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  • Do you ever feel sorry for the ogres that live under bridges? They have a hard life, it’s their job to be bad and horrible all the time but in truth it’s not that easy. But that your job in the game, The Necronator by Armor-Games.


    You play the dark invisible overlord of the kingdom in this strategy game and you must call upon monsters and summon demons to do your bidding for you. The currency of the kingdom is Mana and you must use this to create an army and terrorize the local village people by pillaging their homes and businesses and tearing down their buildings. Sounds like a bit of evil fun actually so you should get some good job satisfaction out of this. Unlike other similar games this one is a proper strategy game. There are many different monsters at your disposal ranging from zombies to ogres to skeletons. You are also the master of witchcraft and can use these powers to unleash hell from above on the unsuspecting villages. Throughout the game you can gain upgrades for all of your monsters and develop your dark magic powers. You can also use these powers to increase your Mana. There are plenty of spawn point on the map so there is no end of fun to be had unleashing monsters until your hearts content.


    You will gain more cash during the game by raiding different villages and taking their hard-earned money and you can then use that cash to grow your armies and unleash more hell.


    This game is a lot of fun and sometimes it feels good to play the bad guy. The graphics are smooth and the animations are a lot of fun. The upgrades available should keep you entertained and the maps are plenty big enough so your armies can grow to sizes way out of control.


    Be sure to check out Necronator 2 for improved graphics and even better gameplay!