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  • Are you ready for the greatest Action Racing game ever created? Then Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up, strap on you best helmet and get that mean racing face on because this ride is about to get messy!


    This is not the typical heart pumping, adrenaline racing game that you are expecting. Fastest times are not the objective here; it’s staying alive and keeping your arms and legs attached to your body. (And your head lol)


    This is much more than just a game. You must learn to control your inner finger zen and to train each one of them for lightening fast reactions to steer your racing persona over obstacles inside levels that were created by Satan himself. Each one of these obstacles has got one single purpose in life, to not let you pass.


    The developers at Total Jerkface created Happy Wheels and it has been brought to you today by Hacked Arcade Games, in the only way we know how. Hacked!


    Yes that right, now you can play the game with super strength body parts that will take a lot more punishment before they are separated from your body and even when they do you will still live on like 800 year old vampire that just wishes he was dead. This means that our version will have more blood and guts so hold on to your stomach.


    If this is your first time playing this absurd side scrolling obstacle game then be warned! Get your act together and learn to play it fast or you will getting maimed by spikes, having your head chopped off, and you’ll be putting your self in a body bag pretty quickly!


    Because this game is classed as a “little bit gruesome” it is advised that people must only play it if they are 12 years old or older.


    But don’t let the games cartoonish gore distract from the real essence of the game. It is simply a well-made and totally addictive side scrolling action game that’s a whole lot of fun.


    In our hacked version you can play either the suited Segway riding guy, the old homeless guy riding a rocket propelled wheel chair, the inappropriate dad who is cycling with his kid on the back or the moderately over weight shopping woman riding a mobility scooter.


    You are sure to enjoy this crowd-pleasing, cult classic, so get out there and play Happy Wheels!