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  • Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks is one of the most dangerously addictive games ever created. You think you are sitting down for a five-minute session to check out a new randomly created world and then all of sudden BOOM! It’s dark already and you haven’t eaten, slept or probably taken a shower. There is always just one more tool to make, one more mineral to mine, or one more scale model of the Millennium Falcon to recreate!


    It’s because you have un-tamable freedom to re-create and shape this fantasy world into whatever form your mind can imagine that makes it so appealing and addictive. There are many games that have a similar grasp on your attention but once Minecraft has its hooks into it will never let go.


    Mine Craft 2D Mind Blocks, is brought to you by the developers at ZanzLanz and although there is no obvious plot the real genius of the game is that it isn’t needed. You get out of the game what you put into it and this allows you to follow aspects of the game that appeal to you the most.


    What makes the game enjoyable is the complex crafting system at the core of Minecrafts gameplay and the RPG element to the game adds the thrill of pioneering to the adventure.


    By combining raw materials and other object resources you can create different combinations to lay down on the crafting grid so that you can produce anything from a practical adventure tool or buildings to avant-garde decorations to your castle.


    There is so much to do in this game that it might seem like a daunting task but thankfully there is a huge Minecraft community, which can help and guide you along the way.


    There are some basic items that you need to start off with such as pickaxes and torches to help you navigate the subterranean landscape and mine the key elements. More advanced item such as enchanting tables will become available later in the game and these will allow you to give your weapons and tool magical powers.


    You will be sure to enjoy this game and spend hours creating all of the massive 200 crafting recipes that are available to you.