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  • If you are looking for a solid Tower Deffence game then look no further than The Kingdom Rush series, which is one of the most popular games in its genre. It ads a new element to the game where you are not just sat back watching the action, you are actually the one who summons your legions and sends them out across the battlefield, calls upon your reinforcements and defends your battlements. This gives the game a fresher feeling than most other tower defense games and makes it one you should definitely give a go.


    It is set in a medieval fantasyland where there are plots set out for you to build your towers and progress through the game. There are 4 types of towers you can choose from which are Barracks, Archers, Artillery and Mage. And you can deploy defenses and offenses with Archers, Bombers, Infantry and even Magicians!


    At the start of each game you start off with a certain amount of money to build towers and as the enemies and different monsters approach and attack you its your mission to defend your towers at all costs before they reach the end of their path.


    As you kill them you are awarded money and then you can use that cash to upgrade your towers and make your defenses more formidable.


    There are total of 18 levels and over 40 different types of enemy to kill. Once you have completed this task then new game modes will be unlocked such as Heroic mode and Iron Challenge. Both these modes are sure to keep you entertained and give your armies a thorough work out.


    New additions in Kingdom Rush Frontiers are a Hero’s Room and a shop where you can buy items using the gems that you have earned in battle. The shop has items like dynamite and extra coins and the hero’s room provides you with extra battle hero’s that can aid you in advancing through the level. The hero’s range from offensive Archers to defenders and can be placed at your choosing along the battle lines.


    The graphics in this game are amazing and the game developers at Armor Games and Kongregate have really out done them selves. The levels and backgrounds are full of animated characters to add to your experiences.