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  • Recently there has been a bit more of a push to get into space. Mars trips will be here soon and passenger spaceships will take regular people out of our atmosphere! So what better time to get into a game like Into Space to get your self prepared for what the future holds!


    The premise of the game is pretty simple; it is the process of setting up a spacecraft and launching into space. You will control all the systems and gather all the various items that you need along the way. Then you need to launch you spacecraft and try to get it as high as possible, hopefully into space. This make a take a few attempts and all your failures will come crashing back down to earth. You can use the WASD keys to control you acceleration, left and right movement and deceleration. Along the way there are also a lot of obstacles that have been placed in your way to make your job even harder so be sure to steer safely around them. Some of the obstacles will be small aircraft, clouds and even ufo’s if you get high enough. Items along the way that you need to collect will be money and fuel.


    You will start off with a rather rudimentary space craft that really wont get you very far so collect as many items as possible to make those upgrades and build your ship up into something less embarrassing. Upgrade all aspects of your ship from the fins and the materials used for construction all the way up to the boosters and rockets.


    The graphics for this game are truly impressive and the infinite amount of upgrades that you can make to your ship makes this game extremely attractive. Even more impressive is Into Space 2, which has been revamped to bring you and even more engaging experience.