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  • There is no shortage of great tower defense games available on Hacked Arcade Games but its time to introduce to you Onslaught by The developers at Youda-Games have worked hard to bring out an innovate idea.


    This is one of the most playable tower defense games available as like a cross between tower defense and Battle tanks. Its like another tower defense game and then suddenly Theresa a twist! Once you have completed your towers then you can combine the power of two or more towers to form a super tower! These super towers can then create combo attacks between them in an amazing array of combinations.


    This extra power will be sure to crush your enemies even if they have the strongest defenses! There are thirteen possible different combinations you can form using any combination of three, four or five towers.


    Additionally to this, beyond what you can form with the first 3 tower combinations there are also 3 modifier towers 3 exchange towers. These towers are not used for attack but to increase the firing range, firing rate frequency and damage capabilities of other existing towers.


    Inside the game there are 8 different maps you can choose from and there are so many different strategy’s you can apply to each map. The maps for each game all have stunning graphics and very smooth gameplay that will keep you playing until you have reached an amazing high score. There is a league table inside the home screen so that you can battle against other people and show off your high scores.


    The possibilities of this game are almost endless and take the normal style of Tower defense to a whole new level. In the latest game Onslaught 2 there is the opportunity to add a 4th type of tower taking the combo attacks up and increasing the longevity of gameplay.