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  • The very talented game designers at Miniclip bring you one of the most awesome survival style shooter games series to ever be played in the flash game market, Heli Attack 1. And here at Hacked Arcade Games we’ve brought it to you! But this time Hacked!


    The Heli Attack Game series is one of those games where if you ever find yourself bored with the computer, you can turn to this game for some serious fun! The point of the game is to shoot down an endless fleet of helicopters, which fly at you through the dense jungle territory that you are fighting in.  Use your mouse to aim your weapon and use buttons on your keyboard for hyper jumps and time warps. You’ll pick up the controls very easily.


    You have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal and we’ve hacked them all open for you. One of my favorite weapons is the grapple, which pulls the choppers down out of the sky and the A-Bomb to take out the enemy in one hit!


    There are many upgrades to be had too like health, jet packs, and invincibility and there are even hyper extended time warps that can destroy your enemy.


    The most recent addition, Heli Attack 3 brings the game play experience to a new level with cartoon like graphics and very detailed backgrounds and cut scenes and with the new addition of some more industrial style levels. When you are fighting its hard not to picture yourself as John Rambo fighting against the enemy to become the hero of the day. Hone your fighting skills and master all of your weapons to progress through the game to become the master of destroying these little flying machines. Be sure to check out all of the games in this series!