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  • Living in the Void is living in hell. Everyday there are skeletons, bandits, werewolves and necromancers attacking you and it really isn’t somewhere you want to stay. But luckily we don’t have to because its only a game! You can now visit dark worlds like this just for the fun of it!


    Legend of the Void is created by Kongregate and is a dark and intense environment. It’s a browser-based role paly where everything is taken very seriously. Its goal is to recreate the atmosphere that you feel in a fully established console classic but brought to the flash screen. The sequel Legend of Void 2 is the result of many improvements that now manage to bring that darkness to you.  The world is jammed with monsters and your quest is just to stay alive.


    You begin the game where you have been dropped of in the void and you have no memory of ho long you’ve been there or how you got there. The only thing that you know is that you used to have a partner, Rogan, and he’s missing. Previously you were at the ‘Black Gate’ but that has since been destroyed and the world now has many more monsters. The surrounding villages are all scared to death of the monsters so you set out to take them down.


    You can control your character with the mouse and keyboard and the style of game view is top down. You must make your way through each area and interact with the locals to gather as much information and treasure as possible.


    The game is combat focused so you must frequently stop to take stock of your weapons and armor. The game play is intense so be ready for battle. Each battle you enter into will be turn based between yourself and the enemy so you must collect as much Mana as you can through winning battles to prepare you spells for the next fierce opponent. Each spell will need time to recharge so be strategic and battle hard!