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  • There have been many farming games out on the market and on Facebook that have been keeping the masses entertained for years now. But with the new laws that are sweeping across the nation in America at the movement to legalize the growing of marijuana (hemp) for medical and recreational purposes, we knew it wouldn’t be long before those cheeky monkeys at Adult-Swim-Games brought out a farm management game where your job is to grow the funky herb. In Hemp Tycoon the game focuses on the business aspect of things and there isn’t too much concern about being chased by the police.


    You play a talking pot leaf that has a sarcastic grand father and together they can be a little annoying. They will guide you through the game and there will be different quests that will teach you all the basics of how to grow and develop your hemp empire.


    The gameplay is fun and engaging and you will be familiar of the style if you have ever played Farmville or Hayday. In the begging you are very small and you have only a 1970’s style tree house to grow your pot. The longer you can leave it to grow the more money it will be worth and you must take care of it by giving it the right amount of water and sunlight. Once they are fully grown they will be ready for harvest and added to your stock. Then once you have enough stock its time to hit the streets in your local community and try to start selling it.


    As you grow and sell more weed your profits will go up and you can invest in bigger growing areas to produce more plants. And as you progress though the game you can start making other products like, butter, candy and milk. It pretty simple and probably how it works in real life. (Not that id know anything about it)


    The graphics are fun and the gameplay is engaging and quite addictive. You are sure to be playing this for a long time until you have massive crops and an amazing empire!