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  • Since man first stopped being a hunter-gatherer and settle down to farm, wars have been raged over agriculture and land. In fact that pretty much what all land wars are about. In Mushroom Madness there is a fierce war being raged between man and cute cuddly little fury animals. Wait. What?


    Mushroom Madness 3 is a war over mushroom between you and these pesky little creatures. You’ve worked hard under the hot sun, slaving away with blood and sweat to produce these so there’s no way you gonna give them up.


    The game premise is simple. You have your patch of mushrooms all ready to be harvested. Maybe you will grill them with a nice steak, or turn them into a beautiful soup. But much to your annoyance the forest creatures think for some reason that they have a right to them. The bloody cheek!


    It’s your job to protect your mushroom patch at all cost. Let no creature pass and fend them off with whatever you have at hand. Grab a rake or a slipper and slap those little beasts around the face and send them back into the forest. As with all wars things ten to escalate and get out of hand so before you know it you could be dropping A bombs on each other.


    You earn points in each round for different things like how many mushrooms you managed to save and how much destruction you managed to cause. For each little critter that you blast to oblivion there is a points reward that will be scaled depending on how fierce they were.


    In this latest installment there have been many upgrades made to the game including more detailed graphics and added scenarios, weapons and defenses. The animal look cute and they are loads of fun to blow up so this is a good way to relive some of that bottled up anger you’ve been saving!