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  • Do you know your royal flush from a straight? Do you like bars that have a sign saying “Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear”? If the answers were yes then you probably love poker. But poker is one of those games that your either hopelessly addicted to or you haven’t got a clue how to play. If you haven’t got the foggiest how to play it you will probably get invites to play poker with all you poker playing friends so that they can take all your money and if that happens you’d better play Governor of Poker 2 to hone your card shuffling skills.


    When people think of poker they probably imagine big money games in Vegas or some backcountry dusty bar in cowboy country, but these days the real money games are played online. No matter if you are a novice or a pro then Governor of Poker 2 created by Youda-Games games is here for you.


    This game is not your simple card game, in this game there is a story mode for you to follow where you need to win money and spend it on building your life outside the table. You can build houses stores and generally try to improve the lives of the little town that you live in where poker has actually been outlawed. It was outlawed by the Governor because he thinks its based on luck but its your job to prove to him that you have the expertise to win and that its not just about luck. You have to go on a road trip around the state stopping at each poker table you come across and showing off your skills.


    To be honest the story line isn’t too important here because it’s the action around the table that we are here for. Pretty much anyone can learn how to play this game and adding fun little story line only adds to the enjoyment and makes the beginners tutorial a bit easier to swallow.


    So get your pack shuffled and show us your card dealing skills. Play Governor of Poker 2 and get the action on the table!