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  • If you are looking for and all in one action packed sci-fi mega classic then look no further than Intrusion 2 by Android Games. This action packed platform game is set in a science fiction environment on a dual mirrored planet that has been taken over by a hostile military who are there to protect their experimental research laborites.


    Intrusion 2 is the sequel to it ever popular predecessor Intrusion and it hammers home an even more impressive punch. It has been brought to you by the developers at Kongregate and they have done an amazing job.


    You control the gameplay use the WASD keys and the mouse pad to jump, duck, dive and run trough these impressively animated levels. Cycle trough your weaponry with ease to deliver devastating blows to you enemy. You are also equipped with side arm pistols for up close action should you need to take it and you have endless ammo so there is no need for the action to ever stop.


    At early stags of the game you will realize what you are in for. There enemy become extremely powerful very quickly so if you are a fan of walks in the park then this game probably isn’t for you. There is a fully destructive environment available to take advantage of it. By devastating the surroundings you can slow down or even damage your opponent. It’s a tactic where you could for example shoot out a large rock or tree and have it fall on your attackers head.


    The game has been beautifully designed and the opponents are very detailed. They show their strengths by destroying large building and even tearing trees out of the ground. Their armor and weaponry show amazing detail and you can see everything down to the smallest photon laser.


    Playing this game is extremely satisfying thanks to the seamless graphics and engaging sound track. The variety of different opponents is pretty amazing and you should be engaged for a very long time.