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  • You’ve just been released out of prison after a long stretch. You’re tired and hungry but at least you have a place to stay. Even if that place is a total dive hole in the back street of a city so broken it can probably never be fixed. Your crime was Grand Theft Auto and you are a master at the game. Over your criminal career you have taken thousands of cars and only been caught once.


    This time you plan on never being caught again but you life of crime is far from over. You need to get back into it quickly so you approach some old friends who can start you off with a few small time jobs. But you are never going to waste your life with these small time criminals; you’ve got your eye on the bigger fish.


    Soon more influential career criminals will start to notice the work that you do because you do it well. You get in there, take care of the objective and if someone needs taking down in the process, well so be it, they’re going down and you wont loose a moments sleep over it. You are then out and in the closest car you can steal. And if the cops chase you, let them, they are never going catch you this time. If they get too close then you’ll take them down too.


    As you progress though the game the jobs will get bigger and bigger and the cash rewards will go through the roof. Your ultimate objective is to rise to the top of the criminal underworld until you are in full control of the whole show.


    Grand Theft Auto : a Flash Story brings all the action pack violence and addictive gameplay that you are used to from the GTA series into a flash game. So load it up and get on out into the street and don’t worry if you forget your car keys, you’re really good at stealing cars!