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  • World War 2 is coming to an end and you’ve spent the last 2 years in the Normandy trenches. Being wet cold and hungry has become your daily way of life. Many times you’ve thought about getting shot (not fatally) just so that you can spend a few nights in a warm and comfortable hospital bed and maybe have a cute nurse take care of you. But now’s not the time, its 1944 and Operation Luttich is about to go down and its your jobs to command the allied American forces to victory against the invading Nazi Army!


    Mud and Blood recreates that epic war just as it was closing and the American forces were there to lend a hand. It’s a World War 2 top down RTS simulator that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat and was developed by Ludovic Leblanc from Mud and Blood who originally created it just for his friends in 2008 but has since released it to massive success and he has been up dating it ever since.


    The game play is simple to control and everything can be done from your mouse although there are keyboard short cuts. The aim of the game is not let any of the German soldiers break past your lines and reach the bottom of the field. The German army will siege against you in and infinite wave after wave style, which get more difficult as the game progresses.


    Points in the game are called ‘Tactical Points’ and you will gain 1 tactical point for each wave of soldiers that you get through, except for the first 5 waves where you will gain to tactical points per wave. You can then use these points to deploy different style legions, tanks or even the French Resistance. You’d better just pray they don’t turn and run away!


    This game really takes off in the sequel Mud and Blood Vietnam so be sure to check that out along with all the games in this series!