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  • One minute you’re living a great life. You’ve worked hard and have a good job in the city. Your wife is fit and beautiful, your kids go to a great school, but then a few bad investments later and suddenly the stock market has crashed. You’re out of a job, your wife has left you and she’s even taken the dog.


    Well I’m not sure if that’s what happened to the hero of this game but he’s basically a street bum wearing just a wife beater vest and an old pair of cut off denim jeans. He is in a bad need of a shave too.


    Hobo by Armor-Games starts off with our street hobo sleeping in the city dump where he woken up by an overly violent police officer who immediately abuses him with a night stick causing actual bodily harm to his forehead. I think in real life I would get his badge number and go down to the police station and lodge a formal complaint. But this is the tutorial for the game where you will learn how to punch, kick and run, which are all important, hobo moves.


    Once you’ve defeated the unruly officer take some time to wander around the dump and try to pick up some objects like beer bottles and tires as you can then use these in fights along with your brutal head-butting move.


    Then its time to progress through the game and pretty quickly you will find that everyone hates you as much as you hate them so be prepared to attack just about everybody.


    The graphics in this game are rally fun and cartoony and the game play is pretty fun. The moves are simple so you’ll have no problem getting to grips with it.


    There have been plenty of sequels in this game including going to prison or even space! So give them all a try because you never know if you will end up as a hobo and this is perfect practice.