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  • There once was an old man who lived near the sea. Since he was a young boy he’d worked on the whaling ships to catch and harvest the precious whale oil that was used at the time to power everything from lighting to the basic machines they had back then. In those days they hadn’t discoverer the natural oil yet and whale oil was big business.


    A a young man he had risked his life out on the ocean waves in search of the biggest possible whales to bring him the most oil until one day he heard of a secret location where there were thousands of whales. So off he set to find his fortune. For weeks on end he battled the violent storms and put his crew through hell, but when he got to the secret place he was amazed to see that the stories were true and there really were thousands of whales! On the first day they set about catching as many as possible but suddenly they discovered the secret to the area. There was one giant whale there who was protecting all of them. The giant whale started to charge at the boats and one by one he smashed them all to pieces, killing many men and leaving the survivors stranded miles from land. Only a few survived and when they told of their tale they named him Moby Dick!


    In this game of the sea you control the giant whale and it is your job to guide him around the ocean casing as much chaos as possible. The more ships you can destroy then the larger you will become. As you progress through the game the fleets of whaling ships will get bigger and attack you in more violent waves.


    As your whale grows you will need to give him upgrades and this is where the strategy of the game comes into play. It’s important to choose the upgrade that’s needed at the right time or you won’t survive. Good luck and happy man hunting!