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  • On the medieval battlefield there is no one cooler than a Knight. He always gets all the coolest armor and an awesome sword. His horse is the fastest in the land and pretty much all the fair maidens in the castle are queuing up to get in his codpiece. But he also gets a bit of a bum wrap from the king and is always the one sent out to do the messy jobs like cutting off peoples heads, hunting down smelly ogres and all sorts of dirty jobs that we just don’t think he does every day.


    In Mighty Knight that’s exactly what’s happened. You play the Knight called Sir Davion and the king has sent you a message that you must go out and eliminate the Dark Order. He’s kitted you out with the latest armor available in this year’s collection and given you a new sword. To accompany you he has tasked you with three henchmen who should hopefully be able to assist you if things get messy. But you have top unlock them by completing levels.


    There are 14 stages that you must complete and each of them is filled horrible demons, unrelenting warriors and the mighty Phantogod. In the beginning you are on your lonesome but soon you will unlock each of your henchmen: The warrior the archer and the rogue. Each of them has their own special powers and unique abilities. In between levels there is a shop where you may purchase magical runes, which will allow you to boost your stats in certain areas. All of this of course costs money which you will earn by completing stages and advancing in the game.


    There are also plenty of side quests that you will come across along you way. There is also plenty of money to be earned by doing these and they will add to the enjoyment of the game.