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  • Hanger is game that is much like playing on a jungle gym as a kid but with deadly consequences. As a kid when your swinging around on these things you have to imagine there’s a pit of crocodiles beneath you in an effort to keep yourself in the air, but in this game all of those imaginary thoughts are brought to life as you dangle above death in every moment.


    As you guessed by the name the aim of this game is to swing from rope to rope and platform-to-platform to see how far you can travel without touching the ground. You will pass through many different terrains such as cave and jungles with the threat of hitting the ground becoming vey real. You must do this in the most efficient way possible to gain maximum score and reach the exit before your arms give way and you’re sent crashing to the ground.


    Use the arrow keys to get your body moving between a set of ropes and build up enough momentum to execute your move. There is a moment of hang time as you transfer your weight between the two ropes and you’ll need good equilibrium to keep the flow going smooth. Get your timing just right and don’t touch the ceiling or the floor. If you have a collision with an object too many times then you risk loosing and arm or a leg so try to finish with your body in one piece. You can still keep swinging though so long as you have at least one arm, an upper body and a head. Swinging with just one arm is quite impressive and will take all your skill to make the transition to the next rope.


    The graphics in the game are simple but fun. There is no need for them to be more elaborate because this is all about the game play and there loads of fun to be had.