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  • In the Gunball Arena you are striving to become the champion. You’ve got the boom and you’ve got the pow but your looking for the boom boom pow that will really take your career to the next level. You play a sentinel ball who fires out bullets in an effort to destroy all of his enemies and topple the leaders of his kingdom. If you can defeat all of your opponents then you will become the supreme leader and overlook all the land that you can see. At least your goals aren’t too ambitious.


    To control your sentinel you can use the WSAD keys and the mouse to fire. They are simple to get the hang of and you will soon be darting all over the arena and unleashing all of your special abilities.


    To earn new skills and experience points you must take down as many enemies as possible. And to help you take down even more you can upgrade your little guy in the very extensive shop, which has everything from upgraded bullets and weapons to the rolling orbs of death.


    Most arena style shooter games are very much focused on the blood and guts of the kill but his one is a little lighter, which is welcome change. You are still blowing things up and destroying your enemies but its got a more arcade style feel to it which makes it family friendly.


    The levels are very extensive and the fun just keeps on going. Everything is very fast moving which means your players agility will depend on the upgrades that you perform. The fast paced nature of the gameplay is extremely exciting and will keep you entertained for hours on end. Try all of the games in the series including Gunball Reloaded and your are sure to enjoy them.