit like the old grappling hook in the Worms classic games) there is also a jetpack that you can use up to 3 times to help you progress through areas which seem impossible.


    Whilst the game is very difficult its also very rewarding when you finally do complete a stage and the awesome graphics will keep you amazed! This is a tough game but its there to be mastered.