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    Did you know penguins cant fly? We'll, neither did this little dude. In this game the character you play is a cute little penguin who was one day surfing the internet (I bet you didn't know they surf the internet too!) and he came across Kiwipidia where he learned that his species can't fly! Angered by this he made it his mission to Learn to Fly. This fun and highly addictive game was developed by Kongregate and has quirky personality with added cartoon cut scenes.


    The premise of the game is to teach your little guy to fly using Sledges, Rockets and Gliders and its one of the top Penguin games around.



    The gameplay is physics based and you start off by launching your little penguin down a steep hill as fast as you can, with the aim of soaring through the sky as high and as long as you can. You will earn various amounts of money based on the initial speed you can gather, the peak height you can achieve and the overall flight distance you can get. To progress through the different stages you need to beat various benchmarks in each of these three categories.



    As you get further in the game you need to save your money to buy various upgrades to help your penguin fly higher and further. These are all regular items that you would find in any penguin Arctic store such as a glider or rocket pack!



    The controls for this game are pretty simple. Launching your penguin is automatic and then use the arrow keys to to tilt him forwards and backwards. Try not to just jam on all the buttons as this is a physics based game so some finesse is needed to get a really high score. This game rewards you more if you think more carefully about your controls.



    After an unfortunate end to the first game our little penguin soon bounced straight out of hospital for the second installment Learn to Fly 2. This time you need to teach him how to fly through target areas and blow them up!



    And now you can play the latest version Learn to Fly 3! This 3rd installment promises to become hugely popular on Hacked Arcade Games. Our little penguin has been studying hard at Penguin NASA after being trolled by some nasty emails saying he was too fat to fly into space! That's right, this time its one small step for penguins, one giant leap for penguin kind!