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  • Do you love Mine Craft? And do you love Tower defense? Then you’re going love Mine Craft Tower Defense!


    Minecraft Tower Defense and Minecraft Tower Defense 2 are minimalistic tower building strategy games where it’s important to master your craft and construct towers to protect your island from upcoming waves and mobs that will attack your house.


    When you start the game you must choose from one of the 3 levels, Island, Dungeon and Nether. When you have selected a level then you must dig out a maze like path to get to your house and the longer you dig it the more resources you will receive but this will take you quite a long time. It’s always a good tip to dig a long zigzag style road and that way it will take the mobs longer to get to you in each round.


    About the levels

    Island – This is the most classic level that most people play. You start off on an island surrounded by water and the waves get ever closer. If you can survive long enough up to wave 21 then you will unlock the dungeon level.


    Dungeon – In the dungeon level you don’t get resources from digging but you will find them inside chests. You’ve got to dig hard to find the chests but be carful; sometime you might dig up a stone only to find a killer zombie hiding underneath!


    Nether – This level is the hardest of them all! You only have a short 15 seconds on the timer to reach your portal and you will be battered by an onslaught of waves and many enemies that will combine their powers so become super enemies!


    During the game play many enemies called “Mobs” will attack you. These mobs can range from Zombies to Spider Jockeys to Sliver Fish and it is your job to defend against them. In your arsenal you have Cactus, Water, Lava and TNT. Use them wisely to defend your house!