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  • The King of Fighters WING game is the ultimate one on one fighting game that features two and tree person teams. The premise of the game is that when one fighter goes down then the next is ready to step up and take his or her place. It like an awesome version of Street Fight with a last mans standing feel to it. It is quicker than street fighter, which makes the fighting styles more intense.  The fundamentals of the game are the same, have smart positioning and strike faster than your opponent. It all about the timing and with four types of jumps and rolls, and plenty of practice you can pass through any of the meanest attacks.


    When you use the techniques well you can be sharp and quick footed but always focused on your offensive attacks. Even when the screen is a blur with hands and feet flying everywhere you still need to stay focused on your next move and try to avoid button mashing. Everyone hates a button masher!


    There are three main techniques that you must master in the game; power, hyper drive and guard. Use these skills to you advantage and always try to keep these principles in your head. This system will make you very flexible and able to handle your offence and defense.


    Each character has a health gauge at the top of the screen and they are broken down into sections. Study your offensive blows and learn how much each blow will take off your enemy as the power build up for each move takes a different amount of time to build up to.


    Test your killer moves in the story mode and you will be battling with your foe for hours on end. Once completed there is a massive storyboard as your reward with fantastically drawn Japanese style artwork.


    For more intense action check out the arcade mode of the game, here you can also unlock new and amazing characters. This game is one not to be missed!