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  • Total destruction is the aim of the game and Mass Mayhem is its name!


    Mass Mayhem is a game series brought to you by the developers at Gamesfree-ca. And you play as the hero of the story who must progress through the game destroying not only anything but EVERTHING in your path. You will be armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, grenades, sub machine guns and all manor of destructive power!


    You are the lone survivor who has been dropped into the ultimate war zone where literally everything and everyone is out to kill you. Luckily you were well trained and have been preparing for this situation your whole life. Brought up on a strict diet of hunting and killing you were drafted into the army at a young age where you developed your skills and quickly shot up the ranks.


    You became known as an unstoppable fighting power and this is why you were originally chosen to lead this mission. But in an unfortunate train of events (well unfortunate for them) you were misguided down into an enemy ambush where all of your squadron was taken out except you. But this is the way you like it.


    The gameplay is solid in this game and there have been many sequels created such as Mass Mayhem Extra Blood and Mass Mayhem 4 that have been keeping fans of the series entertained since it was first developed.


    Coming soon is Mass Mayhem: Extra Bloody Zombie Apocalypse where you will be the lone survivor again fighting off the hoards of zombies that have invaded you world. You must fight like there’s no tomorrow because there probably isn’t! Keep the zombie hoards at bay and reclaim your land to create the ultimate world for destruction and chaos! Hone your killing skills by trying out all of the games in this epic series. You’re sure to spend hours enjoying them!