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  • There are plenty of games out there where you are tasked with killing as many Zombies as possible but don’t you ever feel sorry for the poor zombie? These guys really get the rough end of the stick in the flash game world and sometimes we forget that they were once people too. The undead are quite underrated in the brains department, which is why they probably go around eating them, but in the game Infectonator it’s finally the zombies turn to be the star of the game where they can unleash hell on the living!


    The aim of this game is for you to take your zombies and unleash all kinds of madness on those annoying little humans and come up with new and ingenious ways to infect them and generally ruin their day.


    At the start of the game your zombie is pretty useless, he’s able to drop a few zombies off among the general population but they are unorganized and always get killed pretty quickly. But every time you try, you get rewarded with a little bit of money and you can use that money to upgrade your training skills and your zombie horde. As you progress they get stronger and faster and soon you will reach that point where you can start to over power the humans.


    Suddenly you have started to create an effective army and from there the progress curve takes a sharp climb and you will start to slaughter like there’s no tomorrow.


    Start off by trying to take a single city and then move onto the next, repeat the skills that you took on in the first one and improve on them to really become the master leader of your apocalyptic army.


    This is a fun entertaining game that will keep you going for at least a few hours so give it a play and get some brains!