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  • Bacon is probably the most loved food around the world. It got that sweet and smoky flavor and in this game it tastes slightly like war too! You’re characters name is Hambo and you in the ass kicking business and business is going good. Hambo has just returned from his last tour of duty in Vietham and one of the pigs (pig police) have kidnapped one of his banana armored comrades. You have a huge armory of weapons at your disposal and you’re going after them.


    This is a physics based projectile shooter classic that has similar game playing styles as angry birds. So if you love that game you will be right at home with Hambo. You control the sling shot for your little piglet and you must chick an array of grenades by charging it up with your mouse button. If grenades aren’t your weapon of choice then never fear, Hambo has all sorts of nasty’s up his sleeve including C4, guns and knives.


    When you make your strike on the bad guys they have an energy bar at the top of the screen that you must try and deplete.  When the bar gets down to zero they will explode in a cloud of pink dust.


    There are many different styles of level to complete surface for each of them can be different. Some are slippery, some are icy and some are extra bouncy. It’s your job to aim the slingshot and try to geometrically calculate the shortest path to destruction. The more accurate your shooting the more points you will score so don’t just rattle off shots willy nilly.


    You are also vulnerable to all of the explosions in the game so try not to have a bomb bounce back in your snout.


    There are 36 levels to play here and they are all packed full of fun. There are medal challenges if you are seeking perfection and even the opportunity to play with a level editor so that you can create your perfect destruction page.

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